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in this pack is 55A i torpedo torpedo tractor croatian and slovenian td75A trailers Tehnostroj

Credits: kruno1601

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Useful Thins

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Vw G4 v Ls13

Vw G4 v Ls13 image

This is not my mod I have converted!

This mod (modification) is nich of me I still had in my Ls11 modfolder unfortunately I do not know if it was prohibited to convert it because there was NOTHING in de description I specially watched

Credits: Asphal_Cowboy

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Vehicles


Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0

Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0 image

For the collector of wool range Marhu, I have a double pallet forks for my carved Agrovector. For me, the look untergordnete played a role.
The two pallet forks are adjusted to the distance of the Abstellfächen range of wool collector.
Since I‘m unfortunately not the powerful scripts that double fork unfortunately has no collapsing function to save space on the Verladetrailer. I push the pallets together after the deposed himself, which also goes quite well.
A beauty is not the double fork, but it‘s just practical, and that’s why I went mainly.

Maybe one or the other “sheep farmer, the fork may indeed need.
Have fun at the sheep breeding ;-)

Credits: DESCH

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Implements & Tools

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KroegerHKD302 MulitFrucht v 1.0

KroegerHKD302 MulitFrucht v 1.0 image

Hier haben wir den KroegerHKD302 MulitFrucht,


wie der Name es schon sagt könnt Ihr mit diesem 21000 ltr/18t Drehschemel viele neue Früchte transportieren.


Fruchtsorten die der KroegerHKD302 transportieren kann!!!

Weizen, Raps, Mais, Zuckerrüben, Kartoffeln, Silage, Roggen, Dinkel, Hafer, Karotten, Zwiebeln.


Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß mit diesem Drehschemel

für diesen Drehschemel wird der Patch 2.0 benötigt…


Bei weiteren Fragen



Credits: Ls-2013Modding

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Trailers

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Progress HTS 100 v 2.1

Progress HTS 100 v 2.1 image

           Hi hir habe ich für euch den Fortschritt HTS 100 v2.1


                 Ein danke geht an Holli71 für seien freigabe.


so was wurde gemacht man kann damit gülle wasser und flüssigdünger laden und logich entlerren,

so wasser könnt iher für treibhäuser und schweinezuck nehmmen,

die füllstands anzige ist ainimiert wie die zapfwelle,

so bevor fargen kommen es ist ein bruner und ein blauer hts

und können 10500-10000 liter aufnehmmen,

so jehtz vill spass damit ,mfg Pil-30

Credits: Pil-30

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Trailers

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Poznaniak DXL v 2.0

Poznaniak DXL v 2.0 image

Poznaniak DXL 3m

Credits: bociek

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Implements & Tools

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Grazmec Header Trailer v 1.0 Beta

Grazmec Header Trailer v 1.0 Beta image

So I ask you only one Grazmec cutting unit carriage before!
Mod: fin050808
Publisher: www.modhoster.de
Shop price: 6800
Operating costs. € 35
There are no known Logfehler but I still publish it as a beta version!

Credits: fin050808

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Combines & Excavators

Image 1


My BIG Country v 1c WoolPaletteCollector GuelleMistMod WaterMod

My BIG Country v 1c WoolPaletteCollector GuelleMistMod WaterMod image

My BIG Country 2013
Version 1c
New features and this Map:
The stubble residues after harvest of potatoes and turnips are now visible (sorry for the error)
All unloading were renewed and mistaken Growing with tarpaulin.
WoolPalleteColector was slightly lowered so that you can better absorb the pallets with a fork.
Sugar beet factory was freed from jitter and built new towers,
added there is an unloading of bales and straw.
When the spinning was also some Embellished!
When BackFacktory an egg collection point is added!
On Gueterbahnhof still a transition age was added on the rear panel.
Street now has a gravel border and were now freed from grass residues.
Leuchturmlicht now also rotates.
New dirt roads were made and the old nt. revised.
and much more.
I guess it will be the final version, if no gross errors are detected.
Thank you for your understanding!
Oh yeah …! Pictures I have made a small art gallery,
because it takes me too long to upload the individual images on MH.
! Link to image gallery CLICK ME!

————————————————– ——-
Features of this map:
Liquid manure and dung Mod…………….. / Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector……………. / Marhu
MapSiloBand……………………. / Marhu
Schweinemastanlage……………… / Marhu
WaterMod v3.0…………………../Marhu
Zuckerfabrik…………………… / Trekkerbodo
Waschplatz…………………….. / Matzesft
Ground Texturen…………………. / ZEFIR
HofSilo was replaced / BGAsilo
Mist – Sale
Manure – Sale
Chopped – Sale
Village bank
No! Standard textures
No Logfehler!
Traffigfahrzeuge and pedestrian
Milk is collected!
Rot, decay: is Off
PDA has been Updated
No other scripts needed are all included! Only the GuelleMistMod.zip still in the modfolder!
Please remove the ModScripte before start of your modfolder!
You do not need a NEW game was to begin! BUT. you should reap all the fields and then only the files once density.grle from your saved game is thus remove the grass completely renewed.
btw: a saved game!
Under the path: C: Users XXX Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2013 savegame1 career savegame you can find the line at the top: Mapid = “My_BIG_Country_v1b.SampleModMap!
the (b) substituting it by a (c) and you can play your old savegame on.
For this I have to write this! I accept NO LIABILITY for damages to your PC or game.
Sorry but it had to be.
To the map!
The I3d. has about 41MB
Logfehler? Are not known to me!
The BIG Map My Country is a map completely rebuilt and is made with the patch 1.4.
This map is the extension of the My Little Country Map!
There are now 15 fields to be Bewirtschafften.
The largest box has about 27H if the calculation is true :-)
As usual, the cow pasture (right on the farm) is a little sheep away from the farm and of course :-) Federfieh with a large gate welfare, ps. Have fun looking at the eggs ^ ^
The milk as heck be different! is picked up by a milk truck.
The farm is adjusted as usual in my style.
All in all a very nice map to plowing.

Existing details are eg:
Road signs
The lanterns go in the dark to the village
Functioning traffic traffic
A train with barrier / cars stop when the barrier is closed
A small island with camp
Houses have Aben light
Parked cars also have some light at night
and much more.

This map has the standard LS13 fruit varieties
The feed store is right on the pasture, grass and dung manure and bale Hächslegut you can in Gärterei Sell and get a little money for it ..
To get a loan from the bank to pay it back or you have to drive to the village nächstgelegende. (Anscheint the farmer has no internet yet :) )
You can leave the fruit types as follows:
Country South trade: wheat barley rape maize potatoes beet eggs / still exists a small gas station
North Country Trade: wheat barley rape maize potatoes beet eggs / still exists a small gas station
Gütterbahnhof: wheat barley maize rape grass straw potatoes, beets Hächselgut hay and straw bales … Takes up almost everything!
Backfactory: wheat barley rape maize
Nursery: Grass straw manure slurry Hächselgut hay and straw bales (Why manure and slurry is not Being Displayed in the PDA I unfortunately do not know yet!)
Spinning: Wool
Sugar beet factory: Beet
Gas station: washing refueling
Feldgrösen in HECTARE .. Consistent with the thresher of SFM!
Field No. 01 = 1.73 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 02 = 10.08 acres
Field No. 03 = 3.81 ha
Field No. 04 = 6.79 ha
Field No. 05 = 15.56 acres
Field No. 06 = 5.83 ha
Field No. 07 = 2.74 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 08 = 4.41 ha
Field No. 09 = 8.44 ha
Field No. 10 = 27.10 acres
Field No. 11 = 7.03 ha
Field No. 12 = 6.05 ha
Field No. 13 = 9.40 ha
Field No. 14 = 4.12 ha
Field No. 15 = 5.79 ha

I have no horseshoes involved in the map and no Misionen!
To Sell the crap you can also take the little crown Emsland trailer from the feed storage pack!
* If Needed! Pigs transport trailer: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/joskin-betimax-rds-7500–2
* If Needed! Transport packaging for food storage: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/transportpack-fuer-futterlager
* If Needed! Manure trailer sales:

Milk Trailer Water Trailer: ……… http://www.modhoster.de/mods/milchtrailer-wassertrailer
Claas Lexion 770 TerraTrac Package: … http://www.landwirtschafts-simulator.de/mod.php?lang=de&mod_id=163
Milk sell stop: ………………. http://www.modhoster.de/mods/stopmilksale / Prevents the automatic milk sales
Placeable pile V2: ………… http://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-haufen–3!, I do not have a stock pile of silage in the feed store!

As is asked here every now and then if you have or can buy pigs, NO!
You’ll have to feed, water and let them be happy :-)
Then gradually appear more and more pigs, and you may be able to taste Sell btw. (Go to the butcher) and a little money.
A big thanks to all who made it possible to create the map with the new buildings!
All required mods are listed below:

And now have fun on the field with the BIG Map My Country 2013 :-) @ Funky

Subject to change!

It is not permitted to upload the map again!
This map may not be offered without the express permission ONLY HERE FOR MH!
Only use original download link!
Only with the original DL link in other forum!
Please support the campaign against ModKlau!

Credits: Funky

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1


Benne Teko v 1.0

Benne Teko v 1.0 image

voici la benne de teko convertie pour FS2011 FS2013

Credits: rapace

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Trailers


GAZ 53 Milk v 1.0

Image For GAZ-53-Milk-v-1.0

Nice Truck for water and milk transportation

Authors: Du-mont, Garmash, Dronklim, Mont, TruckerStas, DON-1500, Marhu, Silak_68