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Pottinger Synkro 3030

Pottinger Synkro 3030 for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
Hello! After so much work, the new model of Pottinger Cultivators, synkro 3030 “nova”, a new generation of cultivators is perfect for simple and deep tillage with important innovations ….

John Deere 9680 WTS

John Deere 9680 WTS for Farming simulator 2013,
Mods Management:
due to kindle, J smulkytuvas, U stairs approaching opens the tank, can be activated by G, 0 Nominated output, K activates the Combine header, the Page Up / Down raises lowers Combine header
To start cutting you press U then G 0 then brings out the full power then K 5 F light
Mods mistake: I did not notice
Mods are:
get off do not, some garasai when you start cutting trembles all, everything moves inside the sound stops, realistic
Modifications author: John Deere 9680 WTS Hillmaster II
Modell: Texture MySQL: MySQL
Ingame: MySQL Script: MySQL
Particle System: MySQL
Converted & Edited: Inspector145
Mods assessment (road adverb): very good inside you will find two harvester Combine header and 1 Stroller