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New Lights Truck Lights v 1.0

New Lights Truck Lights v 1.0 ets2 image

Hi, after a long time gone offline eh, hahahaha …… for those who know me, Greetings to all and also new this time,,,,, for my return, I have decided to publish this mod, Truck_Lights_v1 5 I hope you like, a new light, some modified to glow with LEDs and some other surprises a little more real and other modified without further below I let a few pictures, as they are and all jejeje download link.


Author flarepack (FlaresPack author): SCS, Dragjt

Reconfigured By (author Lights): Dragjt




Color Black Moons / all trucks …

Rear window a little more color / all trucks …

LED lights and eyes angel / all trucks …

Switching / all trucks …

Back to real life / all Trucks / on_off lights …

Lunas some with headlights / not all truck …

Tested ……………: (1.10.x)


IMPORTANT! Fried authoring – Required! Keep the original distribution of the relationship Novelty All make me know,,,,,,,,,,,, and any feedback is welcome, and if you have an idea, notified me to change or increase … Psdta. within the rar files there are two other, mod with its own light, one with lights in one and the other with all the lights disconnected when you the option to change truck of your choice and the remainder of the original request,,,, each file has its respective name …..



Credits: Dragjt

This is a Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( ets2 ) Mod, in category Mods

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