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Multicarowo Map v 1.0

Image For Multicarowo-Map-v-1.0

Multicarowo Map or reworking of the original of which remained only decomposition roads. Map of medium size, with no unnecessary crap.

(*) Dynamic texture of the ground
(*) Electronic weight
(*) Gateway
(*) Feed mixer
(*) Movement of pedestrians, cars
(*) Dairy, church, school, town, two lakes
(*) one buying everything in the city
(*) Many fields of small and medium sized buy
(*) With the possibility of remaking the plow in larger
(*) BGA, pigs
(*) One specifically developed farm land varied, additional crops
(*) Refined PDA (Outside) shows all the statistics, including the number of water and grain for chickens
(*) Manure mod

Credits: this mod is made by multicar80