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Rheiderland Map v 3.0

Rheiderland Map v 3.0 for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Authors: Nicholas

Rheiderland Map v 3.0 139 MB (size of file) Download now!

Hyllstofta Map

Hyllstofta Map for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Authors: Emil Sonesson

Hyllstofta Map
187 MB (size of file) Download now!

American Farmer 2013

American Farmer 2013 for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Authors: Giants

125 MB (size of file) Download now!


Notkonpohja for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
20 field blocks of different sizes, 4 as soon as ownership. Other fields can be purchased at an affordable price. – All animal movements are pääfarmilta (lemmut, sheep and chickens) – Mapissa has two stores and both can be a mole products plans. The second receiving eggs and wool, while the second machine is engaged in trade. – Transport and mowing chore almost laitoon data to work with. (They can not imagine a golfer, then even anger because emänniksi) – The milk truck kulkoo farm, the traffic is a big slouch on the road and pedestrians in front of the stores. – BGA monumenttiki notkon on the other hand, if you want to enter the kärrätä.

Download: Notkonpohja [Ul.to]

Drayton Farm

Drayton Farm for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Drayton Farm is based in the Lincolnshire Wolds. With steep rolling hills and some rough terrain farming the Lincolnshire Wolds can be very challenging at times.

– 31 Fields
– Buyable Fields
– Traffic
– Original Crops
– Start Equipment
– Cattle, Sheep, Chickens
– Wool & Eggs
– PDA Map
– Pheasant, Wildlife, Grain dryer & drain sounds
– Lots of trees and woodland
– SugarBeet and Potato stored in home made bale pits
– Main road and small narrow country lanes
– Small village
– Dealership with shop trigger, Vehicle sell, Egg sell, Wool sell and ATM
– Cattle bedding inside the main large part of the cattle shed

I recommend you edit your Traffic Density so there’s not too much traffic on the roads.
My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/GameSettings.xml
Heres mine –


Download: Drayton Farm [Depositfiles.com]


BIG EUROPEAN MAP 2013 BETA for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Welcome to the farm of the highest technology in the world!
Here you can explore the various areas of agriculture and become a successful farmer.

Beta v0.8
General characteristics of the map (including the game farming Simulator 2013).
-> Major crops for cultivation of wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet and potato.
-> Investment in clean and renewable energy:
-> A biogas plant
-> Torres Wind Power
-> The Solar Panels
-> Investment in greenhouses for growing tomatoes, lettuce and herbs
-> Investment in honey production
-> Investment in the dairy sector, milk cows
-> Investment in sheep
-> Create some chickens

Weilke Map

Weilke Map for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
So I have a little bit because Kuhhof Rebuilt And because Haupthof loving Sun
All sales points and the bga chairs closer together so now an industrial park at the train station and harbor to not overlook.
Map was tested and they found the map quite well
Where previously the mill Bga And the country trade were now fields are fields which we thought to take a start.
Launch vehicles were edited by Jabba42 and keep it.
for merchant Have I removed all the balloons.
Some fields that were too small were suiting With Together


Burghausen for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Cow pasture on farm passable
Sheep grazing on the farm passable
Cow and sheep barn are einstreubar
Feeding Ring with Ball Trigger (Ball sale) on both livestock pastures
SP line from the milk truck was adjusted and apportioned
2 silos at the cowshed
Courtyard extension at the cowshed (2 shelters 1 Ball Hall)
Wool pallets trigger on the sheep pasture beneath the shelter
Burghausen name signs
Traffic signs have been
Weathered withered away
Cardboard signs removed from the Store
new balance to the BGA

Changes for V2:
street post
PDA Map adapt
wish to insert the User


Farming13Map for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
The map has still some parts of the standard map, however, was completely redesigned

Fields increased or consolidated
Was flattened terrain for clarity, and with new textures as the original Neon provided me too bright
yard rebuilt
PDA adjusted and labeled
Plants partially with new textures
new HD trees, and they are no longer in the way everywhere
new buildings, village enlarged etc. …
The rot is stopped because there are some big fields
New textures for sugar beet, maize and oilseed rape
and much more.
The eggs you can sell on the market in the lower village
Gibts money from the ATM at Postbank
Camping restaurant and golf course are no longer available, so you can skip these missions

Stubbe Landwerkstatten Map

Stubbe Landwerkstatten Map for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
This is a reconstruction of the Standartmap Hagenstedt. I have reduced the map by about half since my original map was just too big. Everything is new. A small yard where you but can accommodate all his equipment well. A BGA, country store, garden center, brewery, mill.
When you land, you can trade all taken away on fruit and gets money. In the nursery, you can make sugar beet, potatoes and corn. At the brewery, you can make wheat, canola, barley and sugar beet. At the mill, you can make wheat, canola, barley.