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Romanian Farm

Romanian Farm for Farming simulator 2013,
Romanian Farm v 1.0

Best of FS 2011

Best of FS 2011 for Farming simulator 2013,
Best of FS 2011
The map is the best map for LS 2011 with the following fruits:
wheat, maize, sunflower, rye, rape, oat, cotton, grass, barley, potato and sugarbeet
Thanks to Jack for potato storage and executor Sugarbeetlager.
Special thanks goes to Funky he has provided for me the map change.

4FieldDream Map

4FieldDream Map for Farming simulator 2013,
Well, about 2 weeks have passed and it is, therefore, the last map on our part for LS11.
Four Field Dream
The map is made for SP, but it also makes the MP a lot of fun if you are not using big machines over the top!
1:1 mods and Oldis have enough space.
For large machines it is in places very closely!
On the map you will find:
– 1 small yard
– 2 points of sale
– 1 small BGA (Heady Scripts!)
– Many trees
(- Created extra for this map NEW!) Standard + oats, Roggern, spelled and millet: – Fruits
– 4 boxes (pre-dug bert 3 / plowed, 1 large meadow)
– Here and there some details * fg *
– Water point, open space at the court for DLC Greenhouses
– Own PDA with box numbers and symbols PDA
– Sales of HD-bale
– Ausmistbare coupling
– Manure can be loaded with bucket or under the conveyor belt
– Sale of slurry and manure
– Two-storey hall with built-in ball Bale shredders (No HD-Ball Sale!)
– 3 different ways to feed the cows (troughs, cowshed () through mobile, and grass silage silos)

You will need:
– MapBGA.zip
– MapBGASilo.zip
– MapDoorTrigger.zip
– Straw / hay bales Mod
– A trailer for the new fruits
– A thresher for the new fruits
For help in rebuilding your vehicles to the new fruit gibts in our forum!

– BGAControl v2
The rest of the mods and are Fendt 1290c baler (Rebuilt for new fruit) in the pack!

Brief introduction:
On the PDA you can find various icons.
– The Hermit Willi (on the PDA as head gekennzeuchnet) buys HD bales, manure and slurry.
Please do not ask what he does with it. That’s what you do not want: D
– The trade (on the PDA marked wooden box) buys the rest
– For those of you who have the DLC, we have set up a water point, marked with a water symbol on the PDA.
– Also worth a visit is the fortified castle in the beginning of the game you start.
– Other Important places are of course also noted on the PDA.


Nelamanowice for Farming simulator 2013,
What’s in map:
-One farm
-A good optimization, but the calculators do not recommend the game as the map also requires a bit because of his size.
-Motion Car
-Focus bales
-Point collection of manure and slurry.