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SimTractor V4.1 Map

SimTractor V4.1 Map for Farming simulator 2013,
This is the map based on the simulator called SimTractor, created by Brabant Benoit. This was a popular game before Farming Simulator was in creation.
This is a very basic map, the i3D is only 12.6MB.
I did not want to put a ton of time into it since FS2013 will be out soon.
However, the basic touches keep it familiar with the feel we had in SimTractor.
I tested all the triggers and they seem to be working fine. No traffic, no milk truck, but milk seems to sell as usual.
I used the original textures, Ben from SimTractor gave me permission, and the models are nearly an exact match to the ones in ST.
The feilds are planted with the same fruits as in SimTractor when you start a new game.
Also, the closed off feilds in SimTractor are open in this map.
The collisions are all on so be sure to watch out when using AI.
Feel free to upgrade this map as you please but give the proper permissions.
If anyone wants to throw together a mods pack for this that would be great.

Weigh Station:
Psyko & Noppi & Fruktor & Sven18Koehler
Bale Trigger:
GIANT’S & Tom & wil
Knuuud & Daveaich & Decker
MultiFruitLayer Installer:
DOCTORHILTI & FarmerTobben & sandgroper & Tommy23 & Napalm
trigger’s pack:
giants software and cadaver (uk) ls-uk
Silage triggers:
maca & defender
Blank 4X Map:
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013 and Free mods


Bielawy for Farming simulator 2013,
map i3d-9MB (size of file) Download now!


Map v2.3

Map v2.3 for Farming simulator 2013,
Trim control:
Modifications error: not found
Mods are: not found
Mods by: MafiaSolec
Modifications assessment (road žodeliais): a small map of the small fields, the original culture, beets, BGA, cows, buying points, a few houses, a typical Polish economy
map i3d-20MB (size of file) Download now!

File size: 82 MB

My World v 0.1 Beta

My World v 0.1 Beta for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is my very first custom map “My World
Duration: about 3 days but still kinda
what is there:
Milk is collected
stall for feeding
some fields of Central United
Billinger country trade

Required Mods:

Traffic must be switched off!
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013