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Landschaftspoldermap for Farming simulator 2013,
Here are my Landschaftspoldermapv6 Multifrucht MP
This is a standard Flachlandmap with fruits and sunflower soybeans potatoes beet ..
Many Big Sale Set Bga Beautiful courtyard
Many sold put. you can do all Mapfruitszips when potatoes are soy and sugar beets, sunflowers also contain other mapfruits my maps.
Log error free
This map may be used only with original link found on other sites to dl.
you need
MAPBGA silo Zip
MapBGASiloChaff zip
MapBGASiloGras Zip
strawbale_haybale zip
Hay and straw bales can be dumped on the farm in the old stable block.

Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Sheep farm

Sheep farm for Farming simulator 2013,
Sheep farm is a slightly detailed map but very fun to play on,I suggest you use small or/and old equipment. This map is based on a medium sized farm Somewhere in the UK,It is very hilly so watch out for bales rolling about. I will post pictures of all triggers on the map in the support topic after so please do not ask about this.This is also my first official map release.This map is fully intended for small farming and for this game to be fun so sorry if there is not much detail

LS-UK Modteam
Filesize lowered:
Paintable trees:
Alex7530,Thatkid96 (sorry if you are forgotten)


Neustädt for Farming simulator 2013,
Hey Hey, now I publish my last Neustädt Map.
On the map, they can expect:
-Many fields of small to large
Details Empire Village
Beets with beet warehouse
-2 yards
Tight-Sheng designed lanes
-In Passtes PDA with box numbers
-Solid and liquid manure Mod
Real-road signs
Land Trade
Car dealer
Wind Turbines
Large-road network
-Varied terrain
-Many of the details of the court, BGA, village

Please appreciates the work of modders!
The map is modeled on a North German village.
I thank all the modders, the objects I have used.
Thanks to our great LU Steiner for testing!
The map does not generate serious error LOG!
Physiks are not observed because they are found in almost every map GOOD!
Well I wish them lots of fun playing!
Regards Felix / LU Steiner

Old 09er Map

Old 09er Map for Farming simulator 2013,
Ich habe mich mal rangesetzt die 09er Map für LS11 mit BGA und funktionierender Kuhweide zu erstellen bz. zu bearbeiten . Die Map hat auser BGA und Kuhweide verschiedene zusätzliche Früchte zum Anbauen . Kartoffeln, Rüben, Sonnenblumen ,Roggen, Hafer ,Gelbe Erbsen, Erbse ,Sojabohnen und Karotten.

Original 09er Map : Giants
Umsetzung, Bearbeitung: Ka88