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Suedhemmern on the Mittelland Canal v FINAL BONUS

Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-1 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-2 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-3

– Manure storage are now even been built-in with separate digital displays
– As another type of fruit triticale has been inserted with the straw. There is an additional straw to the cow pasture

Authors: Fendtfan1, BobMaster 66, vanillaice83, Trixi, Diops33, GE-Mapping, Spider 100, Frank Wienberg, Marhu, Rauschebart, M-S Buschi, SLJ Agrar, The Agraama, LS Landtechnik, Himmi, Basti66, ddsModding, Askari, Frisco0177


Kreis Unna Map v 1.2

Kreis-Unna-Map-v-1.2-1 Kreis-Unna-Map-v-1.2-2 Kreis-Unna-Map-v-1.2-3

The Unna district located in the center of North Rhine Westphalia in Arnsberg. Farm and its surroundings are Originated from free imagination.
The farm located on the map is modernly furnished and accommodates good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 27 Large to medium sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, cow pasture, sheep pasture, pasture chickens and cattle and pig sty complete this farm.
With an additional 10 greenhouses where tomatoes and lettuce grows, more revenue for the company funds are guaranteed. But only if there is enough water for the flourish of these plants in the tanks is present. The equipment for the plant breeding department are housed on site in a tool shed. A small water fountain is also available.

Credits: this mod is made by Bemak

DOWNLOAD this Mod 470 MB

Zimna Wodka v 7.0

Zimna-Wodka-v-7.0-2 Zimna-Wodka-v-7.0-1

Map compared to the original underwent a series of profound changes while maintaining the mountainous climate, completely redesigned and expanded farm village with skupami, was added a couple of new fields and already The existing have been improved.

– Interesting Mountainous terrain with difficult access roads to the fields
– Village with various buildings, a church, a shop, not playable farms, purchase of cereals
– Dairy, A milk arrives at the farm to get milk
– Multiterain
– Water mod
– Sale straw next to the barn
– Lime mod
– Feeding, turn down the cows in the barn
– Realisticistic and authentic ground textures, grains
– Piggery and buying pigs
– Gate in all buildings open to the key, the door opened automatically
– Small traffic, pedestrians

Credits: this mod is made by Maciey


Agro Pomorze PGR v 2.0

Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-1 Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-2 Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-3

– Beautiful textures
– You can carry manure
– Very beautiful landscape
– Original culture
– Large fields
– Running MP
– Suitable for playback of MP
– Large pile of silos

Authors: Daro44, Dracko36

DOWNLOAD this Mod 249 MB

Sheep Haven Bay v 2.0

Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-1 Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-2 Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-3

The Map is spread over a large area resulting in around fifty five fields and over two hundred odd acres. The fields are various sizes mixed from small to large through out the map. Most of the fields are grass, with a seeded texture underneath to save you the trouble of plowing all the ground again also enhancing the the grass texture after being cut.
There are four main yards throughout the map. Two on the Carrigart Town region and the other in the Dunfanaghy Town region. Each yard has its own attributes. One for mainly cows, second for sheep, third for grain storage and fourth for potatoes and beet storage. Each yard is also supplied with all the basic extras you need, eg. fuel, seeds, fertilizer.
The two towns on Sheep Haven Bay are Dunfanaghy Town and Carrigart Town. Carrigart is the main one in use, with the shop grain sell points and various other stuff is situated. Dunfanaghy a bit more stationary but both of them each have their own fuel points and seed/fertilizer points as well.

Authors: DylanAlcorn, Ni Modding, Fs-uk Mod Team, Duarn, Sean6920s, LordWilliams, SteveC, Eire Agri


Porta Westfalica v 5.0

Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-1 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-2 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-3

Porta Westfalica Map with beautiful landscape and many details: hills, mountains, river, canal, meadows and fields with villages and hamlets in between form the framework.

Credits: this mod is made by GMCW


Vojvodina Special v 3.1

Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-1 Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-2 Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-3

Beautiful and intelligent Map. Huge set all around, there is no feeling that what is going steppe. The city center is made in the style of the palace, a beautiful building in a great cafe plays Muzychko, churches, triumphal arch, colonnade, Alexander Column, a park near the center, holiday village on the outskirts of the rich area with steep cottages, cemetery, mountain pass with a drive through the cave in rock, different bridges, medieval ruined castle, selling high-quality design of greenhouses complexes, luxury woods, hills, uneven shoulders, the various sounds of nature, conducted kilometers of gas pipes and lamp wires, traffic lights, fueling Realistic Lukoil, Rosneft (no filling of red drum), Light lanterns, advertising and windows at night, and even more.
Culture and Animals: standard + sunflower, soybean, animated pigs, calves.
Built warehouse for the purchase of sugar, condensed milk, beer, canned food, oils, biscuits, flour (For factories capacity is limited)

Authors: stasenko100, Serbian modding team, Team 6, igor29381, VAHHOB022, Werik


Sudharz v 1.0

Sudharz-v-1.0-1 Sudharz-v-1.0-2 Sudharz-v-1.0-3

– 4x Map
– Standart fruit + oats & sunflower (own texture)
– 5 villages
– 60 fields
– Greatly improved roads! (Compared LS11)
– Gewege
– New guidelines
– Realisticistic and authentic grain prices at level means
– Cows (Herrmannsacker) milk is collected
– Chicken (Buchholz) sale of wool at the restaurant in beech wood on the outskirts direction Stempeda
– Sheep (Petersdorf) sale of wool on the grounds of the country trade Petersdorf
– Several farms in different villages
– Vehicles / equipment is supplied directly to the farm
– Land Commercial Petersdorf only (in the west) collection point for potatoes / turnips
– Land Commercial Stempeda (in the east)
– Old Mill (north)
– Fertilizer and seed depot also in the fenced yard (above)
– The country trade Petersdorf is also the possibility grains from the camp can be seen
– BGA / Silo / dunghill / manure basins on a site next to the cow pasture
– Sprinkle straw in the barn on the BGA land (on the side signposted entrance)
– Horizontal silo with silage function
– Straw / Grass / maize chaff / bales in sellable BGA
– Goals / doors openable and close
– Flying airplanes, floating ducks
– Solar panels on hall roof brings money
– No more withered fields
– No more buyable fields
– Sounds
– Flowing river
– Water at the creek / water tank / pump removed
– New PDA map with symbols

Authors: -Kolbenfresser-, Manu ya, Bernascht, B34STx, mailman, Luculus, KundS Modding, wellano920, Timber131, Baue3rR, Mourice, simmi1, Ganelcer, Icebear_Lars, modelleicher, GurKenDingo, T0mek0092, adam5525, FrankWienberg[GER], Ferguson Freund, Diops33, Raptor Bash, Macoholic, LU-MUK/Moddingteam, Mike (TTM), Domi___, spider100, ziolek6, LSM-MODDING Team, Jonny 1996, manuuuu, M-S_Buschi, freak36558, Flydoc


Poland Beskidy v 1.0

Poland-Beskidy-v-1.0-2 Poland-Beskidy-v-1.0-1 Poland-Beskidy-v-1.0-3

Animals – chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and calves animated. Growing base with longer growth time for the sowing of up to 30 days. From the long rise time of the game is real, and forces us to increase the amount of fields and further filming on the field. Buy points – Hotel, Sugar factory, shelter, Lidl, Station, gardening and agriculture shop edelweiss, milk products, sawmill, slaughterhouse, the farm. Claas workshop and lime mine and brewery cattle possibility of producing beer. Most points has limited hours of operation. After work, no possibility of entry and exit from the point – time gate. Purchase the field: to buy more than 140 plots – at start 3 boxes. Fields of different sizes from small to large, and also most of the fields are combined conversion in larger machines. Keep four free zones and the building bought in the game in them. There is also a fifth farm without the production function, but the function of the auxiliary something along the lines of the former agricultural circles. Mod forest trees planted about 500 ready to be cut. Mod lime manure and manure mod and chaff. Mod weed. Flying aircraft, flying boats, and riding the train. No traffic and milkmaid. Street lighting, traffic signs and information boards. An interesting and extensive road system and the asphalt roads, real sand and gravel roads and many other things not mentioned here.

Credits: this mod is made by seba j


Economy Map v 1.1

Economy-Map-v-1.1-1 Economy-Map-v-1.1-2 Economy-Map-v-1.1-3

Version 1.1:
– Some issues fixed and new improvements
– Added animals: Pig, Beef
– New plant Sunflower
– Some land has been converted

Credits: this mod is made by davidoff