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MAN Tgx Harley Davidson v 1.0

MAN Tgx Harley Davidson v 1.0 ets2 image

This is a skin pack for Man tgx xxl MAN Tgx-xxl-Harley Davidson & Trailer

It was a user request, because I’ve been liking met.

Truck & Trailer can be used individually!

This skin pack must be without my consent not to other pages uploaded!

This skin was made by me (   Black light) for ETS2 Skins (Facebook page) created.

If you wish you then notify you simple, maybe we can help you.

E-mail: ets2-skin@t-online.de


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ETS2-Skins/229140367272307

Credits: SchwarzLicht

This is a Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( ets2 ) Mod, in category Skins

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