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Lahn Valley Map v 0.9 Beta

Lahn Valley Map v 0.9 Beta image

Lahntal Map V 0.9 Beta


Hallo ich gebe Heute meine Lahntalmap in der Beta Version frei.
Da ich momentan nicht viel Zeit habe, aber so viele Anfragen bekomme wann denn die Map endlich erscheint, biete ich sie aus folgenden Gründen zum DL an.

Da viel Zeit in der Map steckt und Neuereungen die es so noch nicht im LS gibt, gebe ich jetzt die Gelegenheit euch ein Bild von der Map zu machen und mir evtl Tipps und Anregungen zu geben was noch verbessert werden kann oder sollte.


Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß mit der Map.

Die Map darf auch auf anderen Portalen hochgeladen werden oder nach euren Wünschen umgebaut werden. Aber bitte verwendet den orginalen Link!!

Von LS Spielern für LS Spieler :-)



Credits: tornuto

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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N sensor v 1.0

N sensor v 1.0 image

Plants need the proper nutrients to reach their natural growth potential, and the goal of modern fertilization practices is to provide it. But there’s more to it than that. It’s just as important to limit the amount of fertilizers to the correct level for maximum growth, avoiding costly excessive application. And there’s an environmental cost to incorrect application, too. Excess nutrients may seep into creeks and rivers and alter ecosystems.

Increased N-efficiency 
Yara’s Precision Farming concept allows farmers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of fertilizer inputs to maximize profitability and minimize impact on the environment. Nutrient requirements of the crop fluctuate greatly between fields, but also vary widely within a field. 

Engineers at Yara developed the N-Sensor for the site specific management of nitrogen application. N-Sensor is mounted on the tractor roof and is ‘on the move’ measuring light reflectance from the crop, translating this into an optimum application rate enabling the application equipment to apply the required rate for that specific part of the field. 

Three stages of the N-Sensor 
The N-Sensor determines a crop’s nitrogen demand by measuring the crop’s light reflectance. Using this information N-Sensor can measure the crop, translate the data into an application rate and send a signal to the spreader or sprayer rate controller, which will adjust the levels of application. The average application rate is always determined by the operator before spreading begins.

Benefits of using the N-Sensor 
Increased Gross Margin per hectare 
Variably applying nitrogen according to the crop requirements means that the optimum rate of nitrogen is achieved for all areas of the field resulting in increased gross margin.

‘Real Time’ Sensing and Application
Allows for crop information to be collected, processed and applications made on the go.

Improved Yield and Quality
Applying the optimum rate to all areas of the field improves yield and also significantly evens up the grain, factors which both increase profitability.

Better Use of Nitrogen
Applying the exact crop nitrogen requirements improves efficiency and economics and also minimizes the effect on the environment. Can be used independently or in conjunction with DGPS – By measuring the crop and applying the recommended application in one operation, the N Sensor works independently of GPS systems. However, where nitrogen application maps are required it can easily be linked to a DGPS system.

Ease of use
N Sensor has been designed to be user friendly. The in cab computer is clear and simple to operate and once set up works automatically while spreading or spraying.

Improved harvest conditions Even crops can result in quicker and simpler harvest conditions. Flow of crop into the combine is improved and more uniform grain moisture means less drying will be required.

If you need more info about the N-Sensor, please contact Yara.


This mod is just for FUN! Doesen’t make something special!

Credits: epic_pryda

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Useful Thins

Image 1 Image 2


MMXIV II Deep Forest v 1.0

MMXIV II Deep Forest v 1.0 image

This is the TSL_MMXIV_II_DeepForest_v1 Map made by TSL …
Required Links in description!
* Fish buys grain and corn , produces fish …
* Sites buy ( at the fish farm / next Billinger ) Sand …
* Requires Brueckenbaustelle sand … in MP is to build the bridge again at server restart . SP remains .
* Billinger at the station buys almost everything …
* Hoftankankstellen must be filled … buy diesel at the fuel depot with standard tank trailer
* Tank Farm sells diesel …
* Quarry sold lime and sand on the bunker or for dredging …
( Wheel loader or excavator having to be changed! … Just ask in the forum )
* Market Hall buys potatoes, turnips , wool and fish …
* Kalksilos must be filled … lime in the pit left
Marked * mähbare meadows in the PDA
* Field size of 1.11ha to 18.36ha
* … and much more
Fruits : Standard , potatoes, sugar beets , sunflowers, onions, carrots , oats
Additional : milk, beef, pork, horse , Fuel ( diesel ), fish, sand
Movement was used , among other things :
* cowshed
* Pigsty
* Stable
* Tank Farm
* Market Hall
* Billinger
* Railway line without barriers
* Air traffic including airfield
* BGA ball with Shredder
* Pit with sand and lime for dredging or sand silo
* Liquid manure , dung , Kalkmod installed … needed zip for modfolder : Forum Marhu
* … and other little things …
The milk you can sell yourself on Billinger , but it will also emptied from the truck and you get money.
Recommended FunktionsMods :
Required mods for sand ( wheel loader ) and trailers for fish , carrot , sand , lime, oat , onion are installed .
! … The mods included in the map may NOT be published individually … !
Recommended Modpack for additional cattle and additional fruits : Modpack by Anno (1x Extract )
Log Clean and MP is tested … Patch2.0DE_PublicBeta4
Have fun with it …
It is forbidden to use this map or parts thereof, upload new , not even in a different form !
Please use the original download link!
- It is forbidden to upload this mod again , even in a altered form!
Please use the original download link !
- Draudžiama / Kelti š / mod v l , net pakitusiu pavidalu ?
Prašome naudoti originalus parsisiuntimo nuorod ?
- Zabrania si ? WGra ? th mod jeszcze , nawet w zmienionej formie !
Prosz ? u | ywa ? oryginalnego link do pobrania !
- The zakázáno vkládat tento mod znovu , a to i ve zm n né form ? ! Prosím použijte Povodni odkaz ke stažení !

Credits: TheSecretLife

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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DL37K v 2.2

DL37K v 2.2 image

Moin people here the old turntable ladder from the Farming Simulator 2011, I have 2013 Transformed.

Credits: Feuer-Blitz

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Vehicles

Image 1


Advertising sign firefighters v 1.0

Advertising sign firefighters v 1.0 image

MoinMoin To all LS gamers
I present to you a placeable advertising sign available
I‘ve Same I obtained the permission
this mod rebuild
Evidence relating to licenses can be found in the form of images

Urmodder: sewi123

Please Unzip the downloaded folder
————————————————– ———–
Look also at our forum Gone
Lg Marcel :)

Credits: Landwirt-Marcel-112

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7


Court Beta v 2.0

Court Beta v 2.0 image

Hello LS Comunity
I want to introduce you the beautiful courtyard
I have now again a bit of it put me and revised the courtyard.
New to court:
-Neuse grain silo
-another bunker silo on the farm
Fitted pda
-other cowshed
New-Tex. at BGA
added to a 2-BGA
Airport for Cessna 172
-Larger village
-Hügligere landscape
Sand with country trade is gone
Fast resolve any problems
-Other grass texture
-New Store
-Viewing platforms
-Other standard vehicles
-More 3D trees
Animals in the forest (wild boar, deer, rabbits, foxes, wolves)
tree trunks for abtransporten
and much more …………..
Try it out yourself.
this mod is needed:
This map must not be modified, uploaded on andernen pages or offered to another DL link.

Credits: Maschinenring

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Shelter with 4 spaces v 1.0

Shelter with 4 spaces v 1.0 image

Presented by -
This MOD was created by www.MODSWANTED.com !
Therefore, please do not without permission on other websites , forums, download portals and other platforms Upload , present , represented or copy ! The link to the original page is at the following URL , allowed. http://www.modswanted.com/index.php?site=down_unterstand
For questions, suggestions , problems or other communication neediness you reach me at: [email protected] or www.modswanted.com
Have fun with this MOD for LS13/FS13 wishes you mailman !
SUPPORT is available from the FORUM !
Respect the work of modders …
This mod created for what www.MODSWANTED.com
So please do NOT upload, copy , present or represent this mod on other websites , forums , download portals and other platforms without persmission !
It’s permitted to link to the Following the original website . http://www.modswanted.com/index.php?site=down_unterstand
If you have questions , suggestions , problems or other talkativities dont hesitate to contact me via : [email protected] or at www.modswanted.com
mailman wishes you much fun with this MOD for LS13/FS13 !
There is a forum for support!
Respect the work of modders …
This medium-sized shelter with four parking spaces , suitable for both vehicles , as well as for equipment. The tried and true truss construction provides the necessary stability at a reasonable cost , both through the half-open Bauwise the walls , enough wind and weather protection , with good light.
is clean
2666 polygons
The zip – unzip file and block contained i3d file by GIANTS Editor in the Map .
detailed truss
high texture quality in spite of 2048 x 2048 Map
With Ambient Occlusion texture
Model / texture / ingame : mailman

Credits: mailman

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7


Glenmaluren County Wicklow v 1.0 MR

Glenmaluren-County-Wicklow-v-1.0-MR-1 Glenmaluren-County-Wicklow-v-1.0-MR-3 Glenmaluren-County-Wicklow-v-1.0-MR-2

Nestled in the heart of the Wicklow mountains, Glenmalure is a unique location with small fields and hilly terrain.
A challenge for even the most experienced farmer.
All the basic machinery needed to get you up and running are included, you also have two fully grown fields to harvest straight away along with lots of grass to cut to feed your livestock.
There is plenty to do, from growing and harvesting crops to tending your livestock (Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Pigs) to keeping the local community well stocked with grain, vegetables, wool, milk and pork.
Features include Pig mod, water mod, feed mixing station, night lighting, standard FS2013 crops, multi terrain detail angle, AI traffic, and the More Realisticistic and authentic game engine for an authentic feel.
Milk is collected twice per day from the farmyard or you can deliver it yourself to the dairy.
If you get some free time, you can take a drive around the many mountain lanes and just enjoy the breathtaking views and discover the many hidden areas included in the map.

Authors: Giants, dural, Marhu, NI Modding, Duarn, pwl8600, sandgroper, FarmerYip, petorious, LwFarming, ZeFir_POLAND, ZG team, JauchenPaule, martinbigM500, GE-Mapping, Der Deutz Fahrer, Mukussu, SkyFall, vanillaice83, variofuchs, spider100, Sebbebek, Alex, SCS, _PaPa_, LS-Landtechnik


More Realistic Game Engine v 1.3.16


New in this version:
(*) Compatible with FS2013 patch 2.1 (require this patch to work)
(*) Masses on the wheels are not computed from spring extension anymore. We are getting the value directly from the nvidia physx engine. (more accurate and more reliable)
(*) Added spanish translation
(*) Fixed some bugs and make the “mr engine” more suitable for “manual gear box” transmission
(*) Changed the “name” of the “mr engine” in the “moddesc.xml” to “AAA MoreRealisticistic and authentic game engine” so that the “mr engine” is always the first mod to be loaded when playing in multiplayer
(*) MR V 1.3 supports Giants patch 2.0 again (retro compatibility)
(*) Support “gsVehicleReloadFromXML” console command
(*) All vehicles i3d files converted to new format with “shape” files
(*) All “wheeled” vehicles fixed to comply Giants patch 2.1 new spring settings
(*) Mixer wagon (Kuhn profile and confort) mixing power consumption decreased
(*) Deutz TTV7250EX is now more powerful (and more thirsty)
(*) Horsch Express 3TD fixed (not “realMassWanted” set => it was far too light)
(*) Poettinger Eurohit 130A => less “jerky”

Authors: Giants, Dural


More Realistic Road Runner Pack

More-Realisticistic and authentic-Road-Runner-Pack

The Roadrunner is a header trailer to haul you combine headers from field to field. It can be hauled with a truck, tractor, or even the combine. With the increasing size of headers, they don’t always fit between the fence posts or down the road with ease, by using the Roadrunner, your problems are solved. You can haul any header up to 36′ long, so the Case IH 3020 and Case IH 3412 fit perfectly on it.

Authors: KramarJ, Sven777b, PeterJ, Lindbejb