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Fuhrmann FF 32000


– Capacity: 40250 / 40470 l
– Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugarbeet, manure, silage, grass, straw, forage

Authors: Kyoshos Modfactory, Werik, Igor29381


More Realistic Mod v 1.1


More Realistic Mod – platform for a completely new and more realistic Farming Simulator experience.

– Improvements to the physics of the game engine : Fewer and more precision calculations
– Realistic accelerations and consideration of liability , mass, force and cornering
– Better braking system, which also weight , overloading, fast speeds, or wet ground now considered
– Improvement of the tilting behavior of vehicles
– Mountable script example for bales or pallets are unnecessary
– The dynamic adjustment of prices to the sale multipliers stations
– Seed is now consumed correctly
– Real calculation of the mass of charges depending on the density of the charged product
– Fuel consumption of the machine depends on the load of the vehicles
– Spreading and spraying now dosed on the speed during application
– Adaptive cruise control levels ( 1-4 keys can be defined in the game itself )
– Normal and Hard difficulty to use the helper seed , fuel , etc.
– Works in multiplayer

Authors: Giants, SFM-Modding, Xentro, Dural, Maxter


Drensteinfurt v 3.0

Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-1 Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-2 Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-3

– Great main courtyard (where cows can also be lined manure and there may also be Brought)
– Kuhhof (Large barn with ausmist function)
– In each stall can be fed with compound feed
– Grain silos can be removed with a shovel
– Silos on the farm and cow on the main yard
– Small village with Country dealers and trade
– Large-biogas plant with 4 silos and silage mountain
– At 2 yard with beets and potatoes and sheep
– Industrial area with a further sale station
– Frequent Idyle
– Drive cars, milk trucks and pedestrians
– Area was found to Münster after

Author: 0maxi0


Fortschritt ZT 305 v 1.2


Fortschritt ZT 305 Tractor

Author: Dr_Zuo


Gleaner Pack


Gleaner Combines Pack

In Pack includes:
– Gleaner R75 Combine
– Gleaner S77 Combine
– Gleaner 3000 12 rows Corn Cutter
– Gleaner 3000 8 rows Corn Cutter
– Gleaner 7200 Cutter
– Gleaner 8200 Cutter
– Gleaner 9200 Cutter

Authors: Giants, Repi, julian11, CASEIHMAGNUM215, Gaxi, Bayn, Zippo, Katsuo, nOObody, shangri66, Jdfan, skoomalegend


MAN Areva Lemarechal Edition + Trailer v 1.0

MAN-Areva-Lemarechal-Edition+Trailer-v-1.0-1 MAN-Areva-Lemarechal-Edition+Trailer-v-1.0-2

Areva Lemarechal Edition MAN Truck with Transporter Trailer

Author: zorlac


Krampe BS900 Multifruit Pack v 1.2


In Pack includes: 3 Krampe BS900 Trailers with capacity 32900 and 46900 liters

– Added custom schemas for each trailer/wagon
– Fixed loading problems due to ExactFillRootNode being positioned to high
– All Trailers will fit under Grimme Tectron 415
– Only low body versions will fit under Grimme Maxtron 620 realisticly

Authors: Dimanix, RealDairyFarmer


Vehicle Damage Mod


With this vehicle damage mod, vehicles get damage if they collide and you have to repair them. If a vehicle is totally damaged you have to repair it before you can use it again.

Authors: rafftnix, Maxter, Modelleicher


Farmland Map v 3.0

Farmland-Map-v-3.0-1 Farmland-Map-v-3.0-2 Farmland-Map-v-3.0-3

– You have the choice between the standard fruits and 6 witeren fruits: Spelt, Rye, Soybeans, Sunflower, Millet, Oats
– You have a pig in the court and the cows sheep chickens ( free running ) are also at the court
– The BGA has 4 large silos and have lots of space around drum for your equipment and machinery
– On the map are small to medium Fields and full map all the grass is mowing
– There are of course some outlets that you can use it and sollt alles entered on the PDA and various signs also point you to the outlets
– There are, however, in addition to the well maintained landscape also various small sized animals that are hiding in the forest
– Thus there are, among others, as the animals have to farming her a lot of field work and in the courtyard are several silos built for the fruits and unload all of you can silo at large potatoes and beets you have to unload the camp as well as grass silage straw mixed ration
– New Silos

Author: Rene_Farm


Fendt Vario 820 TMS Black Beauty Pack


– Ploughing Spec
– Opening doors, rear window and sunroof
– New Wheels
– New skin
– Animated Hydraulic
– Warning sign
– Indoor sound
– Moving axle
– Hand animation
– Twin Wheels
– Full lighting
– Foldable beacon lights
– Folding front arm
– Speed Display Control
– RPM Display Control
– Frontloader Console on the button
– Frontloader Quicke
– Power Shaft Attacher
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Manual Ignition
– Wheel Particle Spec
– ES limiter
– Various animations

Authors: Blackfox, Mario, surrealcrash, fruktor, gongasboy11, roller90, Sven777b, Heady, Geri-G, Lechu & Aranea