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IFA RS 0140 Pionier v 1.0

Image For IFA-RS-0140-Pionier-v-1.0

Small Old IFA Tractor

Credits: this mod is made by charly_99


JOB Innowalz 260 v 1.0

Image For JOB-Innowalz-260-v-1.0

JOB Innowalz 260 with Bunker Silo Compacter

Credits: this mod is made by hatzmann


Torpedo TD4506 with hood v 2

Torpedo TD4506 with hood v 2 image

Hello comunity.


I present here today to download the torpedo TD4506. It was taken off the fender and hood lighting installed.

The permit is the urmoders naturally.

Many thanks go to Deutz Power and Fare022 for the basic model.

Suggestions for change are always happy to seen.

Stupid kommentarekönnt you save yourselves.

Credits: Paddy1404

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Tractors

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3


Holmer Terra Dos T3 – Soundpack v 1.0

Holmer Terra Dos T3 - Soundpack v 1.0 image



I have now received many PM ‘s regarding my demand Holmer Terra Dos T3 sounds that I mentioned in the comment section of Matinho ‘s Mod ” Holmer Terra Dos V2.0 ” , I have now decided to release me. In this version, one probably missing a few finishing touches , but is relatively marginal.


Anyway … because we are a Holmer Terra Dos T3 original on our farm (I’m the 3rd generation farmer Junior ! ^ ^ ) , it was close to the corresponding sounds and record them for the mod of Matinho ” Holmer Terra Dos V 2.0 ” to make available . The link to his mod in version 2.0 here: www.modhoster.de/mods/holmer-terra-dos–3


§ 11 Copyright Act


This mod ( Holmer Terra Dos T3 – Soundpack ) may only be offered on modhoster.de . Any unauthorized reproduction in other forums I see as disrespect my dignity ! ^ ^


Clear: We modders give us a lot of effort to make you happy . If you have guts in his pants , then you meet us with decency . The biggest enemy of a modder ‘s frustration … and he gets frustrated when his work is pulled through the Cocoa ! ;)


Installation Instructions: Unzip the file and copy the two files in it just in the Holmer Terra Dos mod folder !





Credits: Nickelton

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Combines & Excavators


Eicher 3066A v 2.0 More Realistic

Image For Eicher-3066-A-v-2.0-More-Realisticistic and authentic

(*) Fully animated hydraulic rear
(*) Fully animated front axle, propeller shaft and propeller shafts
(*) Swing axle
(*) Fully animated fittings
(*) Work light
(*) Lighting v 3.1

Authors: modelleicher, schlterfan1977, Sven777b, Face


BO Kroeger Agroliner SRB3 35 v 2.0 Multifruit

Image For BO-Kroeger-Agroliner-SRB3-35-v-2.0-Multifruit

(*) Capacity 122000 l
(*) Fruits: wheat, barley, maize, oilseed rape, potatoes, beets over grass, straw, silage, compound feed, chopped

Credits: this mod is made by Giants


THW T4 MTW v 1.0

Image For THW-T4-MTW-v-1.0

(*) Lighting v 3.1
(*) ES Limiter
(*) Radio

Authors: liddy81, kirtzski


Fuhrmann 48H v 1.0

Image For Fuhrmann-48-H-v-1.0

(*) Capacity: 32,000 liters of fruits, 40800 liters of chaff, hay and straw
(*) Fruit Types: chaff, grass_windrow, wheat_windrow, barley_windrow, sugarbeet, potato, wheat, barley, rape, maize, grass, manure

Authors: Tommy, Dural


Alpine Country Map v 1

Alpine Country Map v 1 image

Moin people ,


I hereby submit my map to download.


The construction of the map has lasted about 11 months, with many long pauses.


The map is a Hilly – Mountainous Valley area fictitious somewhere in the mountains ..


On the map there is a courtyard and a small BGA ( a fermenter ) . There is also a small village, where they can leave their crop , eggs and wool to sell .


On the map , there are quite a lot of grass. Areas for the cows , sheep and chickens are available on the card .


In addition, a small river flows with a lake on the map.


The map is slightly more than one third of the original map !


On the map I have not taken all too much on performance as I myself have a good computer , but I have as many trees as possible eg 2D placed in the forest that does not have the best computer thus where it is going well.


I wish you much fun on the map and I hope it was worth it to build them !


If there are errors please immediately provide modest in the comments. ( NO NEWS TO ME ! )


It is a gross error V2 follow once all are gone !


The map does not log errors , so if there something in the log does not fit with you, is not it on the map!




The map may be found on any other site without my permission on the DL !

Credits: Epicmen

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4


BO Kroeger Agroliner SRB3 35 v 2.0 mit Multifruit

BO Kroeger Agroliner SRB3 35 v 2.0 mit Multifruit image

Hello nephews and nieces ,


Today I want to introduce my first MOD , the should miss no Onkelzfan . But for those who look consenting secondary is what is needed , because this build Kroeger Agroliner SRB3 -35 has a (not just the trailer , the tractor )


Load capacity of a whopping 122000 Lietern .




Load , this pack mule pretty much all come from wheat , barley , maize, oilseed rape, potatoes , beets over grass , straw , silage, compound feed , chopped , and as if all that was not already have tomatoes , carrots , onions , spelled , rye , oats and cucumbers added , so a real ALL-ROUNDER times and costs not more than the standard truck .




Furthermore, concerning the lighting scripts are being built .




The canvas can go on and make while you are traveling to the silo , the courtyard or even the dealer is .




with washable make and I am starting it are also a few things in the head so meim floating around ever since forward to another version .




your MineDevil84


So as I said my first MOD please do not be too strict .


Since I had a lot of work with the mod and will have , I ask that he be uploaded anywhere else . Thanks in advance

Credits: MineDevil84

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Trailers

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11