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Map v2.3

Map v2.3 for Farming simulator 2013,
Trim control:
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Mods by: MafiaSolec
Modifications assessment (road žodeliais): a small map of the small fields, the original culture, beets, BGA, cows, buying points, a few houses, a typical Polish economy
map i3d-20MB (size of file) Download now!

File size: 82 MB

Claas Arion 640 v 1.0

Claas Arion 640 v 1.0 for Farming simulator 2013,
Claas Arion 640 has specializations like:
auto/manual gearbox;
manual ignition;
extra weight (can put more weight on the tractor);
psychical camera (can move camera inside);
moving driver seat (moves up and down when driving and makes noises);
indoor sound (sound inside tractor);
wheel particle system (makes dust and leaves track when driving);
all track (can turn 2WD to 4WD);
opens doors and windows;
moving mirors with visability;
animated smoke;
moving parts inside (clutch, brake, accelerator pedals);
display with readings;
movable front axle;
dual rear wheels.

Old silage trailer v 1.0

Old silage trailer v 1.0 for Farming simulator 2013,
Here are some features
Side – discharge or rear discharge
– Outputs grass or chaff
Wood – Pages
– Rear hitch for pulling tandem

Aich LKWs

Hoschi97 für seinen Umbau mit BelV3.1 und Umlackierung etc…