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Neustädt for Farming simulator 2013,
Hey Hey, now I publish my last Neustädt Map.
On the map, they can expect:
-Many fields of small to large
Details Empire Village
Beets with beet warehouse
-2 yards
Tight-Sheng designed lanes
-In Passtes PDA with box numbers
-Solid and liquid manure Mod
Real-road signs
Land Trade
Car dealer
Wind Turbines
Large-road network
-Varied terrain
-Many of the details of the court, BGA, village

Please appreciates the work of modders!
The map is modeled on a North German village.
I thank all the modders, the objects I have used.
Thanks to our great LU Steiner for testing!
The map does not generate serious error LOG!
Physiks are not observed because they are found in almost every map GOOD!
Well I wish them lots of fun playing!
Regards Felix / LU Steiner

Claas Arion 640 v 1.0

Claas Arion 640 v 1.0 for Farming simulator 2013,
Claas Arion 640 has specializations like:
auto/manual gearbox;
manual ignition;
extra weight (can put more weight on the tractor);
psychical camera (can move camera inside);
moving driver seat (moves up and down when driving and makes noises);
indoor sound (sound inside tractor);
wheel particle system (makes dust and leaves track when driving);
all track (can turn 2WD to 4WD);
opens doors and windows;
moving mirors with visability;
animated smoke;
moving parts inside (clutch, brake, accelerator pedals);
display with readings;
movable front axle;
dual rear wheels.

Old silage trailer v 1.0

Old silage trailer v 1.0 for Farming simulator 2013,
Here are some features
Side – discharge or rear discharge
– Outputs grass or chaff
Wood – Pages
– Rear hitch for pulling tandem

Aich LKWs

Hoschi97 für seinen Umbau mit BelV3.1 und Umlackierung etc…