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Old 09er Map

Old 09er Map for Farming simulator 2013,
Ich habe mich mal rangesetzt die 09er Map für LS11 mit BGA und funktionierender Kuhweide zu erstellen bz. zu bearbeiten . Die Map hat auser BGA und Kuhweide verschiedene zusätzliche Früchte zum Anbauen . Kartoffeln, Rüben, Sonnenblumen ,Roggen, Hafer ,Gelbe Erbsen, Erbse ,Sojabohnen und Karotten.

Original 09er Map : Giants
Umsetzung, Bearbeitung: Ka88

Brantner 24-tonner

Brantner 24-tonner for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
All textures were Converts! No warnings or error messages!
The trailer can load the following crops:
– Wheat
– Barley
– Rape
– Maize
– Chaff
– Manure (manure)
– Potatoes
– Sugar beet

– Modell: mbtrac100 (Hauptmodell), Bigfarmer145 (Deichsel)
– Textur: Kanalratte
-Script: Fruktor, Sven777b
-Edit & LS13: acert

Download: Brantner 24-tonner [Depositfiles.com]

Versatile 575

Versatile 575 for Farming simulator 2013,
I have used John Deere 9630 v2.0 from Francp23 and redesigned to look like Versatile 575. I have used a Giants editor only. I tried to look more realistic.

list of features that I have added to original model:
*Weight front
*Weight to rear
*Redesigned front hood
*Overall size and proportions of the tractor
*Reduce collision of wheels
*New tires
*Deleted inactive scripts
*Some materials for more realistic look

Tractor has:
*Operatin hours
*Communication sound (key NumPad 6)

Cat Challenger by Zippo
Facelift Mod by DragonLord2007
Converted To John Deere 9630 By Francp23
Fixed And 2.0 By Francp23
Converted to Versatile 575 by Vex90
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Nuhn 6750 Beta Release

Nuhn 6750 Beta Release for Farming simulator 2013,
Multiplayer ready
Version 1.0
Capacity 25552L
Price $29000

Hazard lights
Left & right turn lights
Attachable PTO
Brake lights

Left turn lights KP_1
Hazard lights KP_2
Right turn lights KP_3

Model & Texture by Frasercow
Script by Frasercow & Giants software
Ingame by FraserCow
LightsAddon V3.1 Script by Sven777b
Attachable PTO Script by LS-UK Modteam


MengeleMaisBlitz300 for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
Model: TheStivala
Texture: TheStivala
Ingame: TheStivala
On behalf of TheStivala I can here set the flash to Mengele corn DL.
Have fun with it


Einachsballenwagen for Farming simulator 2013,
Modell: dada
Texture: dada
Ingame: dada

StVO Anlage


Neustädt for Farming simulator 2013,
Hey Hey, now I publish my last Neustädt Map.
On the map, they can expect:
-Many fields of small to large
Details Empire Village
Beets with beet warehouse
-2 yards
Tight-Sheng designed lanes
-In Passtes PDA with box numbers
-Solid and liquid manure Mod
Real-road signs
Land Trade
Car dealer
Wind Turbines
Large-road network
-Varied terrain
-Many of the details of the court, BGA, village

Please appreciates the work of modders!
The map is modeled on a North German village.
I thank all the modders, the objects I have used.
Thanks to our great LU Steiner for testing!
The map does not generate serious error LOG!
Physiks are not observed because they are found in almost every map GOOD!
Well I wish them lots of fun playing!
Regards Felix / LU Steiner

Map v2.3

Map v2.3 for Farming simulator 2013,
Trim control:
Modifications error: not found
Mods are: not found
Mods by: MafiaSolec
Modifications assessment (road žodeliais): a small map of the small fields, the original culture, beets, BGA, cows, buying points, a few houses, a typical Polish economy
map i3d-20MB (size of file) Download now!

File size: 82 MB