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Pöttinger Terradisc 3000 v 1.0

Pöttinger Terradisc 3000 v 1.0 for Farming simulator 2013,

Modell: JoniiboY
Textur: L4Icce – Dirt-Textur: Katsuo
Ingame: fendt2000
Script: Face, Sven777b

Lemken Rubin Gigant 12 S/1000

Lemken Rubin Gigant 12 S/1000 for Farming simulator 2013,
The disc harrow Rubin ensured even under difficult conditions, an intense and homogeneous mixing of organic matter and soil to a working depth of 12 cm and can thus significantly reduce moisture loss through evaporation. In this way, the ruby is the flat, but the whole surface stubble at high operating speeds suited.
Modder: xyzspain, Bull Gore, Hummel, Sven777b, LS-country technology

CASE IH 3580 Precision Air Seeder

CASE IH 3580 Precision Air Seeder for Farming simulator 2013,
In this version:
1. Add a safe mode switch. By pressing X to switch safe mode normal mode.
2. Change spray key from R to B. So, you won’t mix out with refill R.
3. Add Liquid Manure. Now the tank can accept both Fertilizer and Liquid Manure.


REISCH RD180 V 1.2

REISCH RD180 V 1.2 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
price 24000$


Modell: S.Geri
Ingamen: kombájnos Munkahenger: Regie
Script: fruktor, sven777b
Umbau: taker und Herby

Lemken 27 WL-Pro

Lemken 27 WL-Pro for Farming simulator 2013,
new planter from Lemken 27 WL-Pro!
it more convenient to use!
Improved animation!
width of 27 meters!
Hopper volume 9 tons!
buttons for animation: 4 5 6 Numpad
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013 and Free mods

NIVA SK5 pack

NIVA SK5 pack for Farming simulator 2013,
Combajn for smaller farms. The package goes harvester and two sequels, the first part of making round bales, others continued to serve for spreading straw. Is it realistic to combine or not to assess themselves, I do very like it. PS: Combine able to function without a single piece …
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

2 axle trailer

2 axle trailer for Farming simulator 2013,
Here we have now for you the appropriate 2achs trailer for the sprinter for you.
What has changed?
It is the license plate number has been changed.
Since I know not who made the mod, I want to be the person with me tut.dann Report on pn can I enter them later in the credits.
Have fun … Scania1993
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Krampe Bandit 750

Krampe Bandit 750 for Farming simulator 2013,
color: red
Animated chocks
Animated Roll Band
removable structure
Power detention
26,448 liter capacity without lift
Capacity to lift 40,368 liters
Lighting V3.1 (Sven777b)
new kinds of fruit: Fertilizer
new kinds of fruit: Sugarbeet
new fruit variety: Compound Feed
new fruit type: Potato
new fruit type: Sunflower
Ready for MP and SP
File size: 7.54 MB
Special thanks to the “Northern Line Agricole team” for the release of some components of your Krampe Bandit SB30!

Small Utility Trailer 1.1

Small Utility Trailer 1.1 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
This is the authorized conversion of Niceguy4704′s Small Utility Trailer 1.1 from FS11 tp FS13. This is a small utility trailer designed to haul ATV’s, tools, parts, hay bales, or any other small object.

Niceguy4704: Mesh, design, and textures.
Xentro: PlaystandAnim specialization
Geri-G: balemod specialization
Sven777b: additionalLights specialization
Clampit and Maxwell25: Conversion and MP testing

Download: http://freegamemods.com/download.php?link=2vezvqybv [Depositfiles.com]