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Original fence

Original fence for Farming simulator 2013, Other
here is not much to say about ..
Model: Giants
Buyable: Ifkonator
According to this model has been asked, so you shall get it too ..

4FieldDream Map

4FieldDream Map for Farming simulator 2013,
Well, about 2 weeks have passed and it is, therefore, the last map on our part for LS11.
Four Field Dream
The map is made for SP, but it also makes the MP a lot of fun if you are not using big machines over the top!
1:1 mods and Oldis have enough space.
For large machines it is in places very closely!
On the map you will find:
– 1 small yard
– 2 points of sale
– 1 small BGA (Heady Scripts!)
– Many trees
(- Created extra for this map NEW!) Standard + oats, Roggern, spelled and millet: – Fruits
– 4 boxes (pre-dug bert 3 / plowed, 1 large meadow)
– Here and there some details * fg *
– Water point, open space at the court for DLC Greenhouses
– Own PDA with box numbers and symbols PDA
– Sales of HD-bale
– Ausmistbare coupling
– Manure can be loaded with bucket or under the conveyor belt
– Sale of slurry and manure
– Two-storey hall with built-in ball Bale shredders (No HD-Ball Sale!)
– 3 different ways to feed the cows (troughs, cowshed () through mobile, and grass silage silos)

You will need:
– MapBGA.zip
– MapBGASilo.zip
– MapDoorTrigger.zip
– Straw / hay bales Mod
– A trailer for the new fruits
– A thresher for the new fruits
For help in rebuilding your vehicles to the new fruit gibts in our forum!

– BGAControl v2
The rest of the mods and are Fendt 1290c baler (Rebuilt for new fruit) in the pack!

Brief introduction:
On the PDA you can find various icons.
– The Hermit Willi (on the PDA as head gekennzeuchnet) buys HD bales, manure and slurry.
Please do not ask what he does with it. That’s what you do not want: D
– The trade (on the PDA marked wooden box) buys the rest
– For those of you who have the DLC, we have set up a water point, marked with a water symbol on the PDA.
– Also worth a visit is the fortified castle in the beginning of the game you start.
– Other Important places are of course also noted on the PDA.