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Round Bales Placeable

Round Bales Placeable

A round bales of hay to the free place for Farming Simulator 2013.

Round Bales Placeable download


Brantner 32080 V 3.0


The capacity for this mod is 33500 kg, cost is 50 euro per day and cost 45.544 euro. He still has a small error because the fruits in Farming Simulator 2013 and it’s not converted because of png it will inferfere with the game.
Have fun with this mod!
Original is from farming simulator 2011 by treckerjack.
Converted for Farming Simulator 2013 by bauer1992.

JD 9750 sts Pack v 2

2x combine both 9750sts 1 with row crop wheels and 1 with large single wheel. Both have OperatingHours, strawSpec, ESLimiter, LightScript, wheelParticleSpec, WheelDirtSpecialization.Also include a Corn Cutter and Draper header.This is updating the older version everything tested the black particles dust is now gone
Model Body: MySQly
Model Wheels/Pipe: Knagsted
Scripts: Giants,RaFa (RafaelZanella),Sven777b,SFM-Modding,Manuel Leithner,Templaer,Knagsted
Model Ladder/Grain extend tank/Grain Planes: RaFa (RafaelZanella)
Edit1: OhioFarmer
Edit2/fixed/New scripts – Final: RaFa (RafaelZanella)
Sounds: RaFa (RafaelZanella)