Steyr 8130A Turbo SK2 FH v 1.0


IC Control
Plough mod
Swing axle
Animated: tank, temperature, speedometer, exhaust valve
Dual tires
Snow chains (for forestry use)
Sounds (indoor / outdoor)
Passenger script
Hand gas more
Wheelset changeable
Fender on / degradable (from the outside)
FL console / degradable (from the outside)
Doors on / degradable (from the outside)
– FH + FZ lower link on / degradable (from the outside)
Manual Motorstat installed
Tire camber added
Hitch front atacher joint

Authors: MB 3D Modelling, CebuljCek modding, Unknown000, STEYR Modding, EMT Euro Modding Team, kirezagar

DOWNLOAD this Mod 36 MB

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