PhiBer Triple Cutter

PhiBer Triple Cutter for Farming simulator 2013,
PhiBer Triple Cutter V2 MP Fix
- zip-size from 41,2MB to 3,87MB reduced
- new wheels
- edited scripts (now fully mp ready)

Author: XYZspain
Model: XYZspain
Texture: XYZspain
Beleuchtung V3: Sven777b
PowerShaft: Face (Manuel Leithner)

V1 Fixed Credits:
- Modhosterteam

V2 Credits:
- Modhosterteam
- LUA editings: Modelleicher
- new wheels: schlueterfan1977
- changes for better Performance: schlueterfan1977, modelleicher

- mowing
- all animated and all fully mp ready
1:1 Scale Mod!

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