Vogel & Noot Terra Top 800


This Cultivator is ideal for the farmer professional who appreciate high performance and excellent processing quality.

Credits: this mod is made by panzer000

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Renault Master DIR v 0.9 BETA

Renault-Master-DIR-v-0.9-BETA-1 Renault-Master-DIR-v-0.9-BETA-2

Renault Master DIR Service Car

Authors: Joachim, Hugo94Fr

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Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Pack v 1.1


In Pack included:
– Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Combine
– Claas Vario 1200 Cutter
– Claas Conspeed 8-75 FC Cutter
– Tam Leguan Quattro Cutter Trailer

– Dynamic caterpillar track
– Adjustable cruise control
– ES Limiter
– Switchable straw chopper (adaptable to the working width)
– Interactive Control with 5 selectable camera
– Hectare counter
– Dynamic overloading speed (including particle system)
– Indoor sound
– Dynamic exhaust
– Wheel dust while driving
– Swing axle
– 12850 liter grain tank capacity
– Washable

Credits: this mod is made by inguss13

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Excavators Pack


In Pack included 3 Excavators:
– Case CX 210 B
– Komatsu PC 240
– Volvo EC 210 B

Authors: Getsome2030, Fredzaza

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Road West TR1350BT Trailer v 1.0


– Capacity 51000 l
– Fruit types: barley, wheet, maize, rape, potatoes, sugarbeets
– Triple axle
– Body bult from extruded aluminium panel, designed for single trailer or road train operation
– Full lengh roll trap
– Turn, warning, brake, and reverse lights

Credits: this mod is made by jacobellis4400

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John Deere R 2014 Series Pack

John-Deere-R-Series-Pack-1 John-Deere-R-Series-Pack-2

In Pack included:
– John Deere 7230R 2014 with H480 frontloader
– John Deere 7310R 2014
– John Deere 8370R 2014

– Washable
– Interactive Control
– Indoor Sound
– Animated Parts
– Realistic Size

Credits: this mod is made by AGO-Modding


Enisei 1200 PM v 1.0


Wheels replaced by caterpillars, which works best in wet meadows

Authors: Perkins, Weder, Asd4

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Walchen Open Beta

Walchen-Open-Beta-1 Walchen-Open-Beta-2 Walchen-Open-Beta-3

Map located in the Alps, Salzburg Pinzgau Walchen, on the map they expect 3 yards, 1 sawmill, 3 forestry and steep meadows, lots of details, beautifully crafted villages, ski lift and much more.

Authors: Katsuo, pfreek, imarwin, agi

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Ford F 350 Rescue Flatbed

Ford-F-350-Rescue-Flatbed-1 Ford-F-350-Rescue-Flatbed-2

Working Siren and Beacons

– Turn the Siren on by holding 0
– Turn the Beacons on by pressing 2 on your numpad

Credits: this mod is made by Connorberends6

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Suedhemmern on the Mittelland Canal v FINAL BONUS

Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-1 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-2 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-FINAL-BONUS-3

– Manure storage are now even been built-in with separate digital displays
– As another type of fruit triticale has been inserted with the straw. There is an additional straw to the cow pasture

Authors: Fendtfan1, BobMaster 66, vanillaice83, Trixi, Diops33, GE-Mapping, Spider 100, Frank Wienberg, Marhu, Rauschebart, M-S Buschi, SLJ Agrar, The Agraama, LS Landtechnik, Himmi, Basti66, ddsModding, Askari, Frisco0177