Addons for the Trailers and Cargo Packs v 4.1, v 1.7.1, v 1.7.2 from Jazzycat


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This addition is intended for fans of unusual traffic and heavy cargo.
Also in the archive there is a similar add-ons for packs trailers with military cargo pack v.1.7.1 and railway cargo pack v1.7.2.
This additions increased the mass nearly 100 cargoes.

The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).

P. S. In the process of change in mass intensively used information from the Internet and the formula from school physics course – Mass = Volume x Density, and in some cases used fantasy:).

Weight of all locomotives corresponds to the real.
This mod does not claim to full realism.

Connecting in the game:
1. Plug mod map.
2. Connect the main mod (Jazzycat) in the game
3. To replace the file from the original mod similar file from my addons.

If you do the opposite may be the problem.


Authors: Author of the main modes: Jazzycat Author of this addon: Tornado


Reflective Vests for all drivers v 1.0

Reflective-Vests-1 Reflective-Vests-2

Reflective vest for all drivers (he or she)

To play ETS2 – Test and lower (any version)

Authors: “Casu97, Karen Grigoryan, Vladimir1203


Beautiful screen summer graphics v2


Works with newest ets2 version.
In v2 fixed bugs, if you found some bugs write in comments.
Enjoy and keep original download link.

SCS, Fenix, Павел Агарков


Realistic Environment (Fael Environment) v 2.8

Realistic-Environment-2 Realistic-Environment-1

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OBS: It’s very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod:


If you want to increase the Trees’ Draw Distance (or LOD), you have to change these lines in the Game_data.sii:
I didn’t include this file in the mod in order to avoid conflict with other mods that use modifications in this file, but you can add it on your own or edit the one that’s being used by another mod (Promods, TruckSim map, Improved Weather Reload and etc.)

Values to edit:
leaves_lod_start: (610.0, 410.0, 50.0)
leaves_lod_end: (670.0, 460.0, 100.0)


You can also check out the SCS Forum to follow the oficial Topic and give your feedback:

Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes


Real Company Logo v 2.4.3

Real-Company-Logo--2 Real-Company-Logo--1

Mod changing company logos and skins at Krone and Schmitz trailers for painting real companies.
Mod tested and working on v1.24
If you using my Trailer Mod Pack, this mod must load after trailer mod.
Scandinavian DLC
)* Agronord – Jost Group
)* Aria Foods – Arla Foods
)* Bhv – SAAB
)* Container port – Mearsk
)* Drekkar – DFDS Logistics
)* Gnt – Danske Fragtmaend
)* Ika – Ikea
)* konstnr – Skanska
)* Nord Crown – Danish Crown
)* Norr Food – NETTO
)* Norrsken Freja
)* NS Chem – BASF
)* NS Oil – Statoil
)* Polar Fish – Nordisk Express
)* Renar – Kuehne Nagel
)* Vitas – Vestas
)* MS Stein – Norwegian Mining Company
)* Nordic Stenbrott – Sandvik
bcp – DSV
euroacres – Sano & de heus
eurogoodies – DHL
fcp – CAT
itcc- Norbert Dentressangle
kaarfor – Carrefour
lkwlog – LKW Walter
nbfc – Repsol
posped – FedEx
sanbuilders – JCB
sellplan – Maersk
stokes – DPD
tradeaux – Waberer’s
trameri – Dachser
transinet – Raben & Fresh Logistics
tree_et – John Deere
wgcc – Chevron

Changes in v2.4.3
– Support advanced trailer coupling for SCS trailers.
– Edited SCS trailers skins for DLC SC.
– Small fixes in models.

Author: satan19990

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DOWNLOAD 37 MB [Sharemods]

Benek Base V0.1


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Must have DLC Scandynavia
Base located is in Kraków.
Probably doesn’t works with mods map.
Like and share my works on FB!
Thank you very much.



Map of the State of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-2 Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-1 Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-3

Map of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. v1.24

Rio de Janeiro or abbreviated Rio (port of Rio de Janeiro, just -. January River) – a city in Brazil, the administrative center of the eponymous state.

Map autonomous, when creating a profile, you must select the gaming unit: Rjmap.mbd

Fashion content:
– On The south of the map is mainly dominated by the city at the head of the administrative center of the State: Rio de Janeiro.
– Sosredotochena Main logistics.
– Large Multi-level interchanges.
– Industrial And transport infrastructure.

– On The north of the map is dominated by countryside and beautiful mountain landscape with winding roads.
– On The map, you can find a hidden road.

To install the map files in the manager (bottom – up numbers!):
– Rjmap_modbus.scs
1. Rj_map_b3_map.scs.
2. Rjmap_b3_prefab & more.scs
3. Rjmap_b3_def & mat.scs
4. Rjmap_b3_model_04.scs
5. Rjmap_b3_model_01.scs
6. Rjmap_b3_model_02.scs
7. Rjmap_b3_model_03.scs

Archive events added: Cameras_rj.scs
Put at its own discretion.
From add modes for passenger transport: Pasajeros_V4_World.scs

Tested on version ETS2 1.24
Probably will work on version 1.23

Author: Rj

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DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB [Uploadfiles]

Traduccion Russian Open Spaces v3.1


Hi. Here I leave a mod for cities on the map of the Russian Open Spaces v3.1 appear in English.
They are also translated loads, so you know at least what you wear or pick, ferries and finally companies.

Cities translated from Russian to English.
Loads translated from Russian into Spanish.
Ferries translated from Russian to English.
Companies translated from Russian to English.

Place the mod over the Russian translation Open Spaces.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File Weight: 181 Kb.

Respect link the original author please.



[Hotfix] Brazil EAA Map AI Traffic fixes v 3.1


– Bug fixes for AI traffic when using EAA Brazil Map
– Must be placed in higher priority than the EAA Brazil Map and other AI traffic mods.

– Cleared magic mark errors in the two new EAA countries from the game log.
– Also cleared magic mark errors for the Scania P and Volkswagen Constellation from the game log for the countries Argentina and Chile.

– High intensity headlights from SCS AI traffic plus EAA Map AI Traffic (Volkswagen Constellation and Scania P) now no longer unrealistically bright
– All stock AI traffic will have drivers in them
– Brazilian police in AI traffic will now only appear in Brazil
– Some vehicles in JLTruck’s Brazil AI traffic packs will only appear in Brazil and be more rare to see
– Magic mark bugs fixed for AI traffic in certain Brazil countries

– Atak_Snajpera for improved headlight definitions
– Drive Safely for fixing bugs and adjusting AI traffic frequencies

** Disclaimer:
This does not fix game crashes on the Brazil EAA Map. That is up to the EAA Team. However, this does fix issues from the Brazil EAA Map that affects Europe (i.e. AI Traffic headlight intensity and local Brazilian vehicle frequencies)

(!) Compatible for and tested on version 1.24

Authors: Drive Safely, Atak_Snajpera


ProRus Map v 1.1

ProRus-1 ProRus-2 ProRus-3

Continued maps. Added Vitebsk city and locality Volkovysk. Fixed errors of the previous version, added the customs at the border added to the gas station and on every bit melocham.Dannaya version is now compatible with TSM map. In order to fix a bunch of maps enclosed in a folder location of the files shown in the screenshot.

Author: diman26

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