Grimme car rental

Grimme car rental for Farming simulator 2013, Other
Your Local Dealer processed a new service:
“Renting instead of buying!”
We now offer all customers our new Mietaktion. Currently, there are one and a Grimme Tectron Grimme Maxtron for potato and sugar beet harvest.
Renta terms are as follows:
The rental fee is 70 € per hour (1,680 € / day) including VAT and insurance share
All rental units must be re-submitted a full tank.
* Additional fees for driver / fuel can possibly incur additional.

Brantner 24-tonner

Brantner 24-tonner for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
All textures were Converts! No warnings or error messages!
The trailer can load the following crops:
– Wheat
– Barley
– Rape
– Maize
– Chaff
– Manure (manure)
– Potatoes
– Sugar beet

– Modell: mbtrac100 (Hauptmodell), Bigfarmer145 (Deichsel)
– Textur: Kanalratte
-Script: Fruktor, Sven777b
-Edit & LS13: acert

Download: Brantner 24-tonner []

Pottinger SERVO Pack

Pottinger SERVO Pack for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
He Pottinger SERVO = 6-35s band, 45s = 9-band, 12 = 12-band
Plows for Farming Simulator 2013
Innovations: revolving wheels

Author: Golim

Download: Pottinger SERVO Pack []

Small Utility Trailer 1.1

Small Utility Trailer 1.1 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
This is the authorized conversion of Niceguy4704′s Small Utility Trailer 1.1 from FS11 tp FS13. This is a small utility trailer designed to haul ATV’s, tools, parts, hay bales, or any other small object.

Niceguy4704: Mesh, design, and textures.
Xentro: PlaystandAnim specialization
Geri-G: balemod specialization
Sven777b: additionalLights specialization
Clampit and Maxwell25: Conversion and MP testing

Download: []

2ПТС-4 v 2.0

2ПТС-4 v 2.0 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
Authors: unknown

2ПТС-4 v 2.0 18 MB (size of file) Download now!

Valtra T162

Valtra T162 for Farming simulator 2013, Tractors
Authors: XarioN & ValtraN111

Valtra T162 23 MB (size of file) Download now!