Versatile 575

Versatile 575 for Farming simulator 2013,
I have used John Deere 9630 v2.0 from Francp23 and redesigned to look like Versatile 575. I have used a Giants editor only. I tried to look more realistic.

list of features that I have added to original model:
*Weight front
*Weight to rear
*Redesigned front hood
*Overall size and proportions of the tractor
*Reduce collision of wheels
*New tires
*Deleted inactive scripts
*Some materials for more realistic look

Tractor has:
*Operatin hours
*Communication sound (key NumPad 6)

Cat Challenger by Zippo
Facelift Mod by DragonLord2007
Converted To John Deere 9630 By Francp23
Fixed And 2.0 By Francp23
Converted to Versatile 575 by Vex90
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

550 pack

550 pack for Farming simulator 2013,
Claas Lexion 550 pack: Claas Lexion 550+Claas Conspeed+Claas v750
Great pack!
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Trailer – transport logistic

Trailer – transport logistic for Farming simulator 2013,
Here now is an aluminum tray to fit my Scania_R560_1_1
Loading volume: 65000
Fruits: wheat barley rape maize chaff sand, gravel ballast potato sugarbeet manure
Log remain healthy for me.
A thank you goes to Aramis for the release of the well.
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

2 axle trailer

2 axle trailer for Farming simulator 2013,
Here we have now for you the appropriate 2achs trailer for the sprinter for you.
What has changed?
It is the license plate number has been changed.
Since I know not who made the mod, I want to be the person with me tut.dann Report on pn can I enter them later in the credits.
Have fun … Scania1993
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013


Fribourg for Farming simulator 2013,
Mapper: Farmer 12, Ls2020, H3NDR1K, macoholic traffic: Wessumer Map i3d: 41 mb
required scripts
MAPBGA MapBGASilo MapDoorTrigger MapFertilizerMod MapWeightstationMod slurry and manure Mod MapTools Windmill.wav
Streets -> Fatian ball stack -> Desperados93 biogas plant -> pfreek and Fatian Green Bridge -> pfreek flags -> Giants trees -> Desperaodos 93, maxter test objects pack -> Börndi Fertilizerhalle -> EIFOK team Gullideckel–> Pat hedges -> spider100 HalleAlex -> Katsuo wooden fence -> Desperados93 country trade -> EIFOK team Raifeisen -> D4rkfr34k signs -> pfreek scale -> EIFOK team Store -> Giants edit fendt412 Windmill -> manuuuu sidewalks -> Desperados93 grain warehouse -> bm-modding Barakke -> Janhendrik Farm Animals -> maxter garden fence -> Dennis260 panel -> Dennis260 Jägerzaun -> Fereos Pack Objects -> TheStivala woodpile – > Buschi rain barrel -> xXTimXx silo Neuero -> Berry01Unterstände -> maxterFunkmast -> mf390Güllegrube -> maurus KatsuoKuhstall -> KatsuoTretmiststall -> Steffen30mucZigarettenautomat -> TheStivala
Changelog v3.0
new field-tuned built-new BGA-yard rebuilt textures ausgbessert replaced-new grain dealer error
-Contractor yard and many more …
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Claas Variant 385

Claas Variant 385 for Farming simulator 2013,
hello people,
after I saw that the Claas Variant was repeatedly raped here
I thought to myself now it should even be Fixed.
I also noticed in the credits that were repeatedly made ​​false statements to the model. The model was built by me once for a friend in LS09!
Pike animated
bale counter
net change
light V3.1
PTO Attacher
The press can compress hay, straw, rye straw, and the usual
SP / MP tested
Stefan Geiger
Manuel Leithner
have Fun!
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Krone KR8 Baler

Krone KR8 Baler for Farming simulator 2013,
Great baler and the texture of the bales is more realistic
adhesive power
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Neudorf v 2

Neudorf v 2 for Farming simulator 2013,
Moin people
It’s time again, we have all of improvement gesammen Vorscläge and in
a V2 to set.
– Info –
BGA with functional
-more-under speeds possible
Gas station and gas station on fertilizer
PDA (geklapt have not quite)
-ETC …..
-As in the V1 are for slurry and manure the Herlefeld drive addons required!
download link:
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs for Farming simulator 2013,
Here I have a concrete slab as a block object to in your maps.
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

24 Row planter pack

24 Row planter pack for Farming simulator 2013,
Here are two re-skins of the Kinze 3800 corn planter by XYZSpain. I have edited the planter so that it does not plough the ground as this causes problems on some maps. One skin is a New Holland 24 Row and the other is a Case/IH 24 row. Both of these companies make large planters similar in appearance to the Kinze so I thought it would be nice to have some more variety. It is an excellent model planter but the key commands can be a little confusing and if you don’t do them just right the planter will go crazy as it unfolds or folds, since once the folding process begins it will cycle through to the end no matter what other buttons you have pushed. I have included a text file with the sequence of buttons I use every time I plant with this planter, and it always works perfectly for me every time no matter what farm I am on. Hope you like the re-paints!
Note: You have to have a strong tractor to pull this, I have used the John Deere 8530 Terra Track, the Fendt trisix and the Claas Exerion 5000 with no problems whatsoever. You MUST raise the planter by lowering the main wheels at the store or you will not be able to move it!
This planter fills at normal seed triggers.
Plants corn, maize, cotton, soybeans, sunflowers, carrots, sugarbeets IE normal rowcrops.
Refer to the included text file for key commands to operate

Model: XYZSpain
Re-skins: ccs101
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013