Karnków map v 1.0

Karnków map v 1.0 image

Siema . Przedstawiam wam najnowsza map? mojego autorstwa 🙂 Napewno widzieliscie juz j? na let’s playach wi?c teraz j? wydaje 🙂

Mapa zawiera : 

*Polski klimat 
*Mod wapna v2 
*Mod obornika v2 
*Mod gnojowicy v2 
*Woda nabierana w rowie 
*Mod ?wi? 
*Kury i krowy 
*Wypychany obornik 
*Super Silo 
*Ma?e pola 
* 1 gospodarstwo 
* Mod chwastów v2 
Nowe uprawy takie jak : zyto, pszenzyto, owies i gorczyca na poplon 🙂 
Na mapie jest tez skup , i manualne wozenie mleka 🙂 
No i nowosc wymyslona przeze mnie czyli : MOD MIEDZY.!! 🙂 
Dzi?kuje uzytkownikom : Matt26, Seba, Seba j , Turbo, Bobas315 
Zakazy : 
*Zakaz jakichkolwiek edycji , wyciagania modeli : obory i MIEDZ. 
*Zakaz zmiany linku lub czerpania z mapy korzysci materialnych. 
*Jesli chcesz wyniesc map? skopiuj ca?y post w raz ze zdj?ciami 🙂 

Pozdrawiam i ?ycz? mi?ej gry .

Credits: kubu$123

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Leihanbau v 1.0

Leihanbau v 1.0 ets2 image

For something more Variablilität, now some Lend-trucks have (faster order) roof, front and bottom strips annexes. Some people have everything, some only one thing. All strips are equipped with lights. As always, a question of taste. Yes you can you look at the files and they change according to your taste. Affect both Continental and UK Lend-trucks.

Credits: Lamandus

This is a Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( ets2 ) Mod, in category Mods


Unavailable region v 2.2 Lake Edition

Unavailable region v 2.2 Lake Edition image

It’s time for Unavailable Region Map! This is the average map with interesting terrain. Part of the field is in the canyon. This improves the landscape but doesn’t interfere in the field works.One farm and one place where you can all sell. On the map is also a place where you buy the machine.Road traffic. All possible animals. Sheep and cows have a common grassland and some other… 🙂
The map is also one big BGA. You can see it in the picture. At the beginning we have a basic machine. Fields need to buy. At the beginning we have 5 However, there are a total of 20 and the total surface structure is more than 90 hectares. Fields are irregular in shape. This can sometimes disturb but it is more realistic.

What’s new in V2
– The fields have been seeded.
– Changes in terrain.
– New crops and ground textures.
– Added a lot of trees. There are new and more older trees.
– Now no errors in the log! Only on patch 2.0!
Appreciate my work on the revised version because I’ve done it a long time. I hope you enjoy it.


Information about fields
1.     Meadow  — Owned
2.     SugarBeets — Owned
3.     Wheat   — Owned
4.     Nothing — To Buy — 3 ha
5.     Nothing — To Buy — 0.77 ha
6.     Rape — To Buy — 3.47 ha
7.     Wheat — To Buy — 6.62 ha
8.     Potatoes — To Buy — 9.66 ha
9.     Wheat — Owned
10.   Barley — To Buy — 3.03 ha
11.   Wheat — To Buy — 4.52 ha
12.   Barley — To Buy — 8.83 ha
13.   Barley — To Buy — 1.96 ha
14.   Rape — To Buy — 7.89 ha
15.   SugarBeets — To Buy — 3.12 ha
16.   Rape — Owned
17.   Wheat — To Buy — 6.98 ha
18.   Barley — To Buy — 3.68 ha
19.   Nothing — To Buy — 5.70 ha
20.   Rape — To Buy — 11.41 ha

Please Keep Original Download Link!


Credits: T0bi69

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Shield forest operations v 1.0

Shield forest operations v 1.0 image

Here I have for you a sign forestry work on a pallet


You can load the pallet with a pallet fork and exhibit it on your map

The plate costs 1000 € in the shop.


Have it created for the Forstmod.



Have fun with it

Credits: Pumbaa

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Implements & Tools


Case IH CVX 175 v 2.0 MR


Case IH CVX 175 More Realisticistic and authentic Tractor

Authors: Case-Fahrer, JoXXer, AzoaX, EddieVegas, Giants, Dural


John Deere 6R Pack MR v 2.0


In Pack includes 2 John Deere More Realisticistic and authentic Tractors:
(*) John Deere 6210R
(*) John Deere 6170R

Authors: JoXXer, AzoaX, EddieVegas, Dural


New Holland TF 78 Pack v 2.0 MR


In Pack includes:
(*) Added Holland TF 78 Combine
(*) Added Holland TF 78 C450 Cutter
(*) Added Holland TF 78 Conspeed 8 Cutter

Credits: this mod is made by EddyAGR62


John Deere 6330 Premium MR


John Deere 6330 Premium More Realisticistic and authentic Tractor

Authors: Bigfarmer145, Timber131, Kondziu25, Trabby76, Roller90


John Deere 6610 MR


(*) Realistic sounds
(*) More Realisticistic and authentic script
(*) Animated Front Linkage
(*) Opening Window/Door
(*) Added sounds

Authors: Koedel, JD6630Powr


My first Scana R v 1.0

My first Scana R v 1.0 ets2 image

Here is my first Scania R skin.

For patch 1.10xx

But if only for the great cabin!

Credits: audi9000

This is a Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( ets2 ) Mod, in category Skins

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3