Idaho USA Map v 1.1

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The farmland here is rich and fertile. This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans. There are two main farms. One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located. The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock. There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening. The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops. These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate. This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.
The stave silos found at both farms are functional. They create silage at a certain amount per hour. You can fill them via their augers and they have level indicator pipes to see fill levels. The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional. Some are automatic and some manual. For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Pushing O will then open the door. The same for closing them. The storage silos at both farms are All In One. This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains. When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.
Follow the directions there to select the crop-type and to start/end the grain flow. The loading silo on the livestock farm is inside the barn next to the silos. There are 5 sell points for grain, 2 for potato, and 1 for sugar beets. All sell points are in the PDA and labeled clearly on the PDA map as well. Pigs and wool are sold at the Basset auction. Beef is sold at the Pampalonia slaughterhouse. Manure can be sold at the Garden Center and eggs at the supermarket. Straw/bales can be sold at the Horse ranch. Additionally, straw, manure, grass, and silage can be bought from the BGA for livestock
This map also contains watermod, a carwash, repair shop at the dealership and farm, and wool palette collector.

New in 1.1 version:
(*) Cow feeding triggers now accessible from proper place
(*) Fermenting silo fill plane fixed
(*) Short grass removed from fields
(*) Fixed sheep PDA icon
(*) Field 31 buy trigger fixed (you can now buy this field)
(*) Main farm All In One Silo, canola added
(*) Silo trigger on main farm adjusted
(*) Pig price adjusted
(*) Field not owned message for all fields should be addressed
(*) Some collisions fixed
(*) Fixed issue where vehicles would slide around while parked in the sheds
(*) Falling through some roads fixed
(*) Fixed issue where hired workers drive where pointed rather than following the field
(*) Replaced soybean texture with more realistic
(*) BGA fill plane fixed and auger put back in its proper spot

Authors: Sandgropper, Marhu, TMT Team, NIModding, LazyModStudios Modding, JohnDeere1952, IB055, ThompsonM06, Bauer Jens1, Luculus, DocElyoc, Fatian, Fendt512, Feterlj, Merrical Xtras, ekki, Hermit23, Thunderace, Andrew Standford, Dimanix, Raptor5, Joerg_B, Basti_66, FSM Team, BigBlue, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG, Axel of Sweden, Case Fan, Babyblue210, Blacky_BPG, farmerboy69, Ganelcer, Javier007, seba j, jimdo, Tankbauer, JauchenPaule, Fraser Cow, FrankWienberg, GE-Mapping


Zetor 16145


(*) Mod plowing
(*) Manual firing
(*) Dust from wheels
(*) Dynamic exhaust
(*) Open the door
(*) Opening windscreen
(*) Full lighting
(*) Realisticistic and authentic sounds

Credits: this mod is made by Mirda_K


New Holland T7050 v 2.0


(*) Added Wheels
(*) Dirt Skin
(*) IC
(*) ES Limiter
(*) Manual Ignition
(*) Ploughing Spec
(*) Compass
(*) RPM DisplayControl

Authors: ValtraN111, Henly20, Peterj, kesukas


Case 5130


(*) Ploughing Spec.
(*) Washable

Credits: this mod is made by Andrei Valentin


Claas Tucano 440


Washable Claas Tucano 440 Combine with Claas Vario 540 Cutter

Credits: this mod is made by VMV Modding


AV Map 2013 v 2.0

AV Map 2013 v 2.0 image

AV Map v2


Welcome to AvMapv2! This is a map of Andrei Valentin (AV Modding)


I hope you like this version because I worked quite much on it

What awaits you in this new version:

– a new farm 

– a village 

– a new store 

– new textures 

– new animations 

– a campsite zone

– a new road 

– a new section BGA

– a new point for sell grain

… new details


To operate barns you need this mod:



I wait with great pleasure your comments!

Also for any problem you encounter do not hesitate to contact me.


Please Respect my work as a mapper and uses only the original download link.

Furthermore, this map is not allowed in any modified form observed for download.

Should I get this, but I’m with dadrauf pass this permit foreign delete link

Credits: Andrei Valentin

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Soil textures v 1.0

Soil textures v 1.0 image

Copy to: your map / map / textures / foliage


Please keep the oryginal download link!

Credits: ZeFir_POLAND

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings


Hella KL7000 LED PAck v 1.0

Hella KL7000 LED PAck v 1.0 image

Here is a double strobe lights Pack of Hella Hella namely the KL7000 LED as double flash in orange and blue

Entries for vehicle XML and Moddesc lying in at ask:


Creative Commons License
Hella KL7000 LED of Fire Technology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial – No Derivatives 4.0 License International .

Credits: fire-technology

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Claas Lexion 420 and C540 v 3.0

Claas Lexion 420 and C540 v 3.0 image

Hello everyone. Today I present to you combine, Claas Lexion 420.
I introduced many changes. Below you can see a description of the function.
Combine is programmed again. I hope that you will like my version.

Read what I wrote below and enjoy the game! 🙂

 Claas lexion 420
– Opened grain tank -> Press KP 9
– Rotating Rotor
– Tires get dirty
– New Particle System
– New Standard Lighting
– Straw Spec -> Press M
– The dust from the tires on the field
– Operating Hours & ES Limiter
– Manual Ignition -> Press KP Enter
– Autosreer -> Press X
– Handbrake -> Prees space
– ThreshingCounter
– Real Exhaust Particle System
– And a few others like new wheels and changes in texture …

Claas C540
Cutter has fruit animations and Extension for Rapeseed.

Important Informations:
1. Engine Power: 220 HP
2. Grain tank capacity: 8000 l
3. Daily Upkeep: 210   ||    Price: 80000
4. Fuel tank capacity: 500


Special thanks to 619Tobias619 for permission to release.

Combine works on patch 1.4 and 2.0!
Please Keep Original Download Link!

Credits: T0bi69

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Combines & Excavators

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Bergmann TSW 7340 S v 1.0 MR

Bergmann TSW 7340 S v 1.0 MR image


Credits: White_Rhino

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Trailers

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