OgM2013 for Farming simulator 2013, Maps farming Simulator
Hi Com!
Are you also of the opinion that the pastures are the BGA and too far apart in the original map?
Then I got here maybe just right for you!
It is the original map but in this are the pastures on the farm such as eg all. Cow pasture / grazing sheep.
The BGA was also Placed at the court.
Start new vehicles were involved.
Milk truck picks up the milk
Fields in the central region have been unlocked.
A field was merged and the price adjusted accordingly.
Fields of mitleren area were already pre-planted (but need to be fertilized!)
New accessibility to the fields in the rear area.
The ugliness in Pappmascheeschlepper dealers were removed.
Where once the BGA and the pastures were are now grassy plains.

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