John Deere 590 Mod for Farming Simulator 2013

John Deere 590 Mod for Farming Simulator 2013 for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
because there is as yet been no real working cheep baler for the LS 2013, I have my modest skills and my heart for older machines times together and converted the old John Deere 590 for you.

What I have changed:
Textures converted to DDS
And XML-ModDesc rewritten
Built-Coronas for brake lights and markers adjusted
Pickup eigebaut on / off animation
-some minor adjustments
The press runs at the default scripts, and thus should work fine in SP as MP, she presses the standard bales, which are therefore also be handled with the same collection and truck as the ball of the original press. However, you need to press 5% more for a straw bale, as the originals (6300 units), as a kind of compensation for the competitive price and as a concession to the older technology. (Any kind of disadvantage, the use of old machines must indeed have;-))
The purchase price is 15,400 euros, the daily maintenance of 120 Euro.
The press is free of log and other defects.
This mod is only converted and modified by me, of me Urmodder is not known. Should I get this note, I will mention him in the credits like to, or if there are objections to this publication, withdraw the publication!

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