Fendt Vario 820 TMS

Fendt Vario 820 TMS for Farming simulator 2013, Tractors
Dear Modhostergemeinde today I add you to my Fendt Vario 820 TMS before the Farming Simulator 2013!
There are very many things changed!

* New front fender (a big thanks goes to schlueterfan1977 for release)
* New light textures
* New tire combination (one thanks to agrotron 155 for it)
* Front-end loader installed (Quicke)
* Foldable warning signs
* Switchable Rear twins (thanks to surrealcrash)
* Animated door or rear window
* Proprietary finally PTO Connection
* Height adjustable Zugmal
* New Exhaust (thanks to Mario)
* Wheel weights
* ModDec.xml tidy and xml
* New store image
* Correct fill the tank (340 l)
* Fold the front lower link Hitching out alone
* All bug fixed
* Digital Speedometer
* all files converted to dds

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