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Zimna Wodka v 7.0

Zimna-Wodka-v-7.0-2 Zimna-Wodka-v-7.0-1

Map compared to the original underwent a series of profound changes while maintaining the mountainous climate, completely redesigned and expanded farm village with skupami, was added a couple of new fields and already The existing have been improved.

– Interesting Mountainous terrain with difficult access roads to the fields
– Village with various buildings, a church, a shop, not playable farms, purchase of cereals
– Dairy, A milk arrives at the farm to get milk
– Multiterain
– Water mod
– Sale straw next to the barn
– Lime mod
– Feeding, turn down the cows in the barn
– Realisticistic and authentic ground textures, grains
– Piggery and buying pigs
– Gate in all buildings open to the key, the door opened automatically
– Small traffic, pedestrians

Credits: this mod is made by Maciey


Agro Pomorze PGR v 2.0

Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-1 Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-2 Agro-Pomorze-PGR-v-2.0-3

– Beautiful textures
– You can carry manure
– Very beautiful landscape
– Original culture
– Large fields
– Running MP
– Suitable for playback of MP
– Large pile of silos

Authors: Daro44, Dracko36

DOWNLOAD this Mod 249 MB

Semoir Lemken 27


Semoir Lemken 27 meter Seeder
Capacity 9000 l

Credits: this mod is made by unknown


Sheep Haven Bay v 2.0

Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-1 Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-2 Sheep-Haven-Bay-v-2.0-3

The Map is spread over a large area resulting in around fifty five fields and over two hundred odd acres. The fields are various sizes mixed from small to large through out the map. Most of the fields are grass, with a seeded texture underneath to save you the trouble of plowing all the ground again also enhancing the the grass texture after being cut.
There are four main yards throughout the map. Two on the Carrigart Town region and the other in the Dunfanaghy Town region. Each yard has its own attributes. One for mainly cows, second for sheep, third for grain storage and fourth for potatoes and beet storage. Each yard is also supplied with all the basic extras you need, eg. fuel, seeds, fertilizer.
The two towns on Sheep Haven Bay are Dunfanaghy Town and Carrigart Town. Carrigart is the main one in use, with the shop grain sell points and various other stuff is situated. Dunfanaghy a bit more stationary but both of them each have their own fuel points and seed/fertilizer points as well.

Authors: DylanAlcorn, Ni Modding, Fs-uk Mod Team, Duarn, Sean6920s, LordWilliams, SteveC, Eire Agri


Fiatagri 3550 AL v 0.9


– Combine with self leveling
– Automatic leveling
– Handbrake
– Beacon 3d light

Authors: Edowinner modding, Matteo25, 352c


Tonutti Milennium 20 v 1.0


– Structure flexible and independent frame
– Drawbar that shortens hydraulically during work
– Variation of the working angle
– Hydraulic self steering system with possibility lock steering
– Hydraulic central finger wheels kit
– working width: 11.7 m
– Swath width: 2.1 m
– Required power: 60 hp
– Weight: 3000 kg

Authors: xyzspain, tonutti, sven 777b, FIAT80-90DT


Porta Westfalica v 5.0

Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-1 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-2 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-3

Porta Westfalica Map with beautiful landscape and many details: hills, mountains, river, canal, meadows and fields with villages and hamlets in between form the framework.

Credits: this mod is made by GMCW


[FS15] Kuhn Sitera 3000


This mod for Farming Simulator 2015!

Price: $ 13000
Maintenance: $ 60
Req.power: 100 hp
Working width: 3.0 m
Capacity: 600 l

Credits: this mod is made by GIANTS Software

More FS15 mods: FS15.LT

DOWNLOAD this Mod 7.4 MB

Claas Xerion 5000 VC


– Adjusted fuel consumption
– Adjusted steering angle
– Customized flashes
– Updated indoor sound
– Full lighting
– Circle of particles
– Adjustable hook
– Digital speedometer
– Foldable front linkage
– Suspension of the cabin,
– Trading cab in the direction the steering wheel
– Steering

Authors: KsatriaHU, Timber131, TT-Tuning, Trabby76, Olli0710, LS Landtechnik, Rysiu77


Kemper 460 Plus v 1.0


– Working width: 6 meters
– Folding
– Indentation animation
– Soft start and soft stop of all rotating parts

Credits: this mod is made by usxi7sd