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Deutz Torpedo TD 9006 v 2.0 Beta

Deutz Torpedo TD 9006 v 2.0 Beta image

I would like to thank modelleicher for his patienance to teach me how to work in AC3D and converting in Maya.


This tractor has a 6cyl air-cooled DIESEL engine with 68 kW/93 HP, top speed is 25 hm/h/18 mph.



Ploughing spec

Moving parts (front axle)

NumEnter: heater/start engine/stop engine

Key 9: release/engage handbrake

Alt+C: all wheel drive

Num1: left turn signal

Num2: all turn signals

Num3: right turn signal

Num5: front work lights

Num6: rear work lights

Credits: DeutzPower

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Tractors

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Ford Transit pack v 1.0

Ford Transit pack v 1.0 image

Modifikacijos valdymas:
F sijungia? Šviesos
1 2 3 sijungia? Headings? Kiai
LZX atsilenkia Bortai
O užfiksuoja Krovin?
Modifikacijos klaidos: Nepasteb jau?
Modifikacijos privalumai:
Viduje garsai nutyla
Modifikacijos autorius: Piky Modding
Modifikacijos vertinimas (keliais žodeliais): Geras Masin? pack


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The Eye of the Sea v 1.0

The Eye of the Sea v 1.0 image

Heyho ,
here I have for you , courtesy , the next map of metalger1 .
He himself has no desire here to set his maps, but I think now time that they should not be deprived of the community .. may some times users should think about their behavior , which is the reason that so many good modders like metalger1 retreat into their own little forums.
To map, here’s the original release description from the modding world forum:
“Welcome to Britain !

You slip into the role of a British farmer on a small dreamy island somewhere in the waters of the United Kingdom .
For generations already live your family on the island , and the last decades did you gut.Eurer farm grew, you could you a considerable fleet
afford and nothing , simply nothing , could you spoil the mood.
But last year was a bad one. Continuous rain and harvest unlucky, you could not feed your animals and a large part of them more as her they just do not could you provide .
But now , in the spring of the new year , the rain has stopped for 2 days. This is your chance!
The grass in the meadows literally calls your mower , so it has grown in recent months . Also call your cows , because food is no longer there. Hurry up and fill their bellies !
————————————————– ————-
MW_entpacken ” unpack ” the downloaded . Zip file ” , it is a . Txt file. These to check , there is in addition to the credits , an exact
Description of how the map is to install so they throw no log errors. “
————————————————– ————
Required Mods:
MapHoseRefStation (but not mandatory )
GülleMistMod (but not mandatory )
MapDoorTrigger (absolutely necessary ! )
Everything else is the . Zip .
————————————————– ————-
Terms of drivel :
It is not allowed to upload the map again.
It is not allowed to edit the map .
It is not allowed objects and / or textures can be seen from the map, and to obstruct in your maps,
this is especially true for multi- layer textures of El_Cid .
It is not allowed an edited version of the map spread.
The map is intended solely for the modding world forum you want to put it up on another site for download,
then asks me before.
If you want to have some object / any texture from the map , so I am willing to talk about it with you.
As usual, he did not reveal everything there is to know about the map, but he happens to have ansich ..
As info from me :
Collisions of trees, shrubs and fences was largely removed in some places he has unfortunately missed something ;)
The rot is issued , the inverted moves , Pedestrians walk in ( beautiful ) village.
The vehicles will be delivered to you free house, metalger1 ‘s comment was, as much as
“They can do not to pick up the small village to stuff ^ ^”
For beets and potatoes are grown , Story related, no storage space . But he has yet precaution ensured that one . These , you should grow them but can sell in the village ( this is so far the only point of sale)
My tip to you for beets and potatoes : Alternative Tipping and the Big Bag Pack , so this works wonderfully :)
Story Because there is in the V1 ( unfortunately) only cows , but I have spoken with metalger1 about it and he assured me that there will be sheep and chickens again in the V2.
The GülleMistMod anyway Eifoks MapHoseRefStation are installed , which makes the map is still a bit better .
For those who constantly questions then : NO , there is NO Schweine-/Rindermast , and NO, not a feed store . According metalger1 it would have the feel of the map destroyed such concrete blocks to place on the island.
So far the only blemish on the map is that you can play them only on Middle graphic settings without problems. This has nothing to do with the performance , this is so super optimized that the map even on my old mill with an average of between 40 and 50 FPS running ( LOW PC suitable I would say ! ) , No, it is simply because that the good Lord has entered a too high value in the . i3d the map.
If the graphics on medium , then there are display errors with the mown grass. From means there are no problems. Even the so metalger1 is fixed in the V2. Anyone know anything about portfolios , the can , the 2 minutes of work itself fixed ^ ^
————————————————– —————-
I personally find that the mapper has outdone themselves with this map , no errors (except for the one small and one call stack on exiting the game ( does not affect the game ) ) , beautiful scenery ( I ‘m so not in any seen another map ), many roads , many meadows .. just perfect .. makes you best own picture , it is worth it ! :)

Credits: Varg

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Cultivador pequeño v 1.0

Cultivador pequeño v 1.0 image

Hi, I present a new creation by the Big Boss Modding team.

It is a small cultivator, typical in Spanish fields.


You have added the following features:


-Change of blade.

-movement of the back.

-AO texture.



Model: Juanathan(BBM).

In-game: Juanathan(BBM).

Testing MP: Juanathan(BBM), Javier007(BBM), Soto, AlicanteJD, Serpla97, Noray Ls, JFMtb(BBM), Julian11(BBM), Anonymous Modding.

Video: Serpla97, Noray Ls.


We hope you like.

Credits: Juanathan

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Implements & Tools

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Ford Transit v 1.0

Ford Transit v 1.0 image

This is Ford transit flatbed ready for transport whoole pallets, bales round / square, pallets of seeds and fertilizer ..

Credits: speke

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Vehicles

Image 1


Special Vojvodina v 2.2

Special-Vojvodina-v-2.2-1 Special-Vojvodina-v-2.2-2 Special-Vojvodina-v-2.2-3

New in v 2.2 version:
(*) Fixed beef price (now is real price, not 1 $ per beef)
(*) Misch station shaders, textures and particle i3d (now log file is clean)
(*) Added some muds in fields
(*) Added one bridge
(*) Added selling point for grass and straw directly from trailers (do not have to bale and use telehandler, simply pick up straw and grass with the trailer and unload)

Authors: Official Serbian modding team, Team 6, s3rious, dammir, imt542, sakuljan, maky355, vedo


Seed Cleaner v 1.0


The Seed Cleaner mod removes all on the current map not built fruits from the seeders. It also removes any duplicate entries
In many (almost all) mod-maps out there scripts for the installation of the types of fruit are installed, which unfortunately are also effective when the corresponding map is not loaded. This leads, among other things, that in the Sowing fruit varieties can be selected that can not be sown on the current map.
This little script does nothing else than to install in each planter, and all bric what’s on the currently loaded map has no utility value. No rocket science, but eliminates a (small) annoyance.

Authors: upsidedown, eribus


Ursus C 4011


Ursus C 4011 Tractor

Credits: this mod is made by graegor


Wheel Dirt Cleaner v 1.0


The Wheel Dirt Cleaner limits the number of objects of the speci wheel Dirt (tire tracks) are applied

Authors: upsidedown, eribus


Agromehanika Kranj 600L v 1

Agromehanika Kranj 600L v 1 image

Agromehanika Kranj 600L


-Ponyva le/fel: (Kiszállva O)
-Nyitás: (Kiszállva tagonként X)
-Magasság állítása (Kiszállva J,N)
-Kapacitás 600 liter

Bármi kérdésed van írj / You have any questions: [email protected] 


?rizd meg az eredeti letöltési linket! Please keep the original download link!

Credits: exile

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Implements & Tools