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Valmet 1102

Valmet 1102 for Farming simulator 2013,
This is Valmet 1102 Tractor made by opelman.
Rpm limiter
Manual ignition
Dual Wheels

Script: Henly20 and Peterj

Disk implement

Disk implement for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
Made by ROteam

Placeable Halls

Placeable Halls for Farming simulator 2013, Other
Placeable equipment sheds and halls.

Neudorf v 2

Neudorf v 2 for Farming simulator 2013,
Moin people
It’s time again, we have all of improvement gesammen Vorscläge and in
a V2 to set.
– Info –
BGA with functional
-more-under speeds possible
Gas station and gas station on fertilizer
PDA (geklapt have not quite)
-ETC …..
-As in the V1 are for slurry and manure the Herlefeld drive addons required!
download link:
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

John Deere 7530 Premium 1:1

John Deere 7530 Premium 1:1 for Farming simulator 2013,
I can start by telling you that this mod is scaled 1:1.
For those of you who have tried the original Modcontest 7530, probably know that it has a bug that dosn’t let you use more than two tools. The way I saw it, it created the bad allocation in length. But the bug is now fixed after careful testing, both multiplayer and single player.

The things I’ve done with this trakor are:
– Cabsuspension
– New front axle, suspended and animated
– Changed the tires
– Mounted twin beacons
– Added lightsAddon V3.1
– Scaled to 1:1
– Rescaled some textures
– Mounted a quick console

Tractor: Modell: Bigfarmer145 Script: Geri-G Sound: Sevorane
Credits: LS-Modsource, B. Gerisch, Germany
Cabsuspension: JoXXer/BJR – Modding
Axel: MF390, L. Guhl, Germany
Tires: modelleicher/Luis
LightsAddon V3.1: Sven777b
Beacon light timing: STIANBY
Tester/consoultant: STIANBY
1:1 Scaling: STIANBY/Jompen
EDIT: Jompen

Ford Truck Pack

Three Ford Trucks
Ford Dually
Ford Service Truck
Ford Fuel Truck

This File MUST be unzipped, then place the three files in mods folder. ENJOY!
Fuel Truck: since a trigger is involved its best that you have the “free camera mode” to keep the camera from hanging up.


John Deere 7530 Premium + Twin Wheels and Sigma4

John Deere 7530 Premium + Twin Wheels and Sigma4 for Farming simulator 2013,
In the power segment of 180-220 hp, has John Deere 7530 Premium tractor after the world’s most economical OECD proof and features a tremendous pull on the field.

Function overview:
> Light V3.1
– Blinker
– Headlights + speedometer backlight
– Work light, front / rear
– Cabin lighting
– Beacon

> Script plow
– Simulation of the furrow when plowing occurs (the tractor bounces in every bump on)
– Increased engine speed and therefore more exhaust fumes
– Link:

> Animated components
– Hydraulic
– Warning signs
– Speedometer
– Beacon

> Sound Specialization
– Increased engine speed when turning on a device which is driven by the PTO

> Speed​​-limiter
– Infinitely variable speed

> Operating hours counter

> Manual Motor Starting
– Engine can be started by pressing the key ENTER
– Motor stays on when exiting

> Interactive components
– Lighting switched on IC
– Animated folding warning signs of IC
– Control panel displays of devices in the interior and can be operated depending on the device by IC

> Purchasable dual tires

Manuel Leithner
front loader: enricoalfsista, agosystemtec