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Kotte Garant 19000L

Kotte Garant 19000L for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
here I present my kotte garant 19000L dragging hoses from the ls before the 11th
Level indicator

Pronto 24 DC pro

Pronto 24 DC pro for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
Made for large fields!
For professionals
width of 24 meters!
Volume 9 tons!
Cost $ 171,000

Warfama T-274 (Troll 350)

Warfama T-274 (Troll 350) for Farming simulator 2013,
Warfama T-274 (Troll 350)
MP ready

Rolmasz S061 Pomorzanin [MP Ready]

Rolmasz S061 Pomorzanin [MP Ready] for Farming simulator 2013,
Pneumatic trailed seeder Rolmasz S061 “Pomorzanin”
– Working width: 9m
– Capacity: 2700 dm3
– Model: Maciusboss1
– Wheels: Perkins
– Ingame/script: Burner
– Texture: maciusboss1 & Burner

– powerShaft
– pressure indicator
– increasing RPM during work
– work sound
– seeder functions available after the approach to the element (open tank cover, folding arms and markers)
– tramlines
– PartycleSystems
– all functions 100% MP

macisboss1 & Burner

JF 4000

JF 4000 for Farming simulator 2013,
After some loooooong research i finaly find this!!


Acros 530 v2

Acros 530 v2 for Farming simulator 2013,
Model: Sharikov2
Texturing, ingame: AndreyGunko

Conow TMK 22 7000

Conow TMK 22 7000 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
It allows the player transporting all LS13 Standard Fruit
It is equipped with lighting v3.1 which is apparently compatible yes LS13.
Some were built by ourselves NEW Developed Coronas
In addition, he has a positive steering maneuvering to get a lighter Ensure.
Capacity 28 000L
Empty weight 7500kg
Now wants the NAS team all have fun with this mod!