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Krampe Bandit 750

Krampe Bandit 750 for Farming simulator 2013,
color: red
Animated chocks
Animated Roll Band
removable structure
Power detention
26,448 liter capacity without lift
Capacity to lift 40,368 liters
Lighting V3.1 (Sven777b)
new kinds of fruit: Fertilizer
new kinds of fruit: Sugarbeet
new fruit variety: Compound Feed
new fruit type: Potato
new fruit type: Sunflower
Ready for MP and SP
File size: 7.54 MB
Special thanks to the “Northern Line Agricole team” for the release of some components of your Krampe Bandit SB30!


PomorskiFarmer2012v1 for Farming simulator 2013,
In the .zip file you will find :
MAP and required mods for the map.

Rolmako 3m

Rolmako 3m for Farming simulator 2013,

Wind Power Pack

Wind Power Pack for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is a wind power pack:
It is used for decoration on maps.
There are three different wind turbines:
-1x small wind turbine for the cottage garden: D
-1x Medium pinwheel
Wind Systems A wind turbine company Vestas and as little surprise
All wind turbines are animated and rotate!
Vestas wind turbine at the night lighting is integrated (red flashing light on the power house)
All wind turbines are in 1:1!

New Holland TS135A Fl

New Holland TS135A Fl for Farming simulator 2013,
Due to the expressed desire of improvement from my previous version, here is a revised and improved version.
Base is my version 2.0 which is based on the TS135A ErikDK of modding. I have made ​​the following changes for version 2.0:
-Loader console for Titanium Sigma4 of Ago-grown Systemtech
Console and front loader (2 different skins) made ​​washable, suitable for tractor
Removed front hydraulic and solid 320kg front weight hitch replaced (FH is colliding with the front loader that looked stupid, who needs the FH, can use the version 2.0, both work in parallel)
Light upgraded to version 3.1, now with daytime running lights and automatic indicator reset
Changed lighting and illumination Coronas and made ​​more realistic (high beam lights on and narrower, Spotlight with “xenon” for brighter and wider illumination on the field)
-some control panels installed in the cabin
I thank you again for ErikDK his permission to be allowed to develop the tractor, Ago-systems tech for the class loader and Enercon for the control panels. In addition, my thanks go to all scripters, whose specs were used.
I hope you have fun with the tractor and look forward to a number of constructive comments and reviews.

John Deere 9750STS Packed with Header

John Deere 9750STS Packed with Header for Farming simulator 2013, Harvesters
Second Converted this is much cleaner than the first.
John Deere 9750 STS Combine with a Draper header.
Fruits : wheat rape barley
Corn Header to be converted.!!
Errors we know are:
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8]
Also 3 Light Corona texture are in png so show the usuall warning. ( If any body know how to convert these to dds please could you pm me) when i convert the corona goes all white without opacity in game so you can see the full cones.

Transport Trailer

Transport Trailer for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
This mod I have for you konventiert of Ls11 Ls13 and written in fits. This version is now without dds error entries in the log. This bale transport trailer canada, vehicles and equipment to hold the ride is thus not lost. There will be more ncoh versions.

Constructive criticism is welcome, because you learn from it and improve the mod. However, please leave useless and senseless comments. Who does not like it, so it does not suck.