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Transport Trailer

Transport Trailer for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
This mod I have for you konventiert of Ls11 Ls13 and written in fits. This version is now without dds error entries in the log. This bale transport trailer canada, vehicles and equipment to hold the ride is thus not lost. There will be more ncoh versions.

Constructive criticism is welcome, because you learn from it and improve the mod. However, please leave useless and senseless comments. Who does not like it, so it does not suck.


PomorskiFarmer2012v1 for Farming simulator 2013,
In the .zip file you will find :
MAP and required mods for the map.

Pöttinger Torro 5700

Pöttinger Torro 5700 for Farming simulator 2013,
SFM-Modding, Mr.F
Ls Ring

Slurryboss Proff 8

Slurryboss Proff 8 for Farming simulator 2013,
hey I have made a Manure tanker in skp.I made it to be like this : Its the first Slurryboss made in FS2011.
capacity: 8m3
multiplayer supported = true
price in store: 28700

Model:Jossva Texture:Jossva Ingame:Jossva

Pottinger SERVO Pack

Pottinger SERVO Pack for Farming simulator 2013, Implements and tools farming simulator
He Pottinger SERVO = 6-35s band, 45s = 9-band, 12 = 12-band
Plows for Farming Simulator 2013
Innovations: revolving wheels

Author: Golim

Download: Pottinger SERVO Pack []

John Deere front weight

John Deere front weight for Farming simulator 2013, Other
Modell / tekstura / im Spiel: Mr.BuBeR

NH CR9090

NH CR9090 for Farming simulator 2013,
Only a few things are mine:
* Capa: 50,000
* Autopilot
* rigid coupling for the adapter

* washable
* wheelparticle
* windrow chaff
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013 and Free mods


Rm7 for Farming simulator 2013,
Rm7 by Piky
3Dmodel: Piky
Skin: Skyline
script: fruktor, sven777b

Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Scania R560

Scania R560 for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is a version of my 1to1 Scania R560
Bel. v31
Operating Hours
Air Rotor
Warning light bar / flasher
Work light front
Kelsa: Light / Sidebar
MP capable
Log remain healthy for me.

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS for Farming simulator 2013,
So here is the final update for the time being the thresher.
Changelog v2.1
– New crops: spelled, mustard seeds, millet *
– Autopilot now supports the new fruits: aloe, coffee, maize, soya and mustard!
– Exhaust changed optically!
Häckselpartiket changed –
– Version with and without AP in the pack included!
– Header trailer added! (Not reached UrModder! He / she may sign up!)
* This new fruit is in our next map ‘FourFiledDream’ installed!
– Added animations collection of new fruits!
Corn SW:
– Colli away! (It no longer hangs when you have folded the SW!)
– Steering axle rear mounted! (It is now a little better around the curves)