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Scania R560

Scania R560 for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is a version of my 1to1 Scania R560
Bel. v31
Operating Hours
Air Rotor
Warning light bar / flasher
Work light front
Kelsa: Light / Sidebar
MP capable
Log remain healthy for me.

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS for Farming simulator 2013,
So here is the final update for the time being the thresher.
Changelog v2.1
– New crops: spelled, mustard seeds, millet *
– Autopilot now supports the new fruits: aloe, coffee, maize, soya and mustard!
– Exhaust changed optically!
Häckselpartiket changed –
– Version with and without AP in the pack included!
– Header trailer added! (Not reached UrModder! He / she may sign up!)
* This new fruit is in our next map ‘FourFiledDream’ installed!
– Added animations collection of new fruits!
Corn SW:
– Colli away! (It no longer hangs when you have folded the SW!)
– Steering axle rear mounted! (It is now a little better around the curves)


Pitismodmap for Farming simulator 2013,
It is a standard map expansion … The farm has been enlarged, there was added a BGA. Kleinichkeiten zufinden are still …

Small Utility Trailer 1.1

Small Utility Trailer 1.1 for Farming simulator 2013, Trailers
This is the authorized conversion of Niceguy4704′s Small Utility Trailer 1.1 from FS11 tp FS13. This is a small utility trailer designed to haul ATV’s, tools, parts, hay bales, or any other small object.

Niceguy4704: Mesh, design, and textures.
Xentro: PlaystandAnim specialization
Geri-G: balemod specialization
Sven777b: additionalLights specialization
Clampit and Maxwell25: Conversion and MP testing

Download: []

IMT 533 ploughingspec

IMT 533 ploughingspec for Farming simulator 2013,
I have permission to upload from the tractor:
Wednesday 26 September 2012, 16:22 hours Gregor 96
If you did not repaint it you can upload it …
and plesae do not forget to write whos first version of author. kicked out “manual ignition” as this have caused many troubles and all the unnecessary files. Driving characteristics are close to real tractor. Not fast nor too strong, because it only has 33hp … Max speed 16 mph I can pull a trailer of 30 tons as it has 150 hp … I grew up with this tractor so I wanted to share it with you. The author is the same as in version 1, I just did edit. thank everyone for your understanding.
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Claas Lexion 750

Claas Lexion 750 for Farming simulator 2013,
What’s new?:
Rape tarpaulin was fixed
Fruit Type Sunflower installed
For Claas Lexion 750 Claas fits perfectly the SUNSPEED 16-70 from Kyosho’s Modfactory!
Special thanks to the team of SFM Modding for permit to rebuild.
Main features:
• wheel version with byable Twin Wheels
• Oil Change
• Switchable Rear View Camera, Abtankrohr camera and clutch foot-camera
• Interactive control by IC
• Animated Claas Autocontour
• Animated swing axle
• Suspension Stabilizer

Other features / characteristics:
• radial distribution
• Animated chaff, straw and transport)
• Swath or straw chopper
• Animated cast rotors + particle system
• Adjustable spreading width
• Cabin
• Indoor / outdoor sound
• Suspension seat with sound effects
• Moving Head
• IC-Botton + access to cameras
• grain tank
• Animated folding process
• Dynamic Scheduling grain
• Slow-start unloading
• grain tank particle system
• Lighting
• Working lights front and rear
• Switchable Abtankrohrlicht
• brake lights, reversing lights, indicators, warning lights
• Miscellaneous
• Washable
• Area Counter (game total)
• Operating hours counter
• IS-limiter
• Animated PTO
• Dust-particle system while driving
• tracks in stock
• Dynamic exhaust particle system
• Particle Systems with Distance Clip
• No “too quickly” warning when excavated SW
• Polys: 22 898

There are no known Logfehler!
IMPORTANT: min. Patch 2.2 installed for full functionality to be

Old 09er Map

Old 09er Map for Farming simulator 2013,
Ich habe mich mal rangesetzt die 09er Map für LS11 mit BGA und funktionierender Kuhweide zu erstellen bz. zu bearbeiten . Die Map hat auser BGA und Kuhweide verschiedene zusätzliche Früchte zum Anbauen . Kartoffeln, Rüben, Sonnenblumen ,Roggen, Hafer ,Gelbe Erbsen, Erbse ,Sojabohnen und Karotten.

Original 09er Map : Giants
Umsetzung, Bearbeitung: Ka88

Grimme car rental

Grimme car rental for Farming simulator 2013, Other
Your Local Dealer processed a new service:
“Renting instead of buying!”
We now offer all customers our new Mietaktion. Currently, there are one and a Grimme Tectron Grimme Maxtron for potato and sugar beet harvest.
Renta terms are as follows:
The rental fee is 70 € per hour (1,680 € / day) including VAT and insurance share
All rental units must be re-submitted a full tank.
* Additional fees for driver / fuel can possibly incur additional.

Versatile 575

Versatile 575 for Farming simulator 2013,
I have used John Deere 9630 v2.0 from Francp23 and redesigned to look like Versatile 575. I have used a Giants editor only. I tried to look more realistic.

list of features that I have added to original model:
*Weight front
*Weight to rear
*Redesigned front hood
*Overall size and proportions of the tractor
*Reduce collision of wheels
*New tires
*Deleted inactive scripts
*Some materials for more realistic look

Tractor has:
*Operatin hours
*Communication sound (key NumPad 6)

Cat Challenger by Zippo
Facelift Mod by DragonLord2007
Converted To John Deere 9630 By Francp23
Fixed And 2.0 By Francp23
Converted to Versatile 575 by Vex90
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

Nuhn 6750 Beta Release

Nuhn 6750 Beta Release for Farming simulator 2013,
Multiplayer ready
Version 1.0
Capacity 25552L
Price $29000

Hazard lights
Left & right turn lights
Attachable PTO
Brake lights

Left turn lights KP_1
Hazard lights KP_2
Right turn lights KP_3

Model & Texture by Frasercow
Script by Frasercow & Giants software
Ingame by FraserCow
LightsAddon V3.1 Script by Sven777b
Attachable PTO Script by LS-UK Modteam