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Fribourg for Farming simulator 2013,
Mapper: Farmer 12, Ls2020, H3NDR1K, macoholic traffic: Wessumer Map i3d: 41 mb
required scripts
MAPBGA MapBGASilo MapDoorTrigger MapFertilizerMod MapWeightstationMod slurry and manure Mod MapTools Windmill.wav
Streets -> Fatian ball stack -> Desperados93 biogas plant -> pfreek and Fatian Green Bridge -> pfreek flags -> Giants trees -> Desperaodos 93, maxter test objects pack -> Börndi Fertilizerhalle -> EIFOK team Gullideckel–> Pat hedges -> spider100 HalleAlex -> Katsuo wooden fence -> Desperados93 country trade -> EIFOK team Raifeisen -> D4rkfr34k signs -> pfreek scale -> EIFOK team Store -> Giants edit fendt412 Windmill -> manuuuu sidewalks -> Desperados93 grain warehouse -> bm-modding Barakke -> Janhendrik Farm Animals -> maxter garden fence -> Dennis260 panel -> Dennis260 Jägerzaun -> Fereos Pack Objects -> TheStivala woodpile – > Buschi rain barrel -> xXTimXx silo Neuero -> Berry01Unterstände -> maxterFunkmast -> mf390Güllegrube -> maurus KatsuoKuhstall -> KatsuoTretmiststall -> Steffen30mucZigarettenautomat -> TheStivala
Changelog v3.0
new field-tuned built-new BGA-yard rebuilt textures ausgbessert replaced-new grain dealer error
-Contractor yard and many more …
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Trailer – transport logistic

Trailer – transport logistic for Farming simulator 2013,
Here now is an aluminum tray to fit my Scania_R560_1_1
Loading volume: 65000
Fruits: wheat barley rape maize chaff sand, gravel ballast potato sugarbeet manure
Log remain healthy for me.
A thank you goes to Aramis for the release of the well.
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Scania R560

Scania R560 for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is a version of my 1to1 Scania R560
Bel. v31
Operating Hours
Air Rotor
Warning light bar / flasher
Work light front
Kelsa: Light / Sidebar
MP capable
Log remain healthy for me.

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS

Deutz-Fahr 7545 TT RTS for Farming simulator 2013,
So here is the final update for the time being the thresher.
Changelog v2.1
– New crops: spelled, mustard seeds, millet *
– Autopilot now supports the new fruits: aloe, coffee, maize, soya and mustard!
– Exhaust changed optically!
Häckselpartiket changed –
– Version with and without AP in the pack included!
– Header trailer added! (Not reached UrModder! He / she may sign up!)
* This new fruit is in our next map ‘FourFiledDream’ installed!
– Added animations collection of new fruits!
Corn SW:
– Colli away! (It no longer hangs when you have folded the SW!)
– Steering axle rear mounted! (It is now a little better around the curves)


Pitismodmap for Farming simulator 2013,
It is a standard map expansion … The farm has been enlarged, there was added a BGA. Kleinichkeiten zufinden are still …