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CopyrightMod for Farming simulator 2013, Other
here I have for you a copyright Mod
With the mod can be shown in the F6 a logo which is for example well as a watermark when man makes several images.

The functions:
Press F6 if you activate the mod and it is the first Copyright logo is pressing F6 again comes the second Copyright logo and press the button again to go the mod again.
So that means you can 2 Copyright logos Insert clip eg one for video and one for images.
How to change the copyright logo you can read in the readme.

Script: Alex2009

Lely Welger Tornado

Lely Welger Tornado for Farming simulator 2013,
So I set myself again and ran to the press again what changed!
it is now become a bit less of the number mb and so still some settings!
If she is with you still inclined you have to trailer it back and then go off!
I hope you have fun playing! mfg Ursus1234
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013 and Free mods

My World v 0.1 Beta

My World v 0.1 Beta for Farming simulator 2013,
Here is my very first custom map “My World
Duration: about 3 days but still kinda
what is there:
Milk is collected
stall for feeding
some fields of Central United
Billinger country trade

Required Mods:

Traffic must be switched off!
Created and posted by Farming Simulator 2013

DON 1500 BB

DON 1500 BB for Farming simulator 2013,
Model, In game: scholl
Photographic material: Kish777
Texturing and edit: dimaks

McCombes Grass&Arable Farm

McCombes Grass&Arable Farm for Farming simulator 2013,
This is my Edit of SuperBrian91′s excellent ‘Brook Lodge Farm’. It contains mainly the same field layout, but i have added fully working BGA pits and the milk mod. The pack consists of the BGA mod, Milk mod, and a grape to collect the silge from the bga pit. (Remember to compact it!)
Great map for the SP player, contractors and especially the CO-OP games online.
Thank you Brian for allowing me to do this, and i hope you all enjoy the map! Have fun, keep er lit.

Milk Mod – Acert
BGA- Heady
LS-UK Mod Team
FMC – Freelance Modding Crew