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Troglauer Pack v 2.0

Image For Troglauer-Pack-v-2.0

In Pack includes:
(*) MAN Troglauer Truck
(*) Troglauer Trailer: transportation of pallets and equipment

Credits: this mod is made by Scania_Power


Mercedez Benz Axor 1840 v 1.0

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(*) Animated pointer in the cabin (speedometer, RPM, fuel tank, pressure gauge)
(*) Passenger
(*) Animated rotor in the air conditioning
(*) Ligting (turn signals, brake light, reverse light)
(*) Light, low beam, rear work light
(*) Brake system
(*) Levels adjustable via Mouse Control

Authors: BlueSky, Repi, Sven 777b, Joxxer


Warehouse v 1.0

Image For Warehouse-v-1.0

Warehouse for potatoes and sugar beet
It must be loaded with a front loader
The light comes on only at night
The rolling doors can be opened only from the inside of course the doors from the inside and the outside

Authors: Wildfuchs, Team um Bauer Jens 1, John Deere 6930


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X v 1.0

Image For Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-X-v-1.0

You can open boot and bonnet
There is a shinny engine under the bonnet
You can open front doors too

Credits: this mod is made by AndrazP


Case Trailer Attacher v 1.0

Image For Case-Trailer-Attacher-v-1.0

One can at this attacher normal trailer as well low Trailer Hitching
To some it is even noticed that the big Case tractor the new addon only about a hitch and have over a ball head coupling. So it is in the States at Gros really tugs and to give input.

Authors: modder unbekannt, Butters Tuning Schmiede


Great Plains 3 P300 v 2.0

Image For Great-Plains-3-P-300-v-2.0

This is Sprayer with new textures and error free

Authors: xyzspian, fin050808


HKL Pack v 1.0

Image For HKL-Pack-v-1.0

In Pack includes:
(*) 12m Bale transport trailer with standard scripts
(*) Chevrolet C10 Pickup loaded with standard fruits and grass_windrow
(*) HVAC Agravis well loaded with standard fruits
(*) HKL container office (user request no other function) and walked door to open
(*) HVAC diesel for transport of fuel ( which is available on each map ) must be filled
(*) HVAC joskin Silospace loaded with chaff , forage , silage and grass_windrow
(*) HVAC milk so you can pick the meantime your milk even when the ( original ) and bring to a milk cow pasture plant
(*) HVAC Rethmann container loaded with standard fruits
(*) HKL trailer with additional tank trigger on the left side
(*) HVAC Fertilizer silo can you at the edge of the field or place on the farm , fertilizer sprayers are for each payment made against
(*) HVAC seed silo can you at the edge of the field or place on the farm , are available for each seed sowing machine for a fee from
(*) HVAC transport platform holds almost everything firmly what you can carry it
(*) HVAC Livestock intended for transportation of pigs , for example : pig of Marhu
(*) HVAC water transport is used to transport water for your Greenhouse
(*) Mack HVAC in red for the HVAC equipment
(*) Mack HVAC AO textures are black because it can be anywhere reskinning the limited
(*) Schmitz Cargo Bull not a warmed coffee because that is completely new
(*) Freightliner tractor for semi-trailer

Credits: this mod is made by Hewaaa


Speed Level Update v 1.0

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This mod allows you in SP, MP (As host) or as an admin on the dedicated server, the speed limit of cultivator or drill

Authors: Butters BTS, Modhoster Team, Alex2009


Real Maize Texture v 1.0

Image For Realistic-Maize-Texture-v-1.0

You get a texture for the trailer plan and a texture for the particle system

Credits: this mod is made by LwFarming, ZeFir


Mercedez Benz NG 1632 v 1.0

Image For Mercedez-Benz-NG-1632-v-1.0

(*) Lightung v 3.1
(*) Speed Display Control
(*) RPM Display Control

Authors: Harry Modding, Scania Power, GTS, Ventures87, Drivter, Scarface