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Meransner Berg v 1.0

Meransner-Berg-v-1.0-3 Meransner-Berg-v-1.0-2 Meransner-Berg-v-1.0-1

(*) Completely restarted Map (smaller map)
(*) Cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
(*) BGA
(*) Steep and flat fields
(*) Biggest part grassland
(*) Slurry and manure Mod
(*) Sears is Off
(*) Longer growth times
(*) Country trade is all cereal varieties to
(*) Nursery (straw power plant also takes grass and silage in)
(*) Start Vehicles from the classic addon is required

Authors: BigM, Daniel007, Efoik, CEBULJCEK Moddig, Marhu, Typho0n, Freak36558, mailman


Polish Small Village v 2.0


(*) Chaff mod
(*) Making and feeding cows
(*) Manure mod
(*) Eggs appear at in the house (where the chickens come)
(*) An interesting area and the surrounding nature
(*) 2 buying
(*) The ability to conduct a greenhouse (which is a water supply and place for these buildings)
(*) Lime tuck turem
(*) Gates open at key

Credits: this mod is made by Dawider


Milk Farm v 2.0


(*) Manure & Lime mod added
(*) Added Textures
(*) Added Trees
(*) Added PDA Map
(*) Added Waterplane
(*) Fields are numbered
(*) Icons added on PDA
(*) You can sell Eggs and Wool add the Country Trade
(*) You can buy Lime and Fertilizer at the Country Trade
(*) You can load Fertilizer and Seeds at the Farm
(*) You can sell the milk at the Country Trade
(*) Start vehicles are at the Vehicle Shop
(*) 2 Farms
(*) A village
(*) Country trade
(*) 33 Fields
(*) Crops: barley, wheat, canola, mais, potatoes, sugarbeets

Authors: Mike, Manuel, Eifok Team


Platinum Hard v 1.0

Platinum-Hard-v-1.0-1 Platinum-Hard-v-1.0-2 Platinum-Hard-v-1.0-3

(*) Wither is out
(*) Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, millet, HirseMixFutter, silage maize, maize flour, organic waste and sunflowers
(*) Manure and manure sale is also inserted.
(*) Three greenhouses a crap bin a nice stock for turnips and potatoes and a farm barn where you can shred straw, hay bales in the feed stock to court to have a proper playground in multiplayer
(*) For the chicken breed there is a footprint
(*) Cowshed
(*) Pig
(*) Feed store
(*) Wool pallets
(*) Organic market
(*) Garden Center
(*) Restaurant
(*) Freight depot
(*) Port
(*) Spa
(*) Country trade
(*) Added Earth
(*) Sugar factory

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Marhu, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld


Blickling Hall Farm v 2.0


This is British Map based on a area of farmland in North Norfolk England
There are 12 fields in total and 1 meadow of grass ready for cutting

(*) Added Oats
(*) Added 3 Fields
(*) Added Pigs
(*) Added Abattoir for selling Pigs
(*) Added Bakery for Oats
(*) Removed Road Hedge Collisions
(*) Removed Pedestrians
(*) Removed some tree groups and added paintable trees
(*) Reduced clip distances
(*) Changed Milk Depot to Crisp Factory
(*) Withering is turned off
(*) Water is now free
(*) Cows, sheep and chickens,
(*) Crops: wheat, barley, oats, maize, canola, sugarbeet and potatoes

Sell points are:
(*) Bakery takes wheat, barley and oats
(*) Brewery takes barley
(*) Gamekeepers takes maize
(*) Mill takes wheat, barley, maize and oats
(*) Refinery takes sugarbeet and canola
(*) Kettle Chips Factory takes potatoes
(*) Egg sell point is at the shop in the town
(*) Spinnery takes your wool
(*) There is a Feed Store near the Gamekeeper, that also has a Straw sell point
(*) BGA can additionally buy your grass, manure and liquid manure
(*) Water can be taken at the Lake or the Mill

Authors: Farmer Yip, petorious, Discoade, Chris_7710


Hamsbach v 1.0

Hamsbach-v-1.0-2 Hamsbach-v-1.0-1 Hamsbach-v-1.0-3

(*) Main courtyard with connected BGA
(*) Cow yard with sufficient space for equipment
(*) Completely new village
(*) Sheep pasture in place
(*) Industrial area with dairy, country store and Agriculture Store, as well as additional district
(*) Brewery
(*) 28 small to large purchasable fields, as well as many green meadows and pastures
(*) Corn exchange for wheat, barley, canola and corn

Credits: this mod is made by Mathei


Missouri USA Revised

Missouri-USA-Revised-2 Missouri-USA-Revised-1 Missouri-USA-Revised-3

(*) The farm is center in the middle of the map and the default vehicles is right across the road from the main farm
(*) This map has one town with working stop light and the 2 trains in the map and a airport with flying airplanes and a heliocopter
(*) You have dairy cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, beef, and horses to buy and sell along feeding and watering
(*) This map has changed over time, put in 3 new gas stations, added a farmer market
(*) A farm silo for blackeyepea, peanut, sweet potatos red beets sweet corn carrot
(*) Added kalk/fertilizier silo around the map
(*) You have sell places for you grain around the map one west end of town you one north west. One north east of town. One south east and the last one south west at the equine stables
(*) Replace the MapSiloBand with the digital readout display
(*) The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel

Credits: this mod is made by jb3pc4sale


Agro Frost Map v 1.0

Agro-Frost-Map-v-1.0-1 Agro-Frost-Map-v-1.0-3 Agro-Frost-Map-v-1.0-2

(*) BGA plant farm with cows
(*) Grainmill
(*) A river running through the map where you can get water anywhere
(*) Low intensity lamps to not affect the performance around town
(*) Liquido Manure and Kalk mod
(*) Multifruit textures for more realism
(*) Original Dealer in old location map
(*) Added Roads and Textures
(*) Forst mod

Credits: this mod is made by SETKA


Old Times v 5.2

Old-Times-v-5.2-1 Old-Times-v-5.2-2 Old-Times-v-5.2-3

New in 5.2 version:
(*) Added Textures
(*) Added Layer
(*) Invisible adapted collisions away
(*) Fence at court

Authors: ziolek6, RAUSCHEBART, martinbigM500, Cayman, Kosa, LU-herzberg, marjas31, spider100, charly_99, thecsfun, pisty, MThis, Marc85, GE-Mapping, firststep, Lowpoly-Bume, cyber11, Kolbenfresser, unbekannt, M-S_Buschi


Polskie Podolany Map


(*) One playable economy
(*) Manure pulled on a prism
(*) Scooping grain on Lycha
(*) Grain silos
(*) Silo for silage
(*) Mod forest
(*) Tuck lime on Lycha
(*) Buying boxes
(*) Purchase with silos on QQ
(*) Swine
(*) Biogas
(*) Shop Rol-Mar
(*) Junkyard
(*) Village
(*) The door opened to the “O”
(*) Chickens
(*) Cows
(*) Sheep
(*) Mod manure and slurry
(*) The Milkmaid
(*) Pedestrians
(*) Traffic
(*) Mountainous terrain

Credits: this mod is made by ReQ