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Agro Country XXL v 1.0

Agro-Country-XXL-v-1.0-1 Agro-Country-XXL-v-1.0-2 Agro-Country-XXL-v-1.0-3

The design of the fields follows a pattern where all have to area of 800 m X 800 m exact totaling 64 Hectares for each plot. It was Planned to use the courseplay and More Realisticistic and authentic Mod.
This map has, besides the main farm, three other farms scattered around the map for you to stock you production and save your machines.
He vegetation is a bit dry and there is no asphalt. Everything is dirt road. The main fields are Surrounded with fences and roads are crossed by horizontal and vertical.
There is only one place to sell their products. Prices are kept by MR script. Initially, you start with a good amount of money for buying some fields. The price of the main fields is high. So you need to work hard to get purchase them.
Only the mainfarm has more enhanced structure as store, fertilizer and seed station, workshop, site for sale of straw bales, level.

Credits: this mod is made by Tiago P


The Real Poland Wies

The-Realistic-Poland-Wies-1 The-Realistic-Poland-Wies-2 The-Realistic-Poland-Wies-3

(*) Polish Style
(*) Traffic
(*) Buying fields
(*) Grain Purchase
(*) Shop with machines “Agromech”
(*) Cows
(*) Operated triggers
(*) As cramped backyard
(*) Lots of dirt roads

Credits: this mod is made by Rafcio2501


OGM 2013 Micro Map v 1.0 FINAL

OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-1 OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-2 OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-3

(*) PDA was made
(*) Briefing’s and Map Preview were created
(*) Defeniert all fields again and made Buyable
(*) Sound / Wave Warnings in the log fixed
(*) PhysX warning in the log fixed
(*) Reduced Visible Animals set to 6 (performens improvement) because the pastures are all very close together lie
(*) Complete textures update

Credits: this mod is made by Funky


Summerfields v 1.0

Summerfields-v-1.0-1 Summerfields-v-1.0-2 Summerfields-v-1.0-3

Map with hill relief, manure, kalk mods, Chopped Straw, Cows and Chickens

Authors: LSSA Modding Team, ANDREI1994, Tautvis


Missouri USA Revised Map

Missouri-USA-Revised-Map-1 Missouri-USA-Revised-Map-2 Missouri-USA-Revised-Map-3

(*) The farm is center in the middle of the map and the default vehicles is right across the road from the main farm
(*) This map has one town with working stop light and the 2 trains in the map and a airport with flying airplanes and a heliocopter
(*) You have dairy cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, beef and horses to buy and sell along feeding and watering
(*) Added a farmer market
(*) A farm silo for blackeye pea, peanut, sweet, potatos, red beets, sweet, corn, carrot
(*) You have sell places for you grain around the map one west end of town you one north west. One north east of town. One south east and the last one south west at the equine stables.
(*) The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel

Credits: this mod is made by jb3pc4sale


Brunzdorf v 3.3

Brunzdorf-v-3.3-1 Brunzdorf-v-3.3-2 Brunzdorf-v-3.3-3

New in 3.3 version:
(*) Added BGA
(*) Fixed reset points
(*) BGA silos can now be completely drained
(*) BGA consumption to 75 l/s is adjusted
(*) Halls now on the farm with MapDoorTrigger
(*) Exchanged silos on the farm
(*) Superfluous textures deleted
(*) Several small bug fixes

Authors: Giants, Hank Moody


Suedhemmern on the Mittelland Canal v 5.0

Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-5.0-1 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-5.0-2 Suedhemmern-on-the-Mittelland-Canal-v-5.0-3

New in 5.0 version:
(*) Added biogas plant
(*) Installed doors with opening times
(*) Instaled built waterway (moving ships on the canal)
(*) Instaled built trains (2 freight trains)
(*) Supplemented mill and rebuilt Colii from the pasture
(*) Fences removed

Credits: this mod is made by GMCW


Paradise Final Edition v 5.2 MR

Paradise-Final-Edition-v-5.2-MR-1 Paradise-Final-Edition-v-5.2-MR-2 Paradise-Final-Edition-v-5.2-MR-3

New in 5.2 version:
(*) More Realisticistic and authentic version
(*) Added Soil Mod – Soil Management & Growth Control
(*) Added Chopped Straw

Credits: this mod is made by Tiago Piloneto


Parana Map 2013 v 1.0

Parana-Map-2013-v-1.0-3 Parana-Map-2013-v-1.0-1 Parana-Map-2013-v-1.0-2

(*) Two large areas of new planting, to be played with great implement
(*) Care for the animals, such as cows and sheep, chickens, purchasable land, a new texture soy in place of canola

Credits: this mod is made by Alexandre


French Antilles Map

French-Antilles-Map-1 French-Antilles-Map-2 French-Antilles-Map-3

Map of French Antilles with planting pineapple, banana and sugarcane.
There are other fruits such as carrots and cucumber else to buy at the airport.

Authors: morncabife, Giant, 112Tec, Marhu, Ge Mapping, Hoschi97, Fly Doc, Sven77b, Rafftnix, Schwendenkopf, Goelm, Rauschebart, Harribo, Topbauer, Getsome2030