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Balkanska Dolina v 1.0

Balkanska-Dolina-v-1.0-2 Balkanska-Dolina-v-1.0-1 Balkanska-Dolina-v-1.0-3

Multifruit Map. Map is edit of some multifruit Map. You have big stall. Map have 2 Farms. One is for big machines, and one is for small machines. Map have BGA and more place to sell.
On Map are sheep, cows and chicken

Authors: Balkanska Dolina mod team: Jukka, Dario7506, ZaBa


Agrocom Map v 4.0 Forest Edition

Agrocom-Map-v-4.0-Forest-Edition-1 Agrocom-Map-v-4.0-Forest-Edition-2 Agrocom-Map-v-4.0-Forest-Edition-3

(*) This map is Forstmod ready en there are really nice surrounding with, Trees and hill side view
(*) There is plenty of space for the Agriculture work
(*) Some nice Objects are in the map, and there is plenty to do
(*) The fields are quite large and some of theme are already sowed
(*) Agricultural Ready
(*) Forstmod Ready
(*) 2 Farms
(*) 2 Storages
(*) Pig
(*) Biogas
(*) Country trade you can sell Wool, Eggs, Sugarbeets, Potatoes, Milk and Woodchips
(*) Vehicle shop
(*) 3 open areas for planting trees
(*) Sawmill for loggs and Woodchip storage, burner
(*) 3 places to fill sowing machines and fertilizer, Lime
(*) Added PDA
(*) All the fields are numbered.
(*) Multiple icons on the PDA
(*) Traffic for SP
(*) Crops: wheat, barley, rape, corn, potato, sugarbeet

Credits: this mod is made by Mike


Fruits Paradise Map v 3.0

Fruits-Paradise-Map-v-3.0-1 Fruits-Paradise-Map-v-3.0-2 Fruits-Paradise-Map-v-3.0-3

(*) Multifruit Map with many Fruits
(*) 10 points of sale for the products
(*) 4 boxes, 4 grass fields, 2 grape fields
(*) 1 greenhouse
(*) Solar systems and wind turbines
(*) All other fields must be purchased
(*) Fields purchase is on the roof of the parking garage
(*) Farzeuge for the game are so that you can all their crops and store
(*) There is a traffic and also the milk truck drives with your own but also sell the milk can
(*) The PDA works and also the Farzeuge – reset is
(*) Going out from the courtyard where there are signs that is sold except the sign on the streets you always Frt Nachhaues
(*) All fruits can be stored on the farm for sale

Authors: Dimanix, Pipa, Jerikko, Mahur, Iceman


Drensteinfurt v 3.1

Drensteinfurt-v-3.1-1 Drensteinfurt-v-3.1-2 Drensteinfurt-v-3.1-3

New in 3.1 version:
(*) Fixed error
(*) Map Super Silo Trigger installed
(*) Added bearing is required
(*) Added Forest Large
(*) Forest is already partially equipped with felling trees Baren
(*) 1 New Meadow has come to the Great Forest wood chips incinerator is at the BGA and the bearing it
(*) The sawmill is textures in the industrial estate
(*) Added maize and rape seed

Credits: this mod is made by 0maxi0


Siwus Map v 2.0 BETA


(*) 6 large fields (total area of about 360 hectares)
(*) Meadow with an area of about 30 hectares
(*) With the purchase of agricultural machinery dealer
(*) Modern farm
(*) Barn housed 180 head of cattle and several dozen youth and calves
(*) Sheds instrumentation equipment Lely
(*) Moving animals (hares, wild boars, foxes, flies, eagle and dog)
(*) The weight of the car
(*) Mod manure
(*) Mod green manure
(*) The super silo trigger
(*) Open door trigger,
(*) Alternative tip trigger
(*) Extension of fuel dispensers
(*) The real value of consumption of feed for cows (one day in the game = 4.5 days in real life, one week in the game = one month in real life)

Credits: this mod is made by Siwus


Hagenstedt Modified 2013 v 5.0.5

Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.5-1 Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.5-2 Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.5-3

New in 5.0.5 version:
(*) Overdraft interest rate adjusted + adaptation of existing loans until 30 Gameday is done automatically & therefore adaptation to work there must be bankofhagenstedt.xml deleted from the savegame (once after the update)
(*) Entry fee increased by 50%
(*) Random starting inventory in artificial fertilizer and seed
(*) Possibility of accidental starting inventory with lime added (50:50 chance)
(*) Strohmod aged by the Emsland Single Axle
(*) Wool pallets fixed in the MR version Error
(*) A guide to field 7 of 18 field coming shifted
(*) Dynamic morning fog revised: rise and fall of the mist intensity now not merh Gradual but smooth transitions + adapts to the limits set by Game weather conditions + color Handsome rise and fall adapts the preset from the game environment conditions at + overall slowdown of the morning mist at about 50% + more dynamic
(*) Problems solved with supplied in card specializations
(*) Revised Large inquiries: calculation is no longer compared to all fruits but only to demand fruit + time, a large demand runs shortened + maximum possible price increase of 75% + increases minimum possible price increase by 13% + earliest possible start time by one hour forward installation + latest possible start time by two hours moved back + number of large queries from 3 to 6 increased
(*) When loading an active savegames the correct time for the extra large demands will be set up only after hour change
(*) Number of special offers from the merchants increased from 4 to 8
(*) When loading an active savegames the correct time for additional special offers will be established only after hour change
(*) Oil change support for Hanomag F65
(*) Savegame charging function for vehicles with oil change function now uses no oil
(*) Dealers Land and buildings completely overhauled, new dealers and building new workshop to the village image suitable
(*) Straw bales and Strohabladestation away at court and by straw burning plant will replace

Authors: Giants, TMT-Team, Marhu, skydancer, Bummi-Brum, lecra, Ifko[nator], Der_Nik, BigM, BlueBaby210, Richi-3, Kolbenfresser, frisco0177, Ganelcer, THP1985, mailman, Marc85, GE-Mapping, Feldhamster232, iacappo1977, KundSModding, honclik, Treckkerbodo, Manu1993Profi, Enercon, zefir_poland, martinbigm500, ClaasHof, ls-ecofarming, mote454, Thuruk, wellano920, burner, sewi123, uploader123, MX11, blackburner, SFM-Modding, Modelleicher, FSM-Team, Sandgroper, Schwacki, EasterEgg


Bantikow Map v 2.0

Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-1 Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-2 Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-3

(*) Slurry, manure and lime mod
(*) Watermod
(*) Pig
(*) Fertilizer, Kalklager
(*) Map Door Trigger
(*) Scale
(*) Kaufbares seed, fertilizer and lime
(*) Added silo at the biogas plant
(*) Added point of sale potato trade
(*) Added dairy plant
(*) Rotting and field purchase from
(*) Butcher in the village

Authors: Tommi-1, Moppel, Rainer, Dirk, Marko


Hallig Map v 1.0 BETA

The-Reverberant-Map-v-1.0-BETA-1 The-Reverberant-Map-v-1.0-BETA-2 The-Reverberant-Map-v-1.0-BETA-3

(*) Already own all field
(*) Sale location on the farm
(*) Small BGA on the farm
(*) Wind power park with construction site
(*) Marina
(*) Realistic Field & land routes
(*) Water
(*) Start fleet enough, and get started right away

Authors: Calli, ClaasXerion5000NRW, NKB-Modding, SF-Modding


Little Back Valley v 1.0 Forest Edition

Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-1 Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-2 Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-3

(*) On the beautifully landscaped you have much to do, in addition to the generous applied fields
(*) In addition, the map is slightly hilly, a village on the lake, especially a completely redesigned PDA map
(*) A nursery has recently come to the place where one next to the field work and animal husbandry, also can operate forestry, which can be a small change for farmers
(*) Beautifully landscaped courtyard, which is next to the nursery
(*) Large scale cow pasture with Map Silo Bander and Water mod
(*) Sheep pasture with Wool Collector
(*) Large scale BGA with parking spaces
(*) Nursery sawmill and chip power plant in order to let off steam with the ForstMod

Authors: El Cid, Marhu, Raffnix, Blackjack, Katsuo, Brndi


Forestry Iceland v 1.0

Forestry-Iceland-v-1.0-1 Forestry-Iceland-v-1.0-2 Forestry-Iceland-v-1.0-3

On the beautifully landscaped you have much to do, next to the fields spacious she is expecting a range of forestry and animal husbandry. Do they care about their sheep, cows and chickens

Credits: this mod is made by MN99