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Rotisserie v 1.0

Rotisserie v 1.0 image

Animated rotisserie

Credits: Der_Raecher

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings


Welcome to Somewhere v 1.1

Welcome to Somewhere v 1.1 image

This is a beta Map

There is a Great yard with several outlets, cattle and Schweinemast.2xLandhandel, sugar factory, brewery, cattle trade (butcher).

Kuhzone, chickens, sheep.

There is not much else to say, because that is a functioning beta version.


I make it all possible Say thank me all modders and scripters for their work, the construction of a map.

The file looks large with over 400 MB, but there are 6 files in the pack and the i3d is not large.

I have also tested on a weak PC and with the medium setting it Runs Smooth and round.

Credits: Rapedito

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Region of Kansas v 1.8

Region-of-Kansas-v-1.8-1 Region-of-Kansas-v-1.8-2 Region-of-Kansas-v-1.8-3

(*) 10 fields
(*) If the purchase agricultural fields
(*) No Red Harvest
(*) Two silo discharge areas
(*) Ships in breeding pigs
(*) From animals
(*) BGA large capacity but small
(*) Added cultures: Cucumber, Tomatoes, Oats, Rye, Millet, Sunflower, Green wheat field
(*) Several silos
(*) Aquatic animals
(*) The sale of slurry and manure in the spring

Version 1.8:
(*) Of a crash, the mixing of food crops was used resolved
(*) Replaces cows silos silo with a new tape for trailers

Credits: this mod is made by lobezno


The Springhill Farm Extension

The-Springhill-Farm-Extension-1 The-Springhill-Farm-Extension-2 The-Springhill-Farm-Extension-3

Springhill Valley is an extended version of the popular Springhill Farm map. There are 193 Acres (78 Hectares) of prime agricultural land at your disposal – more than double of Springhill Farm. It is situated within a landscape of rolling hills and tight, twisting roads.
There are three farm yards. The main Springhill Estate farm yard is the home of the dairy cattle, a small farm to the south is the host to the chicken and lamb production. To the east there is a medium sized arable farmyard, while to the west, there is an anaerobic digester plant which helps meet the energy demands of the adjoining village.

Authors: NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh


Wooden mat v 1.0

Wooden mat v 1.0 image

hi dear comunity,

I’m only new to modding and now show you my first project for the forstmod it will also give another mod for the forstmod.

and indeed I ask today before the wood mat.

how I got it?

I like to see the extremely lumberjack and I’ve seen a wood mat and thought to myself that I can sculpt something after.


what can the mod?

it prevents you einsingt on matchigen field because nich


there are also a few more come out versin next it is planned as a normal mod to make the heist that is not placeable but that you have to ride him first with a bager / skid steer towards

when errors or improvements are there writes me in the comments or Pn














Credits: JD_Power_6r

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3


Ingo Map v 3.0

Ingo Map v 3.0 image


-Where one sugar factory in V2, there is now a market

Chickens running around the yard to box 16

-Kuhzone was changed, straw in the barn abladbar

and general detail work, such as eg. Butterflies, mushrooms, etc.

-Besides the Kuhzone was moved to the Hotel from the farm

And nartürlich is a thank you to the modders whose objects were installed

so, that’s it with the text, the rest you should explore yourself. MfG Ingo210578

one more thing: this Map_V_3 is not yet complete … :)

Comments can be submitted that have a meaning and are Factually, in insults, I will report it purely from the front

So now I wish you all a lot of fun exploring the map … :)

Credits: Ingo210578

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Idaho USA Map v 1.0

Idaho-USA-Map-v-1.0-1 Idaho-USA-Map-v-1.0-2 Idaho-USA-Map-v-1.0-3

The farmland here is rich and fertile. This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans. There are two main farms. One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located. The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock. There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening. The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops. These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate. This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.
The stave silos found at both farms are functional. They create silage at a certain amount per hour. You can fill them via their augers and they have level indicator pipes to see fill levels. The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional. Some are automatic and some manual. For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Pushing “O” will then open the door. The same for closing them. The storage silos at both farms are “All In One”. This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains. When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.
Follow the directions there to select the crop-type and to start/end the grain flow. The loading silo on the livestock farm is inside the barn next to the silos. There are 5 sell points for grain, 2 for potato, and 1 for sugar beets. All sell points are in the PDA and labeled clearly on the PDA map as well. Pigs and wool are sold at the Basset auction. Beef is sold at the Pampalonia slaughterhouse. Manure can be sold at the Garden Center and eggs at the supermarket. Straw/bales can be sold at the Horse ranch. Additionally, straw, manure, grass, and silage can be bought from the BGA for livestock
This map also contains watermod, a carwash, repair shop at the dealership and farm, and wool palette collector.

Authors: Sandgropper, Marhu, TMT Team, NIModding, LazyModStudios Modding, JohnDeere1952, IB055, ThompsonM06, Bauer Jens1, Luculus, DocElyoc, Fatian, Fendt512, Feterlj, Merrical Xtras, ekki, Hermit23, Thunderace, Andrew Standford, Dimanix, Raptor5, Joerg_B, Basti_66, FSM Team, BigBlue, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG, Axel of Sweden, Case Fan, Babyblue210, Blacky_BPG, farmerboy69, Ganelcer, Javier007, seba j, jimdo, Tankbauer, JauchenPaule, Fraser Cow, FrankWienberg, GE-Mapping


Karnków map v 1.0

Karnków map v 1.0 image

Siema . Przedstawiam wam najnowsza map? mojego autorstwa :) Napewno widzieliscie juz j? na let’s playach wi?c teraz j? wydaje :)

Mapa zawiera : 

*Polski klimat 
*Mod wapna v2 
*Mod obornika v2 
*Mod gnojowicy v2 
*Woda nabierana w rowie 
*Mod ?wi? 
*Kury i krowy 
*Wypychany obornik 
*Super Silo 
*Ma?e pola 
* 1 gospodarstwo 
* Mod chwastów v2 
Nowe uprawy takie jak : zyto, pszenzyto, owies i gorczyca na poplon :)  
Na mapie jest tez skup , i manualne wozenie mleka :)  
No i nowosc wymyslona przeze mnie czyli : MOD MIEDZY.!! :)  
Dzi?kuje uzytkownikom : Matt26, Seba, Seba j , Turbo, Bobas315 
Zakazy : 
*Zakaz jakichkolwiek edycji , wyciagania modeli : obory i MIEDZ. 
*Zakaz zmiany linku lub czerpania z mapy korzysci materialnych. 
*Jesli chcesz wyniesc map? skopiuj ca?y post w raz ze zdj?ciami :)  

Pozdrawiam i ?ycz? mi?ej gry .

Credits: kubu$123

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2


Unavailable region v 2.2 Lake Edition

Unavailable region v 2.2 Lake Edition image

It’s time for Unavailable Region Map! This is the average map with interesting terrain. Part of the field is in the canyon. This improves the landscape but doesn’t interfere in the field works.One farm and one place where you can all sell. On the map is also a place where you buy the machine.Road traffic. All possible animals. Sheep and cows have a common grassland and some other… :)
The map is also one big BGA. You can see it in the picture. At the beginning we have a basic machine. Fields need to buy. At the beginning we have 5 However, there are a total of 20 and the total surface structure is more than 90 hectares. Fields are irregular in shape. This can sometimes disturb but it is more realistic.

What’s new in V2
- The fields have been seeded.
- Changes in terrain.
- New crops and ground textures.
- Added a lot of trees. There are new and more older trees.
- Now no errors in the log! Only on patch 2.0!
Appreciate my work on the revised version because I’ve done it a long time. I hope you enjoy it.


Information about fields
1.     Meadow  — Owned
2.     SugarBeets — Owned
3.     Wheat   — Owned
4.     Nothing — To Buy — 3 ha
5.     Nothing — To Buy — 0.77 ha
6.     Rape — To Buy — 3.47 ha
7.     Wheat — To Buy — 6.62 ha
8.     Potatoes — To Buy — 9.66 ha
9.     Wheat — Owned
10.   Barley — To Buy — 3.03 ha
11.   Wheat — To Buy — 4.52 ha
12.   Barley — To Buy — 8.83 ha
13.   Barley — To Buy — 1.96 ha
14.   Rape — To Buy — 7.89 ha
15.   SugarBeets — To Buy — 3.12 ha
16.   Rape — Owned
17.   Wheat — To Buy — 6.98 ha
18.   Barley — To Buy — 3.68 ha
19.   Nothing — To Buy — 5.70 ha
20.   Rape — To Buy — 11.41 ha

Please Keep Original Download Link!


Credits: T0bi69

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Ofice and woden fence pack v 1.0

Ofice and woden fence pack v 1.0 image

It is a pack of wooden fence with an office. [Farmhouse]
Must be installed with Giants editor.
Wooden fence: column: a piece of 3m high: 3.30m
a piece of: 9.90m
a piece of 33 m
a piece of: 49.50m
archive contains everything you need if you want to change something
free for edit
Please keep original download link

Credits: pisty

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4