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Thuringia Rhon v 0.9 BETA

Thuringia-Rhon-v-0.9-BETA-3 thuringia-rhon-v0-9-beta_8 - Copy Thuringia-Rhon-v-0.9-BETA-2

(*) Hilly, large fields
(*) Baywa
(*) Raiffeisen
(*) 2 former LPG plants (arable farm, dairy farming)
(*) Green compost heap
(*) Adjusted traffic
(*) Added grass texture
(*) Exposed dunghill
(*) 3D roads
(*) Adapted cow pasture
(*) 2D/3D trees
(*) Chickens

Authors: fendtxylon524 Saroman, Roberto91, xXMalleXx, AndiScania, diverse polnische Modder


Kernstadt v 2.52 Forest Edition

Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-1 Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-2 Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-3

(*) Some fields are planted and ready for harvest
(*) Standard, spelled, oats, rye, millet, sunflower, onions and carrots are installed
(*) Pig, cattle fattening, Wassermod, Woolpalettecollector, Purchasable items and much more
(*) 3 New outlets: Industrial complex, horse farm, slaughterhouse, Forest Enterprise, Station-sale
(*) Added BGA with a capacity of each 480000 l per silo
(*) Second small courtyard
(*) Two forest areas
(*) Drivable dealers with repair option when using the schadenmod

Authors: PaPa, Alex2009


Old Hagenstedt with Forestry v 1.0

Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forestry-v-1.0-1 Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forestry-v-1.0-2 Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forestry-v-1.0-3

(*) This map is Forstmod ready!
(*) The farm forestry can be found in box 4 of nearby land trade
(*) Important you need the Forestry mod, only the buildings and accessories are loaded from the Forstmod
(*) At the garden center you can now dung, manure, grass, potatoes and sugar beet Sell
(*) Field 13 was used as horse pasture Rebuilt the grass can you right at the horse sale
(*) The feed store built on the cow pasture
(*) The fire station is right at the entrance so a good position to be fast in the field

Authors: Landwirtschafts Simulator GV, Giants


Idaho USA v 1.1 Timber Edition

Idaho-USA-v-1.1-Timber-Edition-1 Idaho-USA-v-1.1-Timber-Edition-3 Idaho-USA-v-1.1-Timber-Edition-2

This is the Idaho Map with provisions for the new forestry logging mod.
In addition, the existing BGA plant has installed additional buildings that will accept wood chips for heat generation and a storage for extra wood chips. A sawmill has been built on the small road leading towards the radio mast in the south of the map.
Some new logging roads have been created as well.

Authors: Sandgropper, Marhu, TMT Team, Ls-2013Modding, NIModding, LazyModStudios Modding, JohnDeere1952, ThompsonM06, IB055, Jens1 and other


Alps Austria Country v 1.0 Forest Edition

Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-1 Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-2 Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-3

(*) Dairy farm with cattle fattening and chickens
(*) Mountain farm with sheep and cows
(*) Pig farm
(*) Contracting company with a feed mixer Hall
(*) 2 Country Trade
(*) 1 small detail rich village with dealer
(*) Very detailed varied & Landscape
(*) 3 forestlands Forstmod
(*) Hills and Valleys
(*) Steep meadows to large flat areas of arable land
(*) Installed alfalfa and clover as a cover crop
(*) Weed Mod
(*) Manure and Lime Mod

Authors: Giants, Eifok, Vertexdezign, Katsuo, BM Modding, rafftnix, fruktor, Buschi, Gitterbox, Baue3rR, JauchenPaule, GE-Mapping, NKB-Modding, Raptor5, SteffenMuc30, B34STx, HatzFan, Modding Welt, martinbigM500, Ls-Landtechnik, Fatian, El Cid, JakobT, TT Modding, div.polnische Modder


Texas Rannard v 2.0 BETA

Texas-Rannard-v-2.0-BETA-1 Texas-Rannard-v-2.0-BETA-2 Texas-Rannard-v-2.0-BETA-3

(*) 1 farm
(*) 2 waterbody (waterplane)
(*) 3 gas stations
(*) 1 mine
(*) 3 rounds of observations

Authors: Elmo, Texas22, Rannard-Ls-Mods


The Alps – The Great Green Valley v 1.5

The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-1 The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-2 The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-3

New world, inspired by Alpine mountains. Find yourself in a enviroment full with new challanges. There are all the feautures of original Landwirtschafts Simulator with many newly added tasks.
Alpine world as you have never seen before in Landwirtschafts Simulator. Map will bring you the true mountain atmosphere and fill your room with mountain air.

Authors: kirezagar, ZG


New Hofer Map v 1.2 Forest Edition

New-Hofer-Map-v-1.2-Forest-Edition-1 New-Hofer-Map-v-1.2-Forest-Edition-2 New-Hofer-Map-v-1.2-Forest-Edition-3

(*) Cows
(*) Forstmod (a few trees set)
(*) Contractors
(*) BGA
(*) 2 stations
(*) A large yard
(*) 32 fields
(*) 4 forests
(*) Zoo

Credits: this mod is made by TuneWar


Tannheim v 1.0 Forest Edition

Tannheim-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-1 Tannheim-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-2 Tannheim-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-3

(*) Wind turbines
(*) Electricity pylons
(*) Trees
(*) Tree trunks
(*) Bushes
(*) Rock
(*) Bridge
(*) Street Signs
(*) Fences

Start Vehicles:
(*) 2 Deutz TTV 430
(*) Deutz 6095 HTS
(*) Deutz Cutter 6095 HTS
(*) Weidemann 4270 CX 100T
(*) 2 Krampe BBE 500
(*) Joker6CT
(*) Amazone ZAM 1501
(*) Amazone AD – P303Super
(*) 2 weights
(*) Header Trailer

Authors: bestmods, Kolbenfresser, TMT, Agii


Franconia Map v 1.9.2

Franconia-Map-v-1.9.2-1 Franconia-Map-v-1.9.2-2 Franconia-Map-v-1.9.2-3

(*) 124 fields
(*) 28 meadows
(*) 14 types of fruit: wheat, barley, oilseed rape, grass, corn, rye, oats, sunflower, triticale, Sudan grass, alfalfa, potatoes, turnips and clover
(*) Maize Row trial
(*) Manure, lime and manure texture in the fields
(*) Green windrow for multi mowing
(*) Rotting disabled
(*) Multi terrain
(*) 4 yards (1 normal, 3 based on pig script)
(*) Cattle fattening
(*) Pig farm
(*) Organic farm
(*) Dairy farm
(*) 2 biogas plants
(*) 1 contractors
(*) 2 external halls, one with Fahrsilo
(*) 3 functioning scales
(*) Cow and sheep pasture
(*) Chicken
(*) Wind turbines
(*) Power and telephone transmission lines
(*) 2 villages
(*) Desert Village
(*) Commercial area with BayWa, LIDL, ALDI, dairy and more
(*) Development area teachers mountain
(*) Lake
(*) Traffic and pedestrians
(*) Fixed bugs

Authors: Gefd25, pAre, Greenstar3875