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Krakatau Volcanic Island v 1.0

Krakatau Volcanic Island v 1.0 image

 Blah blah blah ... blaah ... blablababla ....


Quite interesting is also the story of Krakatau, above 542 
Years on 27 August 1883, there was an explosion of a large 
Magma chamber under the volcano on the island which a large part of the island 
destroyed. For a long time the remaining islands uninhabited, 
only populated by snakes, lizards, birds and toads. In the 
Years 2212-2214, the ground opened again and it formed a 
Big Island. Soon grew on the fertile soil again a lush 
Vegetation and after a few hundred years Krakatau was re- 

Meanwhile lived on the earth estimated to be 120 
Billion people, as good as any spot on earth was populated. Always 
re new epidemics arose but always nipped in the bud 
could be. However, 25 years ago there was an incident in 
a high-security laboratory for biological warfare in Greenland. 
Incorrectly louver and the concatenation of other 
unfortunate circumstances, viruses were released in the 21st century 
were developed in a military project.

From virus 
infected people were to non-sensitive zombies which 
mutually mangled. - It has changed the whole of humanity, who
it surprises, from the 120 billion were iinnert few years only 
have about 100 million ... most mutated. However, there were worldwide 
Islands, where the virus could not spread, because the zombies 
are afraid of water and not able to use technology. Because they 
Biting into it everywhere because they think it is chocolate pudding, and 
because they have so made their teeth broken, there was no more Dentists
and they could serve no blender they starved pretty 
soon, pretty pathetic.

Exceptions were a few very intrepid zombies that are not before the
Water feared. By prolonged contact with water, however, found a gene mutation
instead, the radical effect on the reproductive organs. This change in
made the zombies though almost immortal, they were now no longer in the
Able to proliferate in the usual way. In plant stage in which they
There were finally they were very susceptible to herbicides.

At the time when the zombies still had the upper hand, were also briefly visitors
of an alien planet on Krakatau. They were part of a
multidisciplinary interstellar research mission to explore intelligent
seconded and undiscovered species ... they traveled disappointed and prematurely

There are still some legacies of foreign visitors, which still
be used ...


Too much to make it short, if you like surprises, who does not always want to just plow through, who wants to see things never seen before .....

Play .... must this map! 

Since many details are installed they need a bit PC performance, but I have tried so adjust the map that it should be playable on slower machines. To play simply unzip the downloaded file and copy the contained zip files in the LS13-modfolder. The vehicles will be used to manage a new fruit, they can be found in the shop at the mods under 'Miscellaneous'. - Well, then, just yet ....

.... Much fun! 

PS: The whole "legal" Gedöhns I let remain times that want to do anyway :/ ... ;)

Credits: Gemini

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Water fountain station v 1.0

Water fountain station v 1.0 image

Here my little farm well with memory.

This fountain pumps 2,500 liters per hour in the two tanks with a total capacity of 100.000L.

When you pick up the water, with the standard water trucks / vehicles will not be charged.

So zero cost in water consumption, only 20 units daily operating costs.

It is the Universalprocesskit Mod by mor2000 needed.

Idea, implementation, Design: Peter Pech

Basic models: GIANTS Software GmbH; Unknown; Peter Pech

UPK scripts: moor2000

Credits: PeterP

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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Old Nail Village v 2.0

Old-Nail-Village-v-2.0-3 Old-Nail-Village-v-2.0-1 Old-Nail-Village-v-2.0-2

(*) BGA
(*) 2 Yards
(*) Grain traders + beet and potato sale
(*) Machinery dealer
(*) More than 35 fields
(*) Cows and chickens
(*) Containing no milk truck therefore use the Milk mod

Credits: this mod is made by Luki Mb-Trac


Lubelskie Poland Map

Lubelskie-Poland-Map-3 Lubelskie-Poland-Map-2 Lubelskie-Poland-Map-1

(*) One farm
(*) Hilly terrain
(*) Added textures
(*) Cows
(*) Realisticistic and authentic Water
(*) River

Credits: this mod is made by Major Kupricz


Brewery GE version v 1.0

Brewery GE version v 1.0 image

Aktienbrauerei V1.0


This mod must be placed with the GE.

Just the file to a directory of

Map unpack and place with the GE.


The Aktienbrauerei offers on its surface parking.

Tractors and other small vehicles can be parked there.

The questions are marked with white lines.

For small maps, this mod is not suitable because the buildings

have large distance from each other, so that one to big vehicles

can move better.


The mod has been tested and works properly. (No Logfehler)

A placeable version, it will not be because of the groesse because

the spot on which the shares placed brewery is only prepared

must be.

The bottom plate of this mod is best done with the terrain of the map

precisely aligned werden.Die Abkippstelle is right at the entrance

after the barrier and be easily visible.

The Aktienbrauerei consists of three main silos, a Verwaltungsgebeude,

a Verarbeitungsgebeude, car parks and a receipt of goods.


This mod may not be modified or umgeskinnt!

Uploading to other sites is allowed only with the original link.


have fun with it …. Harrybo

Credits: Harrybo

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9




Here i present my first british map to all of you. The map is based in the landscapes from England.
So it based on England but i used my imagination and creativity to create this map.
And i have searched for photo’s from other maps how it needs to look like.
Ik hope you all enjoy the map.

Follow us

What can you find in the map;
village with a pub
Vehicle shop
Shop for selling your eggs
trade for selling your crops
Milk Factory
Cows, Sheeps, and Chickens
25 fields
Fields are numbered
Pda got icons on it

After you download it you need to unpack the File there are multiple mods in it!
Crops/fruits will die!
I would like to thank al the modders for using their objects, buildings, texturen..
Ik hope i do not forget someone in my credits, if i forgot you i am sorry but thanks that i can use it

Helpful Hints
Make sure you have installed the LATEST stable Patch!

The crops will die

Extra mods: Unpacking after download
Water trailer
Manure mod

Our maps are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
Creative Commons License

You are free:
To Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work. Only the original web link address can be used, so a link to must be used, opposed to the work being uploaded to another site.

Under the following conditions:
Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

You are not allowed to edit our maps and reüpload it.

For questions you can contact us.


Original beibehalten Link
Nicht auf andere Websites hochladen ohne Genehmigung

Zachowaj oryginalny link!
Nie wysylaj do innych stron bez zgody!


This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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British Farm Style Map

British-Farm-Style-Map-1 British-Farm-Style-Map-2 British-Farm-Style-Map-3

(*) Farm
(*) Village with a pub
(*) Vehicle shop
(*) Shop for selling your eggs
(*) Trade for selling your crops
(*) Milk Factory
(*) Cows, Sheeps, and Chickens
(*) 25 fields
(*) Fields are numbered
(*) PDA got icons on it
(*) Mud

Authors: Mike, Giants, NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh, FS-UK Modteam, John Deere 6930, Bluebaby210, Daniel Witzel, Marhu, TMT, Dzimek, Jimmy, Eifok


Smithfield Farm

Smithfield-Farm-1 Smithfield-Farm-2 Smithfield-Farm-3

Smithfield Farm is located in the rolling hills of mid wales. Smithfield is a mixed farm, and has both good arable and livestock land.
The farm is covered in thick woodlands, though a larger number of the trees were fell to create new fields, they are still one of the farm defining features.
The farm is biult on the side of a hill. The top field are larger and higher than the lower half of the farm. Most of the field on the the farm are currently grassland and are in need of being re-seeded and yeild are currently down.
Smithfield farm is based on a real farm, The biuldings are replicas of biuldings found on the farm, The narrow lanes, tight gates ways are where they are in real life.
Big machinery was never used on this farm, it was run for years with tractors no larger than 90hp, but its not small. The farm is a 180 acre farm, there is 155 acres of usable land the rest is woodland.
The fields range from the smallest at 2.7 acres all the way up to 13.4 acres. The farm gate range from 12foot to 16foot.
The layout is based on a google earth photo.
The terrain is based on personal knowledge of the farm.
The biulding are all based on the real thing, all biulding are AO textured.
The gates/doors/barriers and grain covers all open with the letter O when the icon appears, this can be done either on foot or from the tractor, the tractor icon must be selected.
Warning do not sell the vehicle your driving, you must get out first. A problem with the door triggers will be caused if this is not done.

Authors: LJW modding (LordWilliams), Vertex Design, Fuqsbow, Willjsavage, Giants


Marshfield Estate Map More Realistic

Marshfield-Estate-Map-More-Realisticistic and authentic-1 Marshfield-Estate-Map-More-Realisticistic and authentic-3 Marshfield-Estate-Map-More-Realisticistic and authentic-2

Marshfield Estate is a map based around a fictitious location. The estate has 3 large farms with plenty of storage space and functions. 1 farm is made for arable purposes, the second farm is made for Pig purposes and the final farm offers a selection of different livestock. Sheep, Cow and chickens.
All the storage facilities are for use with tip anywhere apart from the silage pits, this is to give you the opportunity to select where you tip your grains.
The estate has 107 fields, this sounds a lot but it gives you the opportunity to expand your estate to a good level. The fields vary in size there is no huge fields but there is enough to keep you busy. You start off with no fields and you have to take out a small loan to buy some land this gives you something to work off.
The location the estate is set offers plenty of selling places. There is a new BGA plant which has opened and is happy to take old silage and left over hay that is not normally saleable. There is a small micro-brewery that likes to take top quality Barley to put into the beer they produce. There is a farm that takes feed grains like barley and wheat to sell on, they are not as fussy as the main mill. The mill complex likes the best grains such as wheat and maize and OSR which has been stored with the correct moisture contents. There is also a vegetable plant that likes to purchase large quantities of potatoes and Sugar beet to sell to supermarkets. Milk is sold manually using a milk trailer for your tractor and then goes to Arla and is made into various dairy products.
Frank Sutton is your local dealer but he has not had chance to change the Previous Krone sign to John Deere.
The Auctioneers offers Seeds and fertiliser at a good price and will purchase pigs and wool and straw out of trailers to be sold in the auction hall.
Timed Gates at sell places: open times = 6:00am – 12:00pm then 13:00pm 18:00pm
Slurry and manure Mod
Map Hose ref Point
All fields owned
Some hills are steep be warned more power may be needed
Multi farm ready
Course play can be used for selling
Lots of trees and varying terrain heights some fields are very steep be warned

Authors: Chief86, Marhu, MorphX, fruktor, TMT, Sandgroper, NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh, Germany Community Group, martinbigM500


Broadwoods Map

Broadwoods-Map-1 Broadwoods-Map-2 Broadwoods-Map-3

Broadwoods is a map based on the South West of England. It has 14 buyable fields, which are medium to small sized, some flat and some on hills. Grass is the main crop at Broadwoods to provide silage for the dairy enterprise, however wheat, barley, maize, potatoes, sugar beet and oilseed rape can all be grown and sold. Hedges can also be cut. Crops, wool, bales, and eggs can all be sold at the farm shop area. This is also where fuel, seeds, fertiliser and machines can be purchased. Crops can also be sold at the dairy.

Credits: this mod is made by SamN Modding