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Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

Four-Acre-USA-Farms-v-1.0-1 Four-Acre-USA-Farms-v-1.0-2 Four-Acre-USA-Farms-v-1.0-3

This map is in 4 farms:
(*) NW Farm – horses
(*) NE Farm – hogs
(*) SW Farm – beef
(*) SE Farm – dairy, sheep and chickens

(*) The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel
(*) You can storage dump at all 4 farms, you can only load at the grain complex, grain and the vegetables you have to load at NE farm 3
(*) You have 3 grain elevators to sell at Pioneer, MFA, Cargill
(*) The vegetable is sold at the Bed and Breakfast, Hoss supermarket, and farmers market
(*) There are 2 lakes, Missouri river, creek, 2 trains, 2 towns, airport, manure, mist, kalk mod and weeds

You need to unzip and the the unzip file is a map mod zip file and that need to unzip they are 11 mods. You should have 12 mods total

Credits: this mod is made by jb3pc4sale


Pleasant Valley Fences v 2.0

Pleasant-Valley-Fences-v-2.0-1 Pleasant-Valley-Fences-v-2.0-2 Pleasant-Valley-Fences-v-2.0-3

(*) 10 individual farms, each surrounded by its own color fence and with its own animal barns (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, lambs, foals, horses, piglets, calves, beef)
(*) 23 different fruit types ( wheeat, barley, canola, corn, sugarbeet, potato, millet, sorghhum, cotton, soybean, sunflower, carrot, onion, mushroom, sugarcane, tomato, oat, rye, honeymelon, watermelon, coffee, poppy, hemp)
(*) 19 factories produce (seed, fertilizer, fuel, hops, beer, culligan water, cement, soup, juice, canned vegges, textiles, pepsi, snacks, gold, vodka, whiskey, birdseed, bread, salsa)
(*) Gravel pit with coal, sand, gravel and salt. features piles that fill over time
(*) Scales at factories to keep track of who is contributing to what factory
(*) Factories need to be supplied with coal to keep them operating
(*) Integrated map buyable objects. Factories and other items need to be purchase before use
(*) Integrated gameplay mod limits the amount you can spend on a single purchase in the store based on how many fields are owned
(*) Integrated custom vehicle group switcher. Each farm has its own group
(*) Pleasant Valley Bank allowss users to bank there money before exiting the server and withdraw it when they log back in. Account info is stored in the save game file so only server admins have access
(*) Custom version of vehicle damage mod integrated (repairs are paid by the server account and vehicle damage is reduced)
(*) Random prices. prices are randomized at each ssell point every hour so that you are not always selling to the same place.
(*) Placeable silos with their own inventory so that players can store what they grow on their farm
(*) Integrated forest mod – a custom version is available so that forest mod vehicles don’t take damage and so that players cant purchase additional facilities for their farms
(*) Many custom vehicles in the color of each individual farm
(*) Integrated pdafix with yellow prices to let your players know when products can be sold

Credits: this mod is made by Dajnet Mods


Toxenbach v 2.0 Forest Edition

Toxenbach-v-2.0-Forest-Edition-1 Toxenbach-v-2.0-Forest-Edition-2 Toxenbach-v-2.0-Forest-Edition-3

(*) Start vehicles
(*) 24 fields, 2 meadows
(*) Country trade, mill
(*) Cows, sheep, chickens. Cows and sheep are common pasture
(*) There is an option for the fields buy
(*) City as a standard card
(*) Crops are almost ready for harvest. Growth phase 3
(*) Good for low poly Pc `s Optimization is good. There are no errors in the log
(*) BGA
(*) Attention to detail on the map. Gravel roads, traffic signs and more
(*) Interesting textures

Credits: this mod is made by Battle414


Podkarpacka Wies v 1.0

Podkarpacka-Wies-v-1.0-1 Podkarpacka-Wies-v-1.0-2 Podkarpacka-Wies-v-1.0-3

(*) Manure mod
(*) Cows, chicken
(*) Forest (forest mod)
(*) Field of small / medium
(*) Curiously shaped area
(*) Major crops
(*) One nice farm
(*) Opens the door to the key
(*) 3D Trees
(*) Great optimization
(*) Mod dark night
(*) Purchase
(*) Lime mod

Credits: this mod is made by Galxy


Birkenhof 2014 v 1.0

Birkenhof-2014-v-1.0-1 Birkenhof-2014-v-1.0-2 Birkenhof-2014-v-1.0-3

The Map has two courtyards one Kuhhof and a central courtyard
They are initially equipped with the necessary Startmaschienen and you should be a good start

Authors: agrotronic, plop9999


Forestry Iceland v 2.1

Forestry-Iceland-v-2.1-1 Forestry-Iceland-v-2.1-2 Forestry-Iceland-v-2.1-3

Forestry Iceland Map – version 2.1 without rotting

On the beautifully landscaped you have much to do, next to the fields spacious she is expecting a range of forestry and animal husbandry. Do they care about their sheep, cows and chickens

Credits: this mod is made by MN99


Porta Westfalica v 1.0 Multifruit

Porta-Westfalica-v-1.0-Multifruit-1 Porta-Westfalica-v-1.0-Multifruit-2 Porta-Westfalica-v-1.0-Multifruit-3

(*) Multifruit: wheat, barley, oats, rye, spelled, green wheat, corn, canola, sunflower, sugarbeet, potatoes, carrots, onions, hops, clover, alfalfa, pasture energy and 5 straws
(*) Realisticistic and authentic landscaping with many details
(*) Brewery and bakery with function
(*) Slurry manure lime Mod
(*) Swine and cattle fattening
(*) Cows, sheep, chickens
(*) Water Mod
(*) Green manure mod
(*) Fodder mixing stations
(*) Wool pallet stocker
(*) Ball bearings with crane

Credits: this mod is made by GMCW


Muhlenhof 2014 v 1.0

Muhlenhof-2014-v-1.0-1 Muhlenhof-2014-v-1.0-3 Muhlenhof-2014-v-1.0-2

The Map has a courtyard with Schaafen, cows, Maschienenhallen and a small BGA
On a further courtyard there is a pig
There have been completely installed new texturen

Authors: agrotronic, plop9999


Small Neudorf v 2.0

Small-Neudorf-v-2.0-1 Small-Neudorf-v-2.0-2 Small-Neudorf-v-2.0-3

(*) 3 Small villages
(*) 2 small yards
(*) 1 VGA
(*) 1 country trade
(*) 1 Agricultural Machinery
(*) 1 sawmill
(*) 1 thermal power station
(*) 2 Woods for the Forstmod
(*) All three species
(*) About 40 small to medium sized fields
(*) Traffic
(*) Milk Truck

Credits: this mod is made by Luki MB-Trac


Fazenda Matinha v 1.2


Matinha Farm is a farm located within the municipality of Santa Juliana, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Here you can find the most productive mining triangle of land, with the main income from agriculture farming and raising cattle.
Forbidden to edit without permission

Authors: Jhonatan Henry, Gustavo Janning