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Little Slovakia Map v 2.0

Little-Slovakia-Map-v-2.0-1 Little-Slovakia-Map-v-2.0-2 Little-Slovakia-Map-v-2.0-3

Ideal Map for all types of players

Author: Ondrejus


LS Olympics Map v 1.0 BETA

LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-1 LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-2 LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-3

On this small map you can compete in competitions in multiplayer against others. Result always the way. The signs will show you what you are to do. The map is designed for multiplayer.

There are the following competitions:
– Wheel loader Wrestling
– Motorcycle Racing
– Tractor Long Jump
– Obstacle course
– Bale obstacle course
– Swimming
– Tractor Football

Authors: Nerd01, Modelleicher, Farmerahner, trixi, Freak36558, majo84, mailman, johndeere007


Contractors Hagenstedt v 1.0

Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-1 Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-2 Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-3

– Built up fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, grain maize, potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots, onions, oats, spelled, rye, sunflower, triticale
– Postponed yard
– Laid cow pasture and sheep pasture on the farm
– Chickens on the farm Freewheeling
– Installed barbed wire fence with Collision
– Wasser mod for cows, chickens and sharp installed
– Duch riding hall installed
– Installed new shelters
– Feed stores installed
– Traffic Lights installed
– Distillery installed
– Sugar Factory installed
– Nursery installed
– New BGA installed
– Installed new field sales trigger
– Deleted 2 fields and built with objects
– Installed Multiplayer digital display
– Farm Garden installed
– Wash installed
– Installed Wool palett collector
– Installed BGA sliding gates
– Installed signs
– New road texture
– Kiosk installed
– Lawns Added
– New Start field (wheat)
– New Start Vehicles
– Milk is no longer picked

Authors: ZeFir_POLAND, charly_99, GE-Mapping, frisco0177, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, Marhu, Kolbenfresser, Trixi, Philippelp, Blacky_BPG, tackleberry, luculus


In the Tyrolean Mountains v 1.0

In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-1 In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-2 In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-3

On the map there are two villages, St. Martin and the Kalmtal. St. Martin is located in the outer valley on a small plateau. It is not very big but there are in St. Martin an agricultural machinery business. There you can buy new machinery, buildings or equipment or animals. In St. Martin there is a smaller ski area. Two hotels in St. Martin for sale. In Kalmtal is your yard. You have a lot of fields, so only grass. But besides the sheep and cow pasture (which are also located in Kalmtal ) there are two smaller fields.

Author: Südtirolerbauer


Welcome to Mecklenburg v 4.0

Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-1 Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-2 Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-3

– 3 villages and LPG, which manages the full range of normal agriculture
– Pig, cattle breeding, milk production and sheep on the farm and a few chickens
– The feed store was thrown out, as it has not received more raison
– The dairy barn is now muck out in the barn and the manure pile in front of the barn can be used as manure interim storage
– The terrain still indulged a few finishing touches and meadows must be recreated

Author: gtschmied


Hagenstedt Modified 2013 v 5.0.3

Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.3-1 Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.3-2 Hagenstedt-Modified-2013-v-5.0.3-3

New in 5.0.3 version:
– Habiks compound feed price corrected
– Prices of non growing peasants fill types adapted
– Weed mod seems to get away
– Corrects erroneous fodder Plan at the breeding facilities
– Corrects erroneous fodder Plan for the farm animals
– Shelter at the court (in the courtyard garage) exchanged
– Start vehicles Dominator as a starting Drescher
– Krone Emsland EDK as an additional start trailer
– Chopped income adjusted downward
– FruitUtil.lua (90) bugs removed
– Traffic Randomizer revised and adjusted correctly after random and Propability

Authors: Giants, TMT-Team, Marhu, skydancer, Bummi-Brum, lecra, Ifko[nator], Der_Nik, BigM, BlueBaby210, Richi-3, Kolbenfresser, frisco0177, Ganelcer, THP1985, mailman, Marc85, GE-Mapping, Feldhamster232, iacappo1977, KundSModding, honclik, Treckkerbodo, Manu1993Profi, Enercon, zefir_poland, martinbigm500, ClaasHof, ls-ecofarming, mote454, Thuruk, wellano920, burner, sewi123, uploader123, MX11, blackburner, SFM-Modding, Modelleicher, FSM-Team, Sandgroper, Schwacki, EasterEgg


Alpental Remake v 2.0

Alpental-Remake-v-2.0-1 Alpental-Remake-v-2.0-2 Alpental-Remake-v-2.0-3

Take on an old courtyard in this peaceful valley and discover the varied fields of activity of a modern farmer. Alpental The Remake 2.0 was created with old patch 2.0.
The Alpental remake was equipted with traffic lights because of blue baby, Map lights is required, it is the (highway code) Traffic signs. One fire department, a gas station, and various pettiness was installed.

Authors: Elmo, Kaki Power 29, Elmo, Wohlstandskind, marhu, Buschi, Katsuo, mailman, Fatian, marjas31 LS-Landtechnik, Luxfarm, TMT – Trans Mapping Team, MorphX, Fruktor (Eifok), LwFarming, Alex2009, Buschi, Bluebaby, Nick98.1, classRequirement


Big European Map v 2.0

Big-European-Map-v-2.0-1 Big-European-Map-v-2.0-2 Big-European-Map-v-2.0-3

– Agricultural Flieger
– Map Silo Band
– Wool Palette Collector
– Pig
– Cattle fattening
– Water Mod
– Mixing Station
– Oberthal Bacher country trade rebuild
– Forgotten Plants Realistic Texture
– Slurry manure and lime Mod
– New cowzone, refurbished, new barn
– New farm silos
– Brewery with production
– Dairy Barn With Installation Instruction V1.0
– Workshop shed kit
– BGA For small businesses
– Balance with statistics function
– Digital display for silo filling
– Help Icons Fixed Position
– Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
– Pesticide Station and seed Station
– Signs
– Conversion textures
– Land with grass texture
– Fixed several bugs
– New cow silos
– New hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex
– Special care of the landscaping
– New constructions
– Elimination of problematic objects

Author: Tiago Piloneto


Top Lodge Farm

Top-Lodge-Farm-1 Top-Lodge-Farm-2 Top-Lodge-Farm-3

A small British style map designed for small to medium machinery. Such as Ford Force Conversions and Ford Force’s. When you start, you will find all the starting equipment at the shop. There is also a field with fully grown wheat, ready to harvest.
The sell point for grain, potatoes and sugar beet is located in the middle of the map. Behind this sell point there is the sell point for eggs and also he sell points for bales. The bale sell point is located in the corner, bales will be sold when placed in the black and yellow box which is also covered in straw. At this sell point you can also find triggers for fertilizer and seeds.
You can also find all the triggers needed such as, seeds, fertilizer and fuel at the farm along with silos for grain, potatoes and sugar beet. The vehicle reset point is at the farm, just outside the cow shed.
This map has been designed for all types of PC, if you have lag on this map it is recommended that you turn your settings down.

This map has:
– One yard
– One sell point
– Cows
– Sheep
– Chickens
– All types of crop storage
– Weed mod

Authors: Giants, Amvcbob, FarmerYip, WBF-contracting1, Neurotek, Rh/Ni Modding, Sandgroper, Tommx55, Katze5, EU modding, Ifan, Farmer54, Willjsavage, SamN, Seba j, Fatian, Ipsidedown, Raptor5


Drensteinfurt v 3.0

Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-1 Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-2 Drensteinfurt-v-3.0-3

– Great main courtyard (where cows can also be lined manure and there may also be Brought)
– Kuhhof (Large barn with ausmist function)
– In each stall can be fed with compound feed
– Grain silos can be removed with a shovel
– Silos on the farm and cow on the main yard
– Small village with Country dealers and trade
– Large-biogas plant with 4 silos and silage mountain
– At 2 yard with beets and potatoes and sheep
– Industrial area with a further sale station
– Frequent Idyle
– Drive cars, milk trucks and pedestrians
– Area was found to Münster after

Author: 0maxi0