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Lada 21099

Lada-21099-1 Lada-21099-2 Lada-21099-3

Lada 21099 Car with Tuning

Credits: this mod is made by apelsinka1991

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VAZ 2106

VAZ-2106-2 2015-01-04_00034 VAZ-2106-3

VAZ 2106 Car with Tuning

Credits: this mod is made by apelsinka1991

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BMW 535i

BMW-535-i-1 BMW-535-i-2

BMW 535i Car

Credits: this mod is made by urban34

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VAZ 2107

VAZ-2107-1 VAZ-2107-2

VAZ 2107 Car with Sport Tuning

Authors: Sergey54rus, Tima032

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VAZ 2110 MES

VAZ-2110-MES-1 VAZ-2110-MES-2

VAZ 2110 MES Police Car

Credits: this mod is made by 777

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VAZ 2121 Niva Monster

VAZ-2121-Niva-Monster-1 VAZ-2121-Niva-Monster-2

VAZ 2121 Niva Monster Car

Authors: Stalker, Northern Strike

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Happy New Year 2015


Kraz Trucks and Trailers Pack v 2.1

Kraz-Trucks-and-Trailers-Pack-v-2.1-1 Kraz-Trucks-and-Trailers-Pack-v-2.1-2

In Pack includes:

Kraz Trucks:
– Kraz 6130S4
– Kraz 6233R6
– Kraz 6322-056
– Kraz 6446
– Kraz 65101

– Dnestr 8523-10
– Dnestr 9523-05
– Dnestr 93571
– Tank for liquid Products
– Trailer for liquid manure
– TZ 22
– Chmzap 9990
– Odaz 9976
– Semi Timber 930702-010 Trailer
– Refrigerated Semi Trailer

Authors: SpeedySC1978, sanya1970, henly20, Norther_Strike, Siwus, Mythbuster, irakls, Koral, Game Kraz (Avalon Style Entertainment), MUK Modding, Crew, Pisty, Kyosho’s Modfactory, Silak_68, werik, AleksBam777

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Fendt Vario 939 BB More Realistic

Fendt-Vario-939-BB-More-Realisticistic and authentic

– New Sound
– Power 420 Hp
– Ploughing Spec
– New black Skin
– New dirt Skin
– Twin Wheels: front and back
– Washable
– Cab suspension
– Moveable rear attacher
– Full lighting
– Opening doors and rear window with IC buttons
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Manual Ignition
– Animated Hydraulic
– Wheel Particle Spec
– Moving Interior Parts
– Fendt weight

Authors: surrealcrash, fruktor, Platino1530

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Schlueter Super 1500 TVL Special v 1.0


Open doors and windows
Front hydraulics / show
Front weights switchable
Fully animated front axle and wheel shaft
Fully animated rear hydraulic
Animated fittings
Realisticistic and authentic exhaust smoke
Realisticistic and authentic Indoor Camera
Work light and lighting v 3.1
Realisticistic and authentic camber

Authors: schlueterfan1977, Deutz1997, ffwmaxi, modeleicher, deutz1997, Sven777b, Face, Myth

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