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Green Manure Mod v 0.91 BETA


The green manure mod adds all cultivators, plows and direct seeding in the game added the ability to fertilize by the incorporation of a cover crop

In this version you can first for testing only rape and if available incorporate clover & lucerne with cultivators, plows & drill

Author: upsidedown


The Alps – The Great Green Valley v 1.5

The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-1 The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-2 The-Alps-The-Great-Green-Valley-v-1.5-3

New world, inspired by Alpine mountains. Find yourself in a enviroment full with new challanges. There are all the feautures of original Landwirtschafts Simulator with many newly added tasks.
Alpine world as you have never seen before in Landwirtschafts Simulator. Map will bring you the true mountain atmosphere and fill your room with mountain air.

Authors: kirezagar, ZG


John Deere 7530 Premium v 3.0


– ES Limiter
– Power Shaft Attacher
– Hydraulic Animations
– Ploughing Spec
– Operating Hours
– Full lighting
– Working MP

Authors: Bigfarmer145, Timber131, Roller90, Lechu & Aranea, xEriOn


Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Pack


The Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Pack provides a perfect vehicle and tools combination for all combine fans.
The Pack contains the Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Combine, the Claas Vario 1200 Cutter (for grain, 12 m working width) and the Claas Conspeed 8-75 FC Corn Cutter (for corn, 8 row working width).
Adjusted to the width of the V1200 the cutter trailer TAM Leguan Quattro allows for an easy and safe transport.

Features Claas Lexion 770 TT:
– Dynamic caterpillar track
– Adjustable cruise control (ES-Limiter)
– Switchable straw chopper (adaptable to the working width)
– Interactive Control (i.a. with 5 selectable cameras)
– Hectare counter
– Dynamic overloading speed (incl. particle system)
– Indoor-sound
– Dynamic exhaust
– Wheel dust while driving
– Swing axle
– 12850 liter graintank capacity
– 32 kmph / 20 mph top speed
– 580€ maintenance per day
– Washable with Kärcher HDS 690

Features Claas Vario 1200 Cutter:
– Animated crop flow
– Adjustable reel
– Two cameras for better overview (available via Interactive Control)
– Ground adaptation through Auto Contour
– Power Shaft (PTO is attached)
– Washable with Kärcher HDS 690

Features Claas Conspeed 8-75 FC corn picker:
– Animated crop flow
– Foldable
– Washable with Kärcher HDS 690

Features TAM Leguan Quattro cutter trailer:
– All-wheel steering for ideal towing performance and small curve radii
– Extensible rear light unit incl. beacon
– Licensed for 30 kmph / 20 mph

Authors: SFM-Modding, BM-Modding


Volvo FH 16 v 2.5


Volvo FH 16 Truck

Author: Gio88


Riedler Wood Trailer v 1.0


Riedler Wood Trailer for transporting long timber

– Lighting v 3.1
– Wheel particle
– Driving particle
– Load securing
– Lock Steering axle
– Chocks
– Rul

Author: corad60


Cat Dumper 797 v 1.0


– Wheel particle
– Driving particle
– Indoor sound
– Capacity 327000 kg

Authors: Jumpster, clrsjohn


Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forest Edition

Hagenstedt-Deluxe-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-1 Hagenstedt-Deluxe-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-2 Hagenstedt-Deluxe-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-3

– 39 boxes + 2 large and a mini lawn mowing
– Pastures and small BGA right on the farm
– Water Mod (Tend to your animals in addition to water)
– Pork and beef fattening
– Shortcut to section 8 and to the freight depot
– Slurry manure lime Mod
– Multifruit: sunflower, oats, rye and industrial hemp
– Seed, fertilizer and lime needs to be purchased
– On the farm there are matching storage silos for stock storage
– Fields got curves and are somewhat better adapted to the landscape
– Slaughterhouse on the sale of fattening pigs and cattle is open daily from 6:00 to 22:00 clock
– Garages and sheds with gates to open
– Weed
– Purchasable objects
– On Field 6 has a large BGA was built which is obtained when purchasing the field
– Mixer stations with rotating and extendable unloading trunk
– Wool Palette collector
– Stock for straw, grass, silage and chopped added
– manure and slurry sale of the Land commercial
– manure, straw and House Sale at the garden center
– Fillable diesel barrels
– Diesel prices change every hour
– Wash and large petrol stations next to the agricultural machinery dealers
– Wither is OFF
– Some collisions removed to box the Middle trees

Authors: GIANTS, Marhu, Funky, frisco0177, buchhauer, Alex2009, Ganelcer, Eribus, ZeFir, Blacky BPG, Blackburner, Typho0n, Joerg_B, TMT, modPortal, FSM Team, Upsidedown


Ford 6610 v 2.0


Ford 6610 two-wheel drive Tractor

Authors: Hurley, Bennythen00b, EddieVegas, Guido1468


John Deere S690i Pack v 1.1


In Pack included:
– John Deere S690i Combine
– John Deere S690i Terra Trac Combine
– John Deere 635R Cutter
– Rape Profit II Cutter
– Zurn 550 Cutter Trailer

– Cultives that you can harvest: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Corn, Soybean, Sunflower, Oat and Rice
– Front and rear lights work, besides tube light
– The ability to leave or straw
– The head contains grain animacioon in fruit, also fold it
– Combine with this lively work and transport position
– Driving Particle Systems
– Rean Straw and Chopped Straw Particle systems
– Interactive Control and Light
– Manual Ignition
– Buyable Rape system
– Grain Header have the ability to use crop Ricers
– Dinamic unload particles
– Indoor Sounds
– Header tilt
– Manual Header Height

Author: Julian11