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Milk Trailer Creme Mont Blanc Edition v 1.0


Creme Mont Blanc Edition Milk Trailer

Author: zorlac


Kuhn Mixer Wagon Pack v 1.1


These two machines are compatible with mixing station, you can fill them with the mixture of the station and also manually with bales of hay, straw and silage.

Profile Options kuhn 1880:
– Capacity 18 m³
– Manual start, stop the machine when you leave the tractor
– Dry Grass 25-75%
– 25-75% Silage
– Straw 0-40%
– Warning Forage 0-100% with mixing station

Options Kuhn SPV 12 Comfort:
– Capacity 12 m³
– DryGrass 25-75%
– 25-75% Silage
– Straw 0-40%

Authors: Giants, Börndi, rafftnix, wolverine


In the Tyrolean Mountains v 1.0

In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-1 In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-2 In-the-Tyrolean-Mountains-v-1.0-3

On the map there are two villages, St. Martin and the Kalmtal. St. Martin is located in the outer valley on a small plateau. It is not very big but there are in St. Martin an agricultural machinery business. There you can buy new machinery, buildings or equipment or animals. In St. Martin there is a smaller ski area. Two hotels in St. Martin for sale. In Kalmtal is your yard. You have a lot of fields, so only grass. But besides the sheep and cow pasture (which are also located in Kalmtal ) there are two smaller fields.

Author: Südtirolerbauer


John Deere 9630 Forestry


John Deere 9630 Forestry Tractor

Authors: Solanz, Zippo


New Holland CR 9090 v 2.1


– Operating position / Transport
– Rotating Rotors
– Standard lighting
– Straw Spec
– Hand Brake
– Operating Hours & ES Limiter
– Manual Ignition
– Real Exhaust Particle System
– New wheels
– Driving physics
– Manually activated rape the approach under the header
– Movable knife blades
– Slowly turn on the cutter
– Fruit Animation
– Engine Power: 570 HP
– Grain tank capacity: 12500 l
– Fuel tank capacity: 1160 l

Authors: T0bi69, Siwus


Mack Palfinger Transport Pack v 2.0

Mack-Palfinger-Transport-Pack-v-2.0-1 Mack-Palfinger-Transport-Pack-v-2.0-2 Mack-Palfinger-Transport-Pack-v-2.0-3

In Pack includes:
– Mack 803 4 axle Heavy Transport Truck
– Mack 803 4 axle Heavy Transport Truck with Crane
– Mack 803 3 axle Heavy Duty Truck
– Mack 803 Black Edition Truck
– Mack 803 White Edition Truck
– Mack 803 Red Edition Truck
– Mack 803 Krone Edition Truck
– Mack 803 Krone Edition Truck
– Mack 803 for Wechselbruecke White Truck
– Mack 803 for Wechselbruecke Red Truck
– Mack RW 713 Truck
– Mack RW 713 Red Truck
– Mack RW 713 Dumper Truck
– Mack RW 713 Dumper White Truck
– 2 Krampe Trailers
– 2 Fliegl Trailers
– 2 Transporter Trailers
– Tanker Trailer
– Kroeger SRB 35 Train Trailer

Version 2.0:
– Compatibility for Logistics Pack

Author: ieg53i


Fliegl TMK Bennes Zorlac Edition Trailers Pack

Fliegl-TMK-Bennes-Zorlac-Edition-Trailers-Pack-1 Fliegl-TMK-Bennes-Zorlac-Edition-Trailers-Pack-2

In Pack included Bennes Zorlac Edition Fliegl TMK Trailers:
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Trailer: capacity 61900 l
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Trailer: capacity 46900 l
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Semi Trailer: capacity 61900 l
– Fliegl TMK 189 SC Trailer: capacity 18900 l

Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, manure

Author: zorlac


Merlo P41.7 Turbofarmer v 2.0


A telehandler for handling and lifting operations at big heights delivering high profitability and versatility in agricultural work that would formally have required several specialised or larger machines.
Up to 7m lift height, Cabine suspension, Rear pivot axle, auto-adjustable camera for maximum functionality.
3 Wheel Modes: Front, All and Crab.

– Flickering textures at some maps
– Smaller rollover effect
– Wheel Modes Full Multiplayer Ready
– Harder Cab Suspension
– Smaller Price

New Features:
– Variable Back Attacher Trailer Type
– Fixed Back Attacher Trailer Low Type
– Blinker/Parking Lights

Authors: Mythos, Xentro, Manuel Leithner(SFM Modding), modelleicher, Sven777b, JoXXer (BJR-Modding), TobiasF


Welcome to Mecklenburg v 4.0

Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-1 Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-2 Welcome-to-Mecklenburg-v-4.0-3

– 3 villages and LPG, which manages the full range of normal agriculture
– Pig, cattle breeding, milk production and sheep on the farm and a few chickens
– The feed store was thrown out, as it has not received more raison
– The dairy barn is now muck out in the barn and the manure pile in front of the barn can be used as manure interim storage
– The terrain still indulged a few finishing touches and meadows must be recreated

Author: gtschmied


Fendt Favorit 4S v 1.0


– AO Texture (New distressed look)
– Front linkage
– Fully animated hydraulic
– New rear hydraulics from Schlueter Super 950
– Switchable weights
– Plough mod
– Drawbar
– Group circuit with original transmission data
– New roof
– Realistic exhaust particle system
– ES Limiter
– Hood and FH
– Lighting v 3.1
– Realistic Indoor Camera

Authors: schlueterfan1977, modelleicher, donkey