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LS Olympics Map v 1.0 BETA

LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-1 LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-2 LS-Olympics-Map-v-1.0-BETA-3

On this small map you can compete in competitions in multiplayer against others. Result always the way. The signs will show you what you are to do. The map is designed for multiplayer.

There are the following competitions:
– Wheel loader Wrestling
– Motorcycle Racing
– Tractor Long Jump
– Obstacle course
– Bale obstacle course
– Swimming
– Tractor Football

Authors: Nerd01, Modelleicher, Farmerahner, trixi, Freak36558, majo84, mailman, johndeere007


Reform Mounty 100 v 1.0


Reform Mounty 100 Tractor

Authors: Südtirol Modding, Südtirolerbauer, Simfire 1099


Massey Ferguson Fortia 9895 v 1.0


– Grain tank capacity: 12334 l
– Cruise control levels: 4
– Maximum speed: 42 km / h
– Board Computer
– AGCO Power Flow 9.2 m high cutting performance
– AGCO Power Flow 9.2 m high performance cutting canola
– Corn cutter 9 m
– Sunflower cutting 9 m
– Header trailer for the Powerflow works
– AGCO Power Flow 10.2 m high performance cutting
– AGCO Power Flow 10.2 m high performance cutting rape
– Horn
– Work light
– Brake light
– Beacons
– Folding grain tank
– Fruits: wheat, barley, rye, millet, oats, rape, maize, sunflowers

Author: Golim


Rubor Service v 1.0


– Real Exhaust Particle System
– Driving Particle System
– Wheel Dirt Specialization

Authors: giants, charly_99


Fliegl TMK Cedric Transports Edition Trailers Pack

Fliegl-TMK-Cedric-Transports-Edition-Trailers-Pack-1 Fliegl-TMK-Cedric-Transports-Edition-Trailers-Pack-2

In Pack included 4 Cedric Transports Edition Fliegl TMK Trailers:
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Trailer: capacity 61900 l
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Trailer: capacity 46900 l
– Fliegl TMK 469 SC Semi Trailer: capacity 61900 l
– Fliegl TMK 189 SC Trailer: capacity 18900 l

Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, manure

Author: zorlac


Claas Ranger 940 GX Pack v 1.0


In Pack includes:

Claas Ranger 940 GX:
– AO textures
– Washable
– Tires and field dust
– Own sounds, including responding to the door InDoor sound
– Bolt on hitch, which disappears when one depends a trailer (own Script)
– Lighting v 3.1
– Dynamic exhaust fumes
– several working lights, separately switchable

Claas turntable (DIY):
– AO textures
– Lighting v 3.1
– Washable
– Holds up to 4 large round bales wool and up to 6 pallets
– Tire / dirt road dust

Claas Service turntable (DIY):
– AO textures
– Lighting v 3.1
– Washable
– Provides seed,  fuel and fertilizer
– Tire / dirt road dust

3-point adapter:
– AO textures
– Washable
– For the transport of eg cultivating or similar attachments with 3-point attacher

Cutter Adapter:
– AO textures
– Washable
– With the adapter can be transported and loaded all kinds of reapers

Simple bucket:
– AO textures
– Washable
– the bucket can: wheat, barley, canola, corn, silage, concentrates, manure, straw, grass, hay, potatoes, sugar beets, carrots and onions load

Silage zange:
– AO textures
– Washable
– Manure and silage can load
– Control with the right mouse button

– AO textures
– Washable
– Holds firmly to the bale fork

Pallet forks:
– AO textures
– Washable
– Width of the pallet tines on the right mouse button adjustable
– Dynamic Mount Attacher holding the pallet on the fork to reach a trailer

Author: FSM Team


Contractors Hagenstedt v 1.0

Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-1 Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-2 Contractors-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-3

– Built up fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, grain maize, potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots, onions, oats, spelled, rye, sunflower, triticale
– Postponed yard
– Laid cow pasture and sheep pasture on the farm
– Chickens on the farm Freewheeling
– Installed barbed wire fence with Collision
– Wasser mod for cows, chickens and sharp installed
– Duch riding hall installed
– Installed new shelters
– Feed stores installed
– Traffic Lights installed
– Distillery installed
– Sugar Factory installed
– Nursery installed
– New BGA installed
– Installed new field sales trigger
– Deleted 2 fields and built with objects
– Installed Multiplayer digital display
– Farm Garden installed
– Wash installed
– Installed Wool palett collector
– Installed BGA sliding gates
– Installed signs
– New road texture
– Kiosk installed
– Lawns Added
– New Start field (wheat)
– New Start Vehicles
– Milk is no longer picked

Authors: ZeFir_POLAND, charly_99, GE-Mapping, frisco0177, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, Marhu, Kolbenfresser, Trixi, Philippelp, Blacky_BPG, tackleberry, luculus


John Deere 8530 Powershift v 2.2 MR


– Indoor sound
– Tire dust on the field
– Twin Weels
– Tire pressure system
– Lighting Script v 3.1
– Tire camber
– Door, rear window and steering column for folding
– Hood and FH
– Dynamic Exhaust Particle System
– Digital speed display
– Plough mod
– Manual engine start

Authors: Sotillo Modding Industries, Fabyte, Bjohn14, Sven777b, modelleicher, Burner


Kuhn SPV Confort 12 v 1.0


A high performance for a better and faster clean your stables
Manure tank increased to 25000 l

Author: raudie


Kamaz 55111 with GKB 8527 Trailer


– Smooth bridge
– Realistic camera
– Work swivel and emergency signals
– Opened the door
– The board seems more silo
– Designed for transportation of wheat, barley, canola, corn, silage, grass, potatoes, sugarbeet and sand

Authors: JAWA, Lexan, ANDREI1994, Vasya_TM, Trucker72, BrUISeR, DRONKLIM